Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas was amazing this year as it is every year. Norwegian Christmas Eve at my parents house and an American Christmas Day at my brothers..... Still a magical time with yummmmmo food, family and decoration. This year we had a shockingly wonderful surprise... the unplanned drop-in Christmas visit from my sister, Kelly and family all the way from Tampa Florida..... Oh how priceless was the look on my father's face as he opened the door AND fell against the wall. There was not a face that did not have tears streaming. We are a sentimental and emotional family.... both the males and females. Oh man, I love this about my family!

The family is all sledding in the fresh snow in the mountains right now. I am dealing with the stomach flu.

My heart is all a flutter reading on RQ that rumors for referrals will go thru Feb 28 2006. If this is true, there will be only 6 more days to get thru before they hit my LID day of March 7 2006. I am thinking March just might be my month!???!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Four more days until Christmas... I have not done a thing..... NOT A THING!!! Not avoiding it, boycotting it, or mourning it. Just have been too sidetrack with the nesting preparations for Tate and working comp time saving for the maternity leave.

  • No decorations.... well, I did slap up a red berry wreath on the front door the day after Thanksgiving. This counts, doesn't it???
  • Christmas cards not done...
  • Baking???? Oh man I love the baking but I have really scaled down this year. I will be doing only my Gussy's Goop in bags for neighbors. NO fudge, English toffee, caramels, black licorice, What??? I said not FUDGE??? I will rethink the fudge.
  • I have shopped, wrapped and mailed to Iraq, New Jersey, Minnesota and Florida. This much I have done.

So those who usually get cards, treats, gifts from Me.... I promise, there will be next year when I have another little person to consider. Christmas cards with a family picture... decorations to delight.... baking to share.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This past weekend I was hanging and partay-ing with the "spirited" Twinkle Toe, much to my joy and annoyance. You see, Twinkle Toes is the youngest of four kids AND has auditioned and MADE a performing dance group with gals at least two - four years older. She takes three classes of jazz and one class of ballet per week with these "older" girls. The mix of a nine year old body and emotions, being the youngest of four and hanging with older kids makes for an at times annoying kid but also a delightful one as well.

On our way to the (pictured above) party, we passed a Santa know a place to sit on Santa's lap and make wishes. It must have been Santa's break time and Santa was leaving this house just as Twinkle Toes and I were passing. At first sighting, TT sprung to attention, grinned from ear to ear and WAVED like there was no tomorrow. After we passed the Claus, she sat back on her seat with such a look of thoughtful satisfaction. After a few seconds, she wanted my confirmation that Santa saw her and would have noticed her grinning face and loving wave..... Yes Twinkle Toes, duly noted, Santa Claus is more than aware of you this year!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


One more month closer to my gal TATE!!!

Speaking of dust...

Projects are getting done around here!!! Just finishing up the major closet re-do in the "master suite", cough cough, I say tongue in cheek. I will be moving on to Tate's closet in the Kingdom, soon. This part will be exciting and so revealing since all the stuff collected in three years have been put in either storage boxes or hung haphazardly in the basement bedroom closet. I will post pictures of all closets... SOON!!!