Thursday, November 12, 2009


OCTOBER 2009 040

Today was Tate's 15 month check up and four more shots! POOR baby. Her doctor pronounced her amazing. Healthy, SMART, charming. He says he has a crush on my girl. I am wonder if this is why he wants to see her every two months.

Stats.... Weight... 22.5 lb (47% US charts) Height 32 inches (91% US charts)

  • her speech is exploding. She babbles constantly. She will mimics beginning sounds of words. Knows about 12 words or words she uses ... Momma, Mesa, Nana, more, baba (bottle), hi, bye bye, baby, ball, puppy, naaa (Norwegian for no), cup.

  • Says "hot" and blows on everything she eats... fresh fruit, ice cream, as well as the warm foods.

  • Tate has started pretending with her doll. She insists to hold her doll when driving places, will wrap the baby in a "blanket" or burp cloth, and feed the doll a bottle.


  • Loves LOVES LOVE to wear beads and necklaces. She will put them on by herself.
  • She is showing more of a preference for her left hand when she reaches for things, eats and colors.

OCTOBER 2009 043

  • will call out "Momma!" from her crib when she wakes up... at nap time, in the mornings and in the middle of the night. When it happens in the middle of the night, I will wait hoping she will go back to sleep. Sadly this was not the case the other night. She wanted MOMMA! And MOMMA jumped right up. She looked at me said "Momma. Baba (bottle)" then smacked her chest as if to say "Momma I need a bottle". There was NO question as to what Tate needed that middle of the night.

  • stands on her own without holding on to something. Will go from standing and bend down and get back up. Is able to go from crawl to standing. Still not walking.

  • Knows the difference between up and down and will go either up or down when instructed.

  • Animal sounds.... cow, horse, cat, dog, monster, monkey, tiger. She makes the monster sound and loves it when I act "scared".

  • Yikes.... the other day I caught her climbing. Apparently there was a barricade blocking her way to Mesa. She must climb go over it to get to her dog. What does a good momma do when she sees her loved one toddling while climbing? Grab her camera of course and snap away.

OCTOBER 2009 045



Tate just cracks us all up... She crawls with "ATTITUDE", if you have seen it, you know what I am talking about. Gliding forward with swinging her head side to side.