Thursday, July 29, 2010

TATE 22 months

Her first "bear paws"... quite an accomplishment since she will not sit still for me to fix her hair often.

Tate has gotten into taking "pisures" using this little McDonald toy. She will hold it up and say "cheeeeeeeeese"....

There has become a love affair between Tate and these boots... She has quite proudly accomplished putting on these boots "self, mommy" and will want to wear them everywhere. Let me just say, I pick my battles with her and these boots are not one of the ones I choose to pick. She has been wearing them in hot HOT weather everywhere.

My girls is a FISH... we try to hit a pool as often as possible.

It is so much fun showing Tate the world and all the wonders to be discovered in it.... this day we discovered the aquarium... she stood in awe at all the jelly fish and penguins.

One more view of her boots. Get a load of those dimples knees...

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Tate's second year as an American citizen......
She loves flags! Loves them enough that by her request we drove around the neighborhood looking for flags until I put a stop to it after 30 minutes.