Wednesday, June 08, 2011

SQUEAL!!! Dance Class!

04 12 05_1600

Possibly the cutest back picture EVER!!!!

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Being asked to point her toes… she hears POINT TO YOUR TOES.

04 12 05_160304 12 05_160404 12 05_160504 12 05_1606

Busting out her dance moves….

Should be a fun summer of dance!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

BIG Mac ….

It has been a long and scary journey for our little man, McCain.  We have been missing a puppy around here.  So very much.  I still tear up with the thought that is no longer with us and could not imagine another dog in our lives.

Often Tate would demand she wanted her Mesa back.  She was done sharing her pup in heaven with Jesus and our Heavenly Father.  DONE.  If she saw a dog on the street she wanted me to pull over so she could pet the dog.  I knew that I had to get a dog for my girl and decided it had to be the opposite of my Mesa.  SMALL, hair not fur and an adult dog.

Mac first snuggle photos 030

One day on the way home from work I passed an animal shelter and felt I should turn the car around and check out the shelter.  I knew I wanted an adult, Poodle or Shih Tzu mix for the hair factor.  In one of the cages there was an adorable grey poodle-ish pup full of personality.  In the same cage was quivering in the corner, a dirty dog.  I quickly passed by all the cages and left the shelter.  For days I could not get that quivering pup out of my mind.  Something about him pulled at my heart and a week later I went back to hold him. This shaky stinky dog peed on me, would not make contact and ran to the nearest corner to hide.  My heart was mush and he had to be mine.  Poor little man had to endure a quick bath, a clip job and an umbilical hernia repair before this little traumatized dog could come home to live in this land of pamper and love.

BIG MAC May 2011 002

This has been a HUGE adjustment for him.  He was found in a field and brought into the shelter.  I suspect he was hit or kicked because he is so skid-ish to an outstretched hand or moving Tate feet.  It has been three weeks that Big Mac has been with us… he has come a long way with his fright but still has a ways to go until he  totally trusts us. 

 BIG MAC May 2011 001BIG MAC May 2011 004

Emerging is a cute spunky dog full of personality.  Tate adores him.