Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I would like to thank all those who are wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY via email today...

But it is now my BIRTHDAY until March 17..... I guess at my age a woman does not want to gleefully sprint towards her next Birthday... Unless there are expensive presents attached....

I am in NYC today and will be seeing WICKED tonight..... Having a wonderful time even though there has been blisters and sore muscles involved ... will post pictures of Paris and some NYC when I get back.....

I just saw the first of the rumors for Feb 20.... I am hoping for more!!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For 6 days of this....

And two days of this...

Hopefully when I get back there will be parents seeing faces of their new little kiddos!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Just time for a quick post.....

  • leaving on thursday for Paris for five days and NYC for two more days. no time for more information before I leave on this trip. one thing.... we have gotten tickets to Wicked on Broadway! YeeeeHaw!!!
  • fingerprints expire at the end of the month. got them done today. no fee! i will get the I 171H free this time too. Life is good!
  • where are the rumors? really, where are they? i will be taking my laptop to Paris. this is the second trip to Europe that I have taken during referral time. oh wait, we really do not know when referral time is, just the rumors of it. come on rumors!
  • this should be interesting..... Mesa will be staying with my parents during the time I will be away. monumental in my book. she has been banded from their house in the past because she sheds- and A LOT. she will be have the use of my car for transportation purposes. afraid they just might love her too much and not want to give her back. HAHAHA!
  • lock up your daughters, stay off the road.... Smiley is 16 today! HAPPY.BIRTHDAY.SMILEY!!!
  • okay now, really, where are the rumors?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


With great anticipation I have been looking forward to one of my favorite books turned into a movie... And boy did it NOT disappoint. Today was "the day" that my mom and I spent together, first a quick shoppy, then the movie. We shared a drink and some sinful buttery popcorn, losing our self in the moment. I am still under the spell of this magic. Every character described in the book came to life in Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Dakota Fanning. It was good people, sticking to the book with all it's rich hues of human nature....

Make it a chick flick- leave you man at home.

Monday, October 13, 2008


For some reason tonight I have been on the verge of tears. I just cannot explain it. This morning started with a low..... could not get myself going on anything. I felt like sitting in front of Food network and the Internet, and DO NOTHING. I heard a plop on the front porch and saw the F*dex truck leave my home. My first reaction was "no way... my referral!" Hey miracles do happen. Once I got my head out of the clouds, I realized it was for my re-finance and stuff that needed to be signed and fax off immediately. At least something got me going, and boy did it! What started as a low morning hit a high note and off I went accomplishing tasks that needed to be done for months. Shoe repair, replacing batteries in two watches, returned soon to be delinquent library books, bead store shopping, measuring for kitchen curtains.

I was on a high---rolling along--- doing stuff!!!
Oh, but how quickly I hit the top and started plummeting downhill. SO I am sitting back on the couch, TV on watching J*n and K*te plus eight, cruising the Internet and feeling very emotional.

Down and up and down.... kind of like a titter-totter.
I am by nature a pretty even tempered gal. Never such wide mood swings as I am experiencing now. I have so much on my plate right now- figuratively..... I am re-financing for the adoption and to do "home repairs". Once I close (hopefully tomorrow) the real fun will begin. Oh how I hate the wait for financial stuff!
The unknown, the when, the ifs, the how much.
I stare at all the projects that need to get done before Tate. I realize that this is kind of a continuous theme here at my old house.

While crusin' the net, I happened upon a rumor... mind you this early in the month these rumors are just that....RUMORS! Rumor has it that there will be a possibility of 15 days of referrals. SO I pull out the old calender just to see. Now it has been established that, I am not a mathematician, so I actually did count the days. If they finish the rest of February 16 2006 and do 15 days worth....
This would put referrals through March 2..... which would mean only 5 more days and they would have matched me to my gal! With this gem of knowledge, you would think that I would be screaming from the top of our Rocky Mountains.... NO SUCH A THING! I am at the perils of TEARS...
Sobby, emotional tears
Too much on my plate, I tell you! I am off to bed and HOPE that the night's slumber will ease me awake to happy days tomorrow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is when things are getting good.... REALLY GOOD!!!

As my time of wait draws near, so does the wait times of those who go before me..... Shannon, Donna, Stephe, Kelly, Connie, Leeanne, and oh so many more. Each astonishing day of referrals from here on out will be breathtakingly exciting. Soon we will be witnessing families becoming.... first time single mommas, first time married couples, additions to families.


Surprises are so cool.... and the COOLEST surprise was when the CC.AA shocked us once again, this time with an extra day of referrals for some of February 16 LIDs...

Shannon, one of my first bloggy buds is basking in the glow of seeing her little Ellie..... Go on over and take a gaze at these adorable kissy cheeks and dimples.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This is typical for a night around Casa Winger....

I am tossing and turning, my sheets are pulled out of the mattress, I.CANNOT.GET.COMFORTABLE. and just relax. I have tried to count sheep, focus on nothing, hum a zen-ee like sound. Flip from side to side, tummy to back. Up to the potty, stretch, relax.... Worrying, Wondering in the Wee hours. Somehow the more I try to sleep the more awake I have become.

ON.MY.MIND. Tonight......

The only time I seem to find time to relax and read is just before going to bed. I just finished the book Silent Tears. Silent Tears is the four year journal of Kay Bratt, who volunteered in a Chinese orphanage. IT.WAS.HEARTWRENCHING. Maybe not such a good idea to read this type of a book so close to a referral for my Tate. My mind could not settle down and relax. All I could do was envision Tate experiencing the life that was being described in the book. My only consultation was the hopeful feelings that things have gotten better in orphanages in the last few year and the use of foster families are much more prevalent in caring for these orphaned kids. I do think it is a must read for those of us adopting our kids. It gives more of an insight into the possible life lived before these kids came into the safety and love of their families.

If you read Silent Tears, what did you think?

If you have things on your mind and want to share for Wide Awake Wednesday.... leave a comment, I will post a link to your blog.......

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I was actually just joking when I said that I wanted to start a Wednesday post "WIDE AWAKE WEDNESDAY" what is keeping Lisa awake at night. But thought it might be fun anyway..... at least for this Wednesday.... It just might be too much of commitment to follow thru every Wednesday... Hey that commitment thing I kind of S*ck at. So if anyone wants to join me in WIDE AWAKE WEDNESDAY (or Thursday or Friday or.....) Just let me know I will link your post...

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what will be keeping ME up tonight to share tomorrow? This will be a surprise to me too.