Wednesday, January 24, 2007


In the kitchen cabinet, right next to the stove, is a recipe solidly taped on the door. In my parents home, for the past five years, this recipe has taken on a whole new meaning. Here sits the instructions for making Norwegian pancakes (crepes) and something my dad has takening to making. At the beginning, these FIRST pancakes were a bit too thick and charred. Every single partaker of this earlier effort acted like they were the most delicious pancakes EVER. With each confidence building attempt, my Dad has perfected these pancakes into amazingly delicious delights. This pancake making has become a tradition for "Gramps" to cook the morning after a sleep over with the Grandkiddos. This is a tradition that I am hoping that Tate will have the memories of.... You see, even thought he is so very healthy, he is almost 77 years old. I wonder how long it takes for a child to form those memories as vivid memories and just not hearsay. I will document in pictures Tate's Gramps making these pancakes. I will talk about this tradition to reinforce her memories..... I just feel like time is just a wasting when I think of the fragile time of the elderly and the quick growth a child.

As I write this, I am enjoying the left over Norwegian pancakes from one of his sessions. Cooked to a perfectly golden brown and so very delicate and thin.... It is funny what triggers my thoughts for the future and things that I want to blog about.

Hmmmmmm, food for thought.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Was I thinking???? I decided to take charge of my spending. I took a close look at my lifestyle and the ways to cut back on my monthly bills..... I am NEVER home and my land line is a waste of money..... Also I have SLOW dial up internet services. Out went the land line phone which wiped out my internet access. My DSL cannot be set up until Feb 1.... FEB 1!!! I am going thru withdrawal, wandering around the house, mumbling to myself..... Time has never gone so SLOWLY......

Thursday, January 18, 2007


As promised, a little more of my trip to visit the Salsa girls...... Marie and Rose's daddy Rod, is a professional Tuba Player, with a list of some pretty impressive musicians he has played with. On the wall of the home at Team Salsa are mounted musicial instruments. One is a mandolin that was made for Mary-Mia by her grandpa and another is Rod's first tuba. For my entertainment, the girls were offered which musical instrument they would like to perform for me..... THE TUBA was picked!!!

Shocked was I as I saw these little pint size tuba players pucker up their sweet lips and expand those silky cheeks..... Above you can see that Marie is very serious with her performance and would not even think to start without my undivided attentions!!!! To the right is the performance.... take a look at those cheeks and the intense concentrating eyes!!! This was serious business and after a few great bellow out of the tube she looked at me with such self contentment and a grin that was unstoppable.... I on the other hand was laughing so much that I was unable to capture this with my camera.... What fun!!!!

Rose was not going to be outdone by her sister, so into the arms of her Daddy she ran, grabbed that mouthpiece, pucker those sweet rose lips and blew the tuba like there was no stopping her.... Rod has actually taught Rose (and I am sure Marie also) a pulsating burst of notes.....

Rose was so pleased with herself, that you can see that slight smile as she played the tuba. I am telling you that these little gals as so very adorable!!!!

What a great time we all had with the Salsa family.... Mary-Mia and Rod have their hands full of two amazing, adorable, and TALENTED daughters..... I only wished I lived closer and could spend many fun feel days with Rose, Marie, Mary-Mia and Rod.

Oh..... I got to meet one of the two Salsa furbabies... Mango the cat. What an upside down world these two furballs have had with the introduction of Rose and Marie.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am back from my three day weekend get away to Northern California…..What an amazing time I had!!! It has been shockingly 30 years since I have been to the bay area, a fact that will be changed PRONTO!!!

All I can say is…… burrrrrrrrr!!! When you hear about “sunny” California, don’t believe a word!!! It might have been “sunny” but warm it was NOT!!! Being a simpleton cold weather Utah girl, I assumed to just bring a trench coat minus the button in warm lining!!! NO HAT. NO SCARF. NO GLOVES. One cousin and spouse flying in for the memorial hooked up with us on the Wharf. We had such an amazing fresh seafood meal and gut-busting laughter, that I believe people in the restaurant must have thought we had just got finished with a wine country tour…..

What would a trip be to Northern California without a little SALSA???? The minute I thought I just might be heading towards Team Salsa, I emailed m3 with hopes that I could drop by for a quick meet and kiss Marie and Rose.... What FUN and JOY to see m3 again, meet Rod and watch the amazing antics of the Funshine Girls. Mary-Mia has said that these gals just crack her up..... I am here to testify that these little bundles of cuteness are a crack up!!! What amazingly cute parents Rod and Mary-Mia make. I will post more pictures and tell more tomorrow.... Oh, Rose is closest to me and Marie is the other cutie.....

The main reason for this trip was the memorial for my cousin. I was so dreading this!!! We had a drive of about an hour and a half. On the way down my Dad, Mom, Brother John and I talked about of memories of Ben and the childhood memories of visits to this area to visit the California cousins. I really thought we would be having a SOB FEAST. I could not have anticipated anything more beautiful, spiritual and enlightening. I knew Ben as a teasing cousin. Always fun, teasing me, and oh so very cute!!! I knew the Ben from the Christmas and ski vacations. The guy who came for school at BYU and spent Sunday dinner and Thanksgiving weekend with us. After the memorial, I knew him as a spiritual man, community leader, friend and a much loved “Uncle Ben”. Years ago, he was chatting with a friend about what they each wanted at their funerals….. Ben wanted people to be happy, have fun, and remember that part of him….. I cannot convey enough about the beautiful music and the memories of Ben. Instead of a sob feast, all of us left feeling the essence of Ben….. Comfort, Peace and hopefully closure for his beautiful mother and siblings. We may never know what happened to Ben a year ago, but we all feel his is in a better place.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Just a few things...

I am kind of freaking out!!! I have decided to be all "HAPPENIN' " and have decided to disconnect my land line phone service and rely totally on a cell phone. Thankfully, I was able to transfer the land line phone number to my cell. I have been assured by a lot of people that this system works and not to worry. These "a lot of people" are all in their twenties and technology is nothing to them.... it scares me!!! What does this mean in the long run to me???? Gone will be the slow dial-up internet service that I have!!!! I will be adding services that will give me high speed internet as well as cable programming. I am not that big of a TV watcher and really do not have the time to watch much, but it was the best package for the money!!!

On to other things, I am not sure if anyone remembers when I posted that my cousin disappeared into thin air. He still has not been found. We all need closure on this, so I will be flying to Northern Califorinia this weekend for a memorial for Ben. Oh how I am dreading this, yet look forward to the gathering of the so many of the cousins and other relatives who will be flying and driving in from near and far.

During my trip to Northern California, I am hoping to do a drop and kiss the twins of Salsa in China. I so loved getting to know Mary-Mia during our Blogger Summit in Utah last August and cannot wait to meet cool Rod and those adorable Funshine girls, Rose and Marie!!! Of course I will post pictures ... if I can work in all out. I do promise that I will be flying back soon for a few days of a "kiss and play fest" with the Salsa gang.

Had to post the new buys for my Tate. I have been eyeing these Little People toys for a while. Finally bite the bullet and bought them!!! Mesa is so amazed by the sounds that the SUV makes. Every new item bought for Tate gets an thorough inspection from Mesa. I think that Mesa is starting to suspect things are changing in her house.

Monday, January 08, 2007


To Echo and Lena and others in China (or anywhere out there) wants to join in on my journey for Tate.... Come along and join in the FUN!!! You are so very welcome here!!! Lurk or comment, makes no difference ... Now that I know that CCAA is not spying on me!!!

Lisa and Mesa and Tate.


With Gymboree BUCKS!!!!

I bought these cute little outfits at 60% off and get to return on January 11th to buy more PLUS get $25.00 gymbucks towards more cute stuff!!! I have invited my mom on this fun shopping excursion. Preparing for a child of mine with my mom has been a dream of mine!!! This will be the second shopping excursion we have done together for Tate. She was there for me when I registered at Babies R Us... and bought me an amazing stroller. Chick day!!! LUNCH.... and shopping for my TATE!!!

***I am buying sizes 18 and 24 mos***

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007


Does anyone out there get freaked out when they see on their statistic counter map consistent hits from BEIJING???? The CCAA just got done with the reviews of January 31 2006 dossiers with some February 2006 dossiers being asked questions, and RUMORS that March 2006 is in the review room. MARCH!!!! I AM MARCH 7th!!! Really is there a Chinese big brother out there monitoring blogs and what we are saying??? I can not think of a soul who would know me and read me in BEIJING!!! With all clear conscience, I have never written or even eluded to anything that would be negitive towards China. I love anything Chinese!!! Really, and I've even offered up my body as a sacrifice if it would move referrals along!!! Kind of freaking me along whoever you are in Beijing, And really, I promise I am a heterosexual single woman who will always love and protect and educate this gift of a rare jewel from China.... My Tate!!!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This year I have a partner in my 2007 New Year's resolution..... Mesa!!! This change in behavior is necessary for the well being of my little family of three..... Me, Mesa, and Tate. I love driving around in the car with Mesa always at my side. She will perch on the console between the two front seats and snuggle with me while I drive. Oh how I love it when her left front leg settles on my right shoulder while placing her left cheek against my face. This way I can reach up and scratch and nuzzle her sweet little fur face and soft ears. Not a soul in the back seat can escape the wide wag of her feathered tail. Here is where Tate comes in. Tate will be sitting in her car seat in the way of that wagging tail. Fur will be flying off of that snuggle puppy.... EVERYWHERE!!! Hence, serious changes have got to be made. As suggested by an experienced Mom to a dog who added three kiddos to the mix.... "Break this habit now so that the invasion of Tate is not associated with Mesa's banning in the car". As I have said before, Mesa is in training to be a dog. And those dog barrier SUV/car things were invented for desperate times like these.....

This will be so tough for Mesa, but even tougher for ME!!!! Oh how I love my time in the car with my snuggle pup!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007


This is in the smack-dab center on my fridge.....

My COLLAGE of inspiration of the past, present and future of Tate. Much better than the three stone diamond ring being pushed by the jewelers here in this part of American. More precious, finer and brighter than a diamond anyday........ AH, MY TATE.

Ringing out the OLD 2006 and ringing in the NEW 2007, has come and gone. I have just wound down from another marathon work week and will finally sit back and think of my past, present and future. I will think of this last year, the love and friendships I have found here in the International China Adoption community. The ones who have a past with their gals, the ones like myself who are at present waiting for our gals, and the ones in the future doing the paperchase for their gals. My wishes and prayers go out to the singles frantically working on meeting the May 2007 LID deadline.


All moving forward towards families, love and happiness!!!

Wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year !!!