Monday, June 29, 2009


This is total Bliss for Tate. Snuggled in her bed with her thumb in place ready for her afternoon nap.....

Picture is taken by my friend's mom.... check out her blog.... she is an amazing photographer.....
Another favorite who's work I just love is Tara Whitney...

Sunday, June 28, 2009


eating establishment 005

eating establishment 006

eating establishment 007

eating establishment 008

eating establishment 009

eating establishment 010

eating establishment 011


Saturday, June 27, 2009


I look at my sleeping girl and just want to cry from how amazingly wonderful she is.... So so sweet!

eating establishment 002

eating establishment 003

I am doing all I can from not waking her... I crave her... She is the breath in my life.

Friday, June 26, 2009


WOW.... Time with my girl is ticking by oh so quickly.

  • blows kisses when saying bye-bye.
  • Claps her two hands together ALL THE TIME. She will do it to initiate play, get attention and when I say YEAH!!!! Which is all the time since I say it EVERY TIME she does anything spectacular.... Which really is ALL THE TIME!
  • Plays peek-a-boo. Will use anything to cover eyes to hide..... blanket, teething ring, stuffed animal, sheets on my bed.... Will use her hands to cover eyes but will usually not get the eyes mostly her ears....
  • She is hilarious... a real comedian. Will make the funniest faces for reaction.
  • Tate is getting over being a little sick... which includes a sweet cough. I guess I am reacting with "oh my" and "are you OK?" often. She is now faking coughs to get my reaction.
  • Snuggles and kisses all the time. Sometimes she will be facing me and suddenly I have an open mouth planted on my face. She is all smiles when she is kissed on the neck and lips.
  • Is fascinated by Baby Einstein DVDs.

  • lays on back in the tub for hair washing. LOVES when I swish her around. Likes laying on her tummy in tub and is starting to put her face in the water.

  • she is always happy.... Wakes up gooing and babbling.

  • loves visitors, especially other children.


  • For 18 days Tate has been home in the USA... her days consist of sleep, eat, nap, eat, nap, eat, bath, sleep. Or sooooooo it seems since I am wanting to spend time with my girl. I am letting her dictate her schedule right now for the first month. I feel she is processing all the changes in her mind while sleeping.
  • Everyday we head out on an adventure.... it can be as simple as a walk, shopping, errand in car. OR as much fun as visiting friends and family, feeding ducks, zoo, swimming, farm.
  • I try to give Tate at least one to two twenty minute session on her tummy for struggle time.
  • We watch one Baby Einstein DVD a day.
  • Needs to have a little musical serenade from me while eating.... Wheels on the bus is a HUGE hit around here.
  • While driving in car will make a sweet sing-y sound which means "let's turn the radio on"... She also HATES Cher!
  • Our bedtime ritual is this.... bottle, snuggling, chat about our day, read a book and then off to her crib. She will grab a taggy or blanket, stick her thumb in her mouth and turn to her side. She will occasionally whimper for 10 seconds. Then she will sleep for 12 hrs.

My concerns right now is her lack of MOBILITY.....

  • During our tummy time, she is not motivated to do anything but lay and play on her tummy. No struggle to reach for a toy or flip onto her back.... I have been working on flipping from back to front and front to back. So far she just giggles and thinks it is all a game.

  • She is not motivated to move on her own, but she has such strength now in sitting up and standing. If she reaches for something out of her reach, she topples over and whines for me.... Mamamama.... too cute.


  • Tate used to babble and squeal in China, A LOT. In the last two weeks she has stopped babbling constantly, but will listen intently to me talking to her. She studies my lips. I have a degree in Speech Pathology, I know that she is just taking it all in and processing this strange language. I know this is just temporary. I do miss all the sweet cute frequent chatter and squeals coming from my girl.
  • The other day I was at a church gathering and was introducing Tate. Someone asked me if she speaks English.... My response, "as well as any 10 month old speaks English"... People can be so duhhhhhhhhh!

Today she had her blood drawn.... she had to have a huge vial of blood drawn for all her tests. She was a real sweetheart and hardly cried. I on the other hand cried for the both of us. We are now collecting a urine sample (bag is in place during this nap time), and three more stool samples for giardia and parasites.... Oh the joy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



bath fun 003

bath fun 002

bath fun 001

burrito baby and TT

Burrito baby with Twinkle Toes

Monday, June 22, 2009


I was reminded that today was exactly ONE MONTH or four weeks since Tate was placed in my arms and changed the world as I knew it!!! What a wonderful world it is with TATE!!! I have been working (in my mind) on a post on the update of life with Tate. I will get to putting it to blog tomorrow night. Just wanted to commemorate this spectacular occasion of the one month family day anniversary

Friday, June 19, 2009


Not to post on Tate's blog....

Just a little dress-up fun.... this was a clearance Halloween costume from Children's Place.... will be toooooo small by October so decided to have some fun today!

kitten costume blog

kitten costume blog2

Tate has learned to blow raspberries (thank you Jason) and will do this "trick" at all times.... including while eating.... HAHAHA.

kitten costume blog3

She is quite a little character... just look at those sweet soft feet and heels.

kitten costume 021

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tate's first flight in a swing....

What is momma doing to me in this blue chair?


WHOAAAAAAAAAA NOW, not tooooo sure of this...


WOW!!! This is tummy tickling good time! How 'bout pushing me some more, momma!



Momma and Tate had our first play date at Wheeler Farm!!!! We brought lunch, momma had a sandwich, Tate chopped on a biter biscott which she is wearing on her face. We joined Yvette, Charlee and Natalee and Tiffany, Eliza and Solomon. So so soooooo much fun! Tate watched the big girls run and play. I know she is wishing she could run with the big girls too! Soon my sweet Tate!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Got to love the baby friendly slow melts popsicle. This cold stuff is new to Tate. She loved it anyway.




Tate has many "aunties" but has one fairy godmother Judith, who gave her this meant for a princess activity center. When you are single and limited with hands to help, the activity center is a miracle. Thank you so much Tate's fairy godmother!



And all is amazingly well!!! I almost hated to post that because I know it is suppose to be hard... but really I have to give Tate her KOODOS for being such an amazing baby. Updates of the past week...

(sorry for the poor quality of pictures... I just grabbed the point and shoot and clicked)



  • champion sleeper! She has quickly moved from the 14 hour time change from day to night. She has been sleeping in her crib 12 hours at night and wakes up gooing and HAPPY!!!
  • sickie... Tate was the only baby in our travel group of 9 families who did not get sick. On the last two days of our trip to Hong Kong, my brother, mom and myself started wicked bad colds and coughs. Tate, still healthy as a panda. After getting home, she started spiking fevers... her peds decided to start her on Tamiflu as a precautionary measure. She still has a fever of 99.0 and a cough. I will say the CUTEST feminine COUGH you have ever heard with some raspiness. I am heading into the peds again this afternooe just in case it is something more.
  • Loves MESA!!! At first she was a little freaked at this HUGE fur ball of a dog. Her curiosity won over and soon she was observing the antics of the dog. I would refer to Mesa as "puppy", now Tate makes the "p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p" sound for Mesa. Mesa took to Tate immediately. She did sense Tate's hesitation and let Tate just touch and grab at will. Mesa now is close at hand whenever Tate is up, and is learning to enjoy space around the highchair for displaced Puffs.
  • tummy time... I want to hold my gal constantly. After reading and hearing about the importance of tummy time, I now force myself for twenty minutes a day twice a day to let Tate be out of my arms and on her tummy. We have been working on rolling over from front to back and back to front. She just thinks this is fun.
  • growth.... two days after we arrived home, Tate had her well baby check up. I was able to postpone the bloodwork and the vaccinations for a few weeks. She is 18.6 lbs (37%on the US charts) and 29 inches (83% on the US charts). Because her orphanage used the tainted formula, I will have her renal function test checked. I know she was born after the formula was taken off the market, but wanted to make sure she did not receive any, just in case.
  • Kisser.... she is such an affectionate baby! She loves to be stroked and touched. Loves the massage when lotion is applied. LOVES me to kiss her on her face, neck and lips. She now will initiate kisses and hugs.
  • MUSIC freak! She loves anything with music.... wind up stuffed animals, radio, ME singing. Loves everything. She will eat best when I am singing the wheels on the bus. It is amazing all the verses you can make up about the bus when you are singing this several times a day!


  • jet lag has been good to me. Tate sleeps, I wake up at about 2 a.m. wanting to wake her just to hold and kiss on her. Most of the nights I will resist.
  • trying to get used to the EXPLOSION of baby paraphernalia..... it seem to be multiplying overnight.
  • I'm just a tad bored. If it Tate was well, I would be flying to Northern California to see the Salsa Gang and Cafrin (visiting from Canada) this week. I hope there will be a next time.

Tate's whole immediate family feels so freakishly in love with our baby!

Friday, June 12, 2009



Today Tate is 10 months old!!! This picture is for Tess and Julie... they gave me this most adorable Etsy bought t-shirt.


In Hong Kong!

I think we have a little fish in Tate. She loves the water! To China I brought three swimming suits, thinking there would be a lot of down time with swimming in the picture. Not a realistic picture because the weather in Nanchang was rainy at times, busy hanging with baby napping and shopping and touring when in GZ. On the last day before heading back home, I got to see my little bikini clad fish take to the water. And boy did she take! Nothing was sweeter than seeing her little feet and stretched legs move the water as if she were a frog. How instinctual. How adorable. How sad to have to get out.




Finally we are home.... with thoughts and dreams of pool time with my gal. Sadly, it is cold and rainy here. Soon, I hope my little fish and I will be splashing around in a body of water.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


After having a little 1 hrs party in the middle of the night, Tate went back to sleep for another 6 hrs. I on the other hand could not sleep. It was ME who rocked my screaming baby. It was ME who knew what to do and how to comfort her. It was ME, Tate's momma who is getting to know what makes her gal happy and sad, read her different cries, know how to comfort her. What a feeling to have such a precious little sweetheart be part of such a large part of my heart. What a feeling to be that special person, Tate's momma.

IT'S 12:34 A.M.

In the morning, so what are YOU doing???
Us???? Well, here's a clue....
Pulling off socks, chewing on stuff and doing my stacking cups!
Got to love a little 14 hr change in a baby's schedule!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am playing catch-up so some of the postings will be out of order for a few days.....

Today all nine new families boarded the bus heading out for our final step in the adoption process. Nine families stood with babes in arms and made a plead. As I spoke these words, I totally teared up knowing that my Tate will have the privildge of being a US citizen.
I come from an immigrant family. Both of my parents lived through WWII in Norway and have experienced the joy of becoming a US Citizen. In my mind as I gave the plead, I thought of Tate. She will not have to experience the lack of freedom that was dictated by her biological roots. She not longer will have no choice of family size, religion or speech.

Let Freedom reign....


After 15.5 hours from Hong Kong to NYC, 3.5 hrs from NYC to Houston, and 3.0 hrs from Houston to SLC.... WE ARE HOME. I am too tired to post but wanted to share a picture of little Miss Tate in her bed for her first sleep... Not sure if it is going to be a nap OR all night. She is a trooper, that is for sure!

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Planes.. Trains.... and Automobiles...this is the last night in GZ.... Tomorrow not too early, mind you, we will be all packed up, delivered to the US Consulate, take the quick citizenship oath, and board the two hour train ride to Hong Kong. We are on our final leg of our almost three weeks of traveling to pick up Tate. Three weeks living out of a hotel room. A bit toooooo long, I think.
Tonight as I was rocking and singing to Tate, emotions started rushing over me. I see my and her future on the horizon. Here I have this sweet untouched spirit that looks at me for love, nurture and guidance. What are my wishes for this sweet thing? What will her talents be and how will I develop them.
I looked in her almond shaped eyes hoping that I will be able to make her proud of who she is and where she comes from. Will I be able to adequately answer the questions of why she was abandoned? Address her needs as she come to terms with her history.
At this time I have a relatively blank canvas. Soon we will add colors and dimensions, textures and depth.


Today we did the traditional RED COUCH picture. There was way too many parents crowding the babies so I did not get to snap a photo of all eight babies. THE COUCH WAS A ZOO of snapping, crying, and falling over. I will snatch a picture of the whole group from someone who was in the middle of it all. Tate is not a crier. Just three times has she really cried... tears. She had a full blown cry after she realized her caregivers had left her, an overly tired cry last night and then the requisite cry because all the babies were crying.

Tate was one of four babies from the Poyang SWI. Brooke-lin, Tate, Hannah, Zelan... We lined them up in the order of their cribs.

The red chair photos are of the three Poyang or Bo babies. Brooke-lin is missing in the photos because was unhappy getting changed for the photos. I just love the expressions on Tate's face. First is Tate, then Zelan who lives close to us, and Hannah.... Tate's special buddy in the SWI.

Chill-axing In China

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


There is so much rain in the clouds above us causing the humidity to be HORRID. I look like a dripping mess.... sweaty, YUCK! We have had a few storms but nothing that would alleviate the HORRID HUMIDITY.
Tate is such a trooper.... She is always happy. VERY active always, exuberant, but ALL WAYS HAPPY. The poor sweetie is dripping hot too. I found some water and wet her burp clothe (which she does not need) and wiped her sweet little sweaty body. The whole time she is smiling and babbling.
Today's adventure in bullets....
  • Today was the very laughable "medicals".... and happily she passed! Tate is 19 lbs and 27.5 inches tall. The whole time she is babbling and laughing. The poor lady who was checking her hearing was not liking that Tate was grabbing all the squeaky toys causing havoc to her very high tech testing.
  • The last forms are filled out and will be submitted to the Consulate tomorrow. We will be banished to our rooms for 2 hrs before we will be let loose on "the Island" to shop. I kind of like the banishment for 2 hours, maybe I will be able to get some rest while the little one sleeps....
  • One of the things I really wanted for Tate while here in China was a Buddhist blessing. Today we were brought to a beautiful temple and I knelt with Tate and were blessed. I feel this is important because more than likely, Tate's birth family would have been Buddhist. I wanted this blessing so as she leave her birth land, she would take with her a blessing for her future.
  • During our outing to Guangzhou, we went to the pearl market. Even though I had bought a strand of pearls for Tate in Nanchang and a small pair of earrings for when she first gets her ears pierced at 8 years old from Beijing. I decided that even though I have gotten the best gift and memory from China in Tate, I wanted a pearl that would always remind me of this time here in China. I bought a tear drop pearl pendant for me.
  • I have not bought a whole lot of "stuff" here on the Island. I figure tomorrow I will hit the markets. I am not a shopper and everything starts looking the same to me from shop to shop. I think I will head to ONE shop and get everything on my list there.
  • We wandered the White Swan (we chose to stay at the Victory Hotel) and ate at Lucy's Place. Good old American Cheese burger and fries never tasted so good.
  • While we were in Lucy's the clouds decided to release warm soaking rain. Tate LOVED the rain and was excited for each wet drop. She is such a delightful baby.
  • All this rain was way too much excitement for one little baby, so after a warm bath and bottle, she was off to bed. I had on my hands one cranky, overtired baby who did not want to miss out on anything and would not sleep. She cried... I felt so inadequate that I did not know what how she wants to be comforted. It is all a guessing game. Trying to read the signs, know what she wants, and giving it to her. She wanted me to hold her, rock her, yet she cried such tired sounding tears. I know when we are in our own space just the two of us, I will learn to know how to comfort my baby. Right now all I can do is try.
  • I am so ready to come home.

Monday, June 01, 2009

This is the last full day in Nanchang China. I opted to stay in back at the hotel so Tate could stay on her routine of morning and afternoon naps. We are traveling with a total of 8 babies.... Tate is the only one who has not gotten sick with the cold crap. I am hoping if I keep her well rested, she will be able to avoid getting sick.

She is growing and learning so many things each day.

* When we first got her, she could say dadada. She has now added mamamama, mmmmmm, babababa and squeals.
* She will echo these sounds back to you.
* Patty Cake is now one of her favorite games. She claps now on her own.
* Her food includes besides the formula and rice cereal. Peas, carrots, squash, apple and pear fruit juices... diluted.
* She still is a champion sleeper and pooper.

This is the last night we have in Nanchang... tomorrow we will be boarding a plane to GZ for the last part of this journey