Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Just take a look what we woke up to this morning.... in all it's brillance and bright crisp white.... Breathtakingly beautiful SNOW!!!!

(update on guess blogger.... Smiley missed a few days of eight grade and needs to catch up on homework ... then he will be able to blog his trip!!!)

Monday, November 27, 2006


I will have a guest blogger..... It will be my 14 yr old nephew, Smiley. Smiley (what I call him) just spent his Thanksgiving vacation in the jungles of Guatemala where he did his eagle project. My brother does some financial funding work for Choice Humanitarian and has taken groups down to help add irrigation and clean drinking water and build schools for the remote villages in the jungles. This Thanksgiving, my brother took both his boys (Awesome 18 yrs and Smiley 14 yrs) with him. Smiley decide, as his Eagle Scout project, that he was going to provide school supplies and solar electrical panels to three village schools. The theory was to provide light to the school for evening classes for adult education. Most of these villagers do not speak Spanish but only their native language of Kekchi. By providing education and Spanish language skills, the lives of these people will greatly improve. Also brought on this expedition were 13 throddle sewing machines. Each village received 4 sewing machines, and will use the new solar light provided at night to gather in the school houses and sew on these machines.

As promised by Smiley, he will provide a post and pictures of his trip. During his trip, they were able to see Antigua and the Guatemalian ruins. Also, something I have wanted to do, take a zip line thru the tops of the tree of the jungle. When asked how much he enjoyed the sights and his zip line experience, he did say he enjoyed it all but the most profound experience he had was working with the villagers and the love and friendships of these people.

Hopefully, this posting will be followed soon with Smiley's post and pictures.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


This year I have so much to be thankful for..

Thank You every single one of YOU for blessing my life with your friendship... For this I am so very THANKFUL!!!


Monday, November 20, 2006


I have a lump in my throat and my heart is so full. I am almost unsure if I want to share this, but somehow I need to since this is a journal for Tate.

Can I put adequately to words the feelings I have? But in an attempt I will.

Something just clicked these last few weeks. I have motivation to get the projects done… the baby steps to get Tate’s kingdom complete. First the changing table was painted and knobs in place. Next was the Hutch all painted and almost complete (missing a drawer). The room was cleared of all the stuff minus the computer area. In moves the two finished pieces and the start of Tate’s nursery.

Why the bursting heart???? Friday night I sat at the computer cruising blogs. I had mellow music in the back ground and the light on the top of the hutch was on. There was such calmness to this room. An energy of peace and tranquility. I sat basking in this warmth. In my heart I felt the spirit of my little girl. I felt the love and the beauty of Tate. My heart was bursting full of strength, safety, love and completeness. I pray that during this time of wait, Tate’s deceased Uncle Rolf is by her side, giving her assurance, comfort and love. Until I rock Tate in my arms, I will bask in the beauty of her spirit sitting in the peace of her room.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


One more step in Tate's Kingdom. The CRIBBEGE cometh!!! Summer 2005, I bought this Pottery Barn Kids set off of Ebay. I have been designing the color scheme around the colors found in the bedding. Also bought during the paperchase Summer was the white medal bed found at a yard sale for $15.00. I had orgininally hoped to get a new one in white wood, but really decided that I am more than happy with this one. I am hoping that Tate will be more of a toddler and that I will not need this for too long. I would rather spend my BUCKS on a darling single bed when she is older.

This picture is not the best at seeing the bed and the bedding, but the room faces South and is so sunny that I really cannot get a better shot until after the sun goes down. When the room is complete with the walls and paint like I want and the window trimmings done, I will post more professional looking pictures. I also have some sewing to do for a down comforter cover, and all the other treasures that will make the Kingdom complete.... only missing my Tate.

Mesa was so interested in the crib and bedding. She keeps sniffing it and licking the crib.... Hmmmmmmmmm, does she know what is in store for her in the future????

I put this crib together ALONE.... Just got excited in the moment and did not call friends or family for help..... the antics were just short of a Cirque du Soleil performance. For you woman with husbands... KISS THEM NOW and tell them how much you NEED and love them!!!


This is the before but some how it just looks better in the lighting of the garage.

This Hutch belongs to the same set of furniture that my Buffet came from. Also included was a table and four chairs that I did not need and someone else is enjoying instead. Missing drawer??? Lost on the freeway during the transporation of this treasure. I'm looking for a carpenter to build me a new drawer. Take you eyes away from the Starbuck green walls. Do not let the green influence how cute the Hutch is!!! The colors and mouldings will change soon.

A few coates of high gloss white Benjamin Moore paint and it looks amazing in real life!!! I used the same flowered knobs and silver handles that I used on the chest of drawers. Also on the shelves, I will put books, and a lamp. I have just what I want in mind for the lamp, but have not gone out looking for it.....I hate shopping!!! Also on the shelf... see that lamp shade??? It was bought and carefully transported from Norway. It is all embroidered flowers and birds and such. It was bought at IKEA in Oslo. I am not sure where I will put it in this room, but somewhere!!!! LOVE IT!!! Stuffed animals from my Secret Pals and friends..... Lamp on top will not remain the same color or maybe not even end up there..... So much decorating to consider.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


It kind of seems a little strange to refer to myself as MOMMA. I am hoping when I hold Tate in my arms, it will just seem natural and right to be called Momma. All my life I have been called LISA. When I became an Aunt at age 16yrs, I never took on the name of “Aunt Lisa”. It just seemed strange. My nieces and nephews all call me Lisa. When I talk to Mesa, I refer to myself as Lisa. You know, “Give Lisa the ball, Mesa” “Lisa loves you so much!!!” Some pet owners will call themselves Momma and Daddy. This is cute, but just did not happen for me when I first got my Mesa. I know a gal whose kiddos call her and her husband by their first names. To each their own, but I do not want Tate calling me Lisa. Lately, I have been referring to myself as Momma to Mesa. Trying the sound out on my ears and getting Mesa’s reaction to it. Today I was out in the yard raking and cleaning up readying the estate for winter. I am probably the most amazing person to Mesa with all the raking and digging in the dirt. Maybe Mesa is afraid that I will discover her hidden stash of bones and chew sticks??? So Mesa’s coal black nose is into everything that I am doing. I am talking to her as I work. Out came the Momma name kind of in this context…..“What is Momma doing Mesa???”…. Over the back fence I hear a slight snicker and on to a burst of laughter. I think my Momma referring will be done in the privacy of my home away from the ears of others!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I would term myself as a frustrated artist. I cannot paint or draw. Heck, I can't even cut a straight line. Somehow I needed to release my creativity in some way. I am not a crafter. Glue guns scared me. Mode Podge (oh man I love the sound of that word) is just now starting to be part of my life. Repeat, MODE PODGE (said again for you Julie).

Back 23 years ago I started to find my creative outlet. I was traveling in Norway and noticed that a large number of the shopkeepers knitted while they waited for customers. This just sort of took hold and captured my interest.

My mom taught me the knit purl stitch but that is all. I kind of taught myself. My first project was a sweater. The wool was bought on that trip and the pattern was written all in Norwegian. It helped that my Mom was able to translate the instructions but was NO help with the knitting.... To the right is that sweater. It has pewter buttons also bought in Norway. Since it was my first project, I can forgive myself for the neck being a little tight. At the same time, I bought my second project also written in Norwegian. (on left) Since then I have knitted many other sweaters and given away as gifts.... some for adults and some for kids. I have always knitted patterns with colors, some as many as 6 colors at one time.

It now has been 10 years or so since I last knitted ANYTHING. I have always wanted to knit sweaters for my own children. Top corner is the project that I will do as a warm up before the first sweater I will be knitting for Tate. It is a strawberry hat. I have the pattern for the sweater I will be knitting for Tate. I have had in mind the perfect color for that sweater and will have elements that will be a challange and new to me. The sweater will be a pull over with babbles.... Today I saw that perfect color. Is it too much to spend $60.00 on yarn to knit a sweater for a two year old??? I really will have to consider just how much I love this particular color....

Oh, the most amazing brother in the world, John, just gave me a brand new scanner/printer!!! What does this mean to you??? It just means that I will be able to scan the picture of the sweater from the book and post on this blog!!! I guess you didn't realize that this is an adoption/ knitting blog!!!

Here are some of my other projects..... Both sweater are knitted in Icelandic wool and patterns, but this time the instructions were written in English. The green cartigan is still needing buttons. I will have to finish it so I can wear it on this blistery Fall day.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Got a lot of loc-e-motions.... Unsure if I should term it as just being tired, watching friends get referrals, traveling for babies or what??? EMOTIONS... Sometimes I just want to SIT on the couch and stare out into space. ZONE out. Eat chocolate. DO NOTHING!!!

I wonder if I have just kept my emotions intact under my skin all these years. I just go with the flow, bouncing from one emotional event after another. NEVER dealing.... always trying to please someone else and not myself. The journey (oh how I hate that expression, but it just seem to "Fit") has taken me out of my emotional void state into one of massive emotions.... I kind of like the way it feels to LIVE my feelings. I am maternal and have found it slightly satisfying to aid in the mothering of other people's children. I never even considered that I would be the one who will be mothering my own. A whole can of emotions has opened up with my decision to adopt. To mother. To love. To be needed.... by someone who is so very sweet and fragile, and so dependent as a young child.

One emotional day was had by me today. I have not figured out what to do with Tate when I work. I am in denial that I will have to place her into someone else's care while I bring home the bacon. I called a highly recommended day care today to get the 411 and place Tate on a 9 month waiting list. I was sooooo very impressed with the information that I was given by this place. The emotional part was when I was asked if my daughter had a name..... So far Tate has been as fluid as air. Just a name that I use to represent my plans, my daughter. Suddenly when asked if this child, who is being put on a waiting list, has a name.... I gasped and said, choking back tears... "Tate and my last name". She is matter. She is substance. SHE is holding a spot on a list for her education.

My Tate, my daughter.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006


I bought this chest of drawers at a yard sale for CHEAP!!! It is just the right height for me to put a cushion on the top and use as a changing table for Tate.



Sanded the top, slapped on some BIN primer, two coats of Benjamin Moore semi gloss white paint, and new knobs and handles. The knobs were something I got at a speciality store and paid more than I should have, but so worth it. It matches Tate's Pottery Barn bedding to a "T". Next I will be painting another piece of furniture (Hutch) to put in the room. I have to do the painting this weekend because it is getting cold out in the garage and I am afraid the paint will not adhere and my hands will freeze. I love the details of the dresser. Scalloped edges and squares.... Not bad for paying $35.00 at a yard sale!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Twinkle Toes had an unplanned sleep over Friday night with me.

REASON???? Something to do with her being the youngest of four and EVERYONE having something social to do on a Friday night. Needless to say I was delighted!!! I love spending time with my two favorite blonds.

Saturday mid-morning there was silence.... Not a sound was heard from either the Seven year old or the Pup. This is what I found on top of my bed..... Look closely between Mesa's front legs you will see her "comfort ball". Oh man I love these girls!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Delivered by the men in blue… the USA postal service!!! I came home yesterday to find a box on my front porch with ladybug stamps ALL OVER. Opened the box to reveal these amazing treasures…. Survival stuff for the trip!!!

The scene played out like this…..
I entered the house via the garage and was unaware of the said package as mentioned above. Mesa was with me so she was not home when the man in blue came. Mesa started pacing the door like something was a miss. After 15 minutes of the “Lassie, Timmy has fallen into a hole and needs to be saved”, come hither prance back and forth. I decided to see what all this distraction was all about. Somehow she KNEW that her S.P. has left something on the porch for HER. Tate and I are just incidentals concerning Mesa’s box.

SO what was in the BOX???? TREASURES MIND YOU….a plethora of much needed things!!!!

For Mesa- (she is first because it is all bout her, you know)
Her favorite kind of balls (sorry Zeus) … a 3 pack of tennis balls!!! AND big bone treats. She had one immediately and opted (I insisted) to wait for another treat next week when I leave to go to work. Ah, such discipline my pup has.

For Tate-
The “Who Loves Baby” photo book to send to Tate.
Take and Toss perfect portion snack cups with infant spoons. Toppers to Go…. Disposable feeding kits with bib, placemat, cup and lid, a fork and spoon all in a convenient cup. Dirty diaper bag dispenser with refill bags. Head to Toe washcloths to use and toss. Traveling size Huggies baby wipes. Q-tips and a darling “I LOVE GRANDMA” bib so that there will be no questions that Tate loves her Nana. Tate even was given her own personal travel toiletry case full of overnight size lotion, shampoo, baby wash and diaper cream. And Tate’s own Doodle Pro pad to keep Tate involved on the long torturous trip home.

Adult Survival-
The most beautiful 4 piece set of chop sticks in red silk pouches. Electronic games to help my mom and me twiddle away the time on the long flight to China. First aid kit. Rolaids. Tide on the Go stick. Six pack of pocket size Purell hand sanitizer. And the final thing that opened up a whole can of worms for me…… Charmin to go toilet paper. And why did this cause such a stir in my calm little life???? Today I had my mom come and view all the great things that was sent to Tate… Sorry, I mean to Mesa. When she saw the T.P., she didn’t understand the WHY of the T.P. This opened the whole world and discussion about squatty potties. She is worried and very thankful that her bladder is HUGE and will hopefully avoid facing one of “THOSE”….

AND PEEPS…. I love me some PEEPS you know!!!

Thank you to the most amazing and generous Secret Pal that has
walked this heaven and earth!!!


What a difference a few months can make!!!

Last August, when the Bloggers Momma summit met in UTAH. There were six blogger mommas with no referrals for babies. The closest to getting her referral was m3, who was "next". Mary-Mia (m3) and Rod are just now getting back from China picking up Rose and Marie, their identicial twin daughters.

Second blogger momma was Tiffany. Tiffany will be leaving to go pick up Eliza this Tuesday Novemeber 7th!!! (can't seem to load a picture of Eliza.

Yesterday two more blogger mommas got their referral for their sweet babies!!!

Lisa and Eammon Shanahan got their referral for Baby S or :::drum roll::: presenting MAISIE. I love how concerned she is looking in this picture!!! Ah... what intelligent expressive eyes.

Julie received her referral for Tess (Theresa True) a Chinese version of the Gerber baby.

And now the referral math.... Six blogger mommas...

1- Mary-Mia (huggin' and lovin' her babies)
2- Tiffany (leaving on a jet plane in three daze)
3- Lisa S ( gazing upon the face of knowledge and wisdom)
4- Julie (dreaming of those kissy lips and cheeks)

Hmmmm.... 6 mommas subtract 4 already seeing the face of their babes equals two waiting mommas!!! Donna and ME!!!! Donna you are sooooo next in the momma summit to see Lauren's beautiful face!!! So much to look forward to of sharing and living vicariously through others. Such JOY!!!!