Sunday, April 24, 2011


easter 2011 32mos

Last year Tate and I spent our first Easter together in Florida with our Aunt Kelly and family.  This year we stayed home and enjoyed the traditional Easter activities of the bunny, basket and delish Easter dinner with family.

easter dress 2011 32 mos

This Tate grin is thanks to a mouthful of jelly beans.  I have found it is hard to get a decent picture out Tate lately due to an amateur photographer (me) and a moving toddler (her). I should say DITTO to doing her hair also.

spring break 2011 058spring break 2011 060

Love Love LOVE seeing this back shot of little Miss in her Easter dress.

Saturday, April 23, 2011



Fun at our FIRST ever Easter egg hunt… Both Tate and my first.  We are with some of our China sisters Eliza, Tate and Xanthe. 

spring break 2011 037spring break 2011 039

Smile or lack of is due to the jelly beans that have invaded Tate’s mouth…  Amazing how long one jelly bean can stay in her mouth!

spring break 2011 036

Tate and I were late for the hunt due to the fact that it is hard to get a sleepy snuggly toddler out of a warm soft bed on a cold and wet Saturday morning.  That and trying to explain all the fun that the egg hunt would be to a child who has no concept of what all this Easter celebration is about.  Next year all that needs to be said to Tate is Easter Egg hunt and she will out the door in a flash.

Thursday, April 21, 2011



SPR break 2011 32 mos

SPR break 2011 32 mos

St George UTAH… perfect weather, fun company and way tooooooo  short of a trip. Oh how I wish we had a few more days hanging with our friends Tippy-t, Liza and Sollie man, swimming and discovering new places and creating adventures.  Tate was GEM while traveling the 4 hrs drive in the car… She kicked back and watch her fill of Caillou, Elmo and “Buddy” the Elf. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day two of spring break madness

with one non-compliant two and a half year old and a cranky sinus and eye infected mommy.  After much struggle, the infected mommy was able to get the little miss partially dressed and out the door to the sitters and herself to the Instacare.  A few hours later equipped with medications in hand, the cranky mommy is smiling ear to ear as she talks to her friend about the fun times to come in the next few days!  Oh yeah!

04 10 13_141004 10 13_1411

These pics are too cute not to share…. this just might give you an idea with what I am dealing with DAILY as I try to get Tate out the door.  This non-compliant two and half year old has told me she does not like me “Evevah, evevah” and wants Tippy-t to be her mommy.   Since we will be spending a few days with Tiffany, she just might get her wish!  Ha!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It is that glorious time of year that all teacher live for….

Spring break!!! 

Today is my OFFICAL first day of my spring break!  Yippee…  Besides having this week away from teaching, I have one week of vacation from my airline job as well!

Day ONE!!!!

Lounging and HOME!!!

04 10 15_1407 

04 10 15_1409

Lounging all day long eating apricot dream bar cookies, strawberries and watching DORA on mom’s computer while doing it all in her Princess jammies…. Tate is one happy girl when she can hang out in her own house.

Lounging all day around in my jammies is kind of hard for a single working mommy so my first day involved cooking the apricot dream bars and delivering to neighbors… one neighbor who has been soooo helpful and another neighbor who is sick. I am seeing the bottom of the normally bottomless laundry basket and sorting through Tate’s clothes switching for larger sizes and summer clothes.


We have some FUN plans during our week off… I am hoping to chronicle each day as the week unfolds.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


04 11 21_1466

04 11 21_1464

Tate at 2 1/2 with referral picture….  Decided it is STILL hard for her to hold this picture and smile for the camera.