Friday, June 30, 2006


I have seen this Favorite Foto Friday on other blogs and thought it was fun... So I thought I would join in.......

Until I get my own kiddo, Tate, then the kiddos currently in my life both past and present will have to suffice.... This picture is from an extended family trip we took 5 years ago....

This is me and SPARKLE... age 6 and ME... ageless and Twinkle Toes.... 16 months. It is just before we went on a wagon train ride to a dutchoven dinner show in Jackson Hole Wyoming.... This was such a fun trip!!!

Twinkle Toes is exuberant and full of life... My Mom has said that my personality was a lot like hers when I was young.... SHE LOVES CHOCOLATE just like me and my mom.... Hmmmmmmmmm three generations of Chocolate lovers!!! Oh figure!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is a quilt square and wish from a fellow DTC Jan blogger and FRIEND of mine..... Donna!!!!Donna collected 100 good wish scrap book pages instead of quilt squares for her Lauren Elizabeth .... As you can see, Donna is a very talented scrapper!!!! I just love the wish sheet and the fabric!!!! Thank you so much Donna.... you have so much to teach me about design and scrapping..... Scrap booking is one of the things that I will be starting and doing for my sweet little TATE!!!! Both she and Julie are inspirations and great mentors to me in the scrapping world!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Stephanie does a series called Corners in My House.... this is something I have thought about doing.... Julie challenged us to take one step further.... Pictures of our pantries. This is three shelves that I use the most.... various cans of stuff... BBQ sauce, spices, cereal and on the far left bottom shelf is my over expanding baking supplies..... sprinkles, extracts, food coloring.... This is what I would term..... JUST YOUR BASIC MESS ......

I wanted to share what food is in my fridge..... this is the door where all the condiments are located.... Aside from the top shelf of the fridge where the jams are kept, this is the food in my fridge.... I am what people think of as a GOURMET cook, however I never cook!!!! I am sure most of these condiments would be technically expired... I do not look at the date of expiration but gauge it on sight (nothing growing) and smell (not too gastly) and taste (did not make me sick)..... This method has been working for me.....
Please note.... when Tate is here I will be cooking for her and anyone else who would like a home cooked meal..... SOOOOOOOOOO.... Come on over!!!!



My February Secret pal strikes again..... I am overwhelmed by the generosity and the creativeness in each gift.... I pale in comparison towards my own SP .... Each item I take out of the box I will think... "Duh, why didn't I think of this?" AMAZING!!! Since this is my own blog... I will show and talk about EVERYTHING that I got.... If this is boring to you .... move on to the next blog....

This is what was given to me....
I just love the smell of lemons.... Lemony Bath and body work hand soap.... I swear SP you must be watching me.... I have the chapiest lips right now... I keep thinking I have got to go to the store and get some CHAPSTIX.... you felt my need and included something for these dang lips.... Will you take a look at this photo album??? It is so cute!!!! In the card it tells me to fill the pictures with Tate's first summer with me.... each picture has a space to write about the picture...... I just can't wait to fill it up with pictures of my gal!!!

FOR TATE......
Inside the mesh backpack was everything that a beautiful beach bunny baby would ever need....
Sunscreen espeically for babies!!!! a tube for Faces Only, a stix for more precision covering of chubby cheeks and nose, a large bottle of baby sunscreen and then the thing I have never seen before but think it is GENIOUS..... sunscreen disposible Sunblankie towelettes!!!! Wipe the baby down and throw away!!!! Tate also go some toys that will be fun in water and sand... and a whale floatie!!!!

Would you just look at this adorable two piece swimming suit??? Love the patriotic theme with the matching sunglasses!!! Next 4th of July Tate will be one cute little beach bunnie!!!

Even my dad "Gramps" got recognized in the package!!!! A special bib that says Grandpa "loves me"... He thought it was so cute and cannot wait to see Tate's little face wearing the bib!!! I wanted to say that I cannot wait to see Tate's little face.....PERIOD. I had been toying with buying some disposible things like these sippy cups and snack containors.... So bright and cute!!!

Once again you have totally thrilled me!!!!


Mesa is one LUCKY DOG!!!

She is so loved and spoiled by our February Secret Pal..... Instead of treats for me to make for the referral baking, my FSP gave me a cookbook for ONE DEMANDING DOG.... The book is full of recipes for me to make for this huge snuggle puppy and four cookie cutters...Mesa also got a ball that you fill up with water and it squirts water.... She was stunned the first time this happened and now is wondering why her tennis balls do not squirt water.....
You can see how she is enjoying her big meaty bone in the grass in the back yard. Today while away, a package was left from an order from Crate and Barrel..... Mesa immediately ran to it and waited while I opened it.... She knew that this must have something for her inside. Only after waiting impatiently while the contents were unpacked and a close inspection of the box did she finally leave the box alone......

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I think that I am being STALKED by Cher.... that's right, the singer-movie star.... CHER. To all fans of this Diva I apologize if I offend you..... but what are you thinking, liking this woman???? I think she knows I cannot STAND HER!!!! My skin literally crawls when I hear her voice... in singing, in speaking or just seeing her face ..... it CRAWLS, I tell you!!! She is stalking me through the radio.... While driving the 10 minutes to the airlines, I turned on the radio.... first station is playing Cher.... nasal sounding hideous CHER!!!! I quickly turn to the next program station.... another Cher song .... next station..... CHER again!!!! One last attempt for sanity and music in the car.... Ah..... the oldies station..... but the worst Cher ever.....Vintage Cher singing the half breed Cherokee woman whatever song .....


I am checking on buying a Ipod Nano tomorrow!!!

(Sorry not pictures of Cher.... did not want to torture anyone, especially ME!!!)

Monday, June 26, 2006


I think I am getting dehyrated!!! I have been reading BLOGs with referrals on them ALL DAY!!!! I think that I have teared up more than a normal person should have.... Like I say, these referrals are getting personal!!! Next month when m3 gets hers, I will have to call in sick to work because of the tearfest!!!! Forget about when Eliza's Story and Julie get their's... IT'S PERSONAL NOW!!!!

It just brings me to a thought....
I wonder, since I will be a blubbering snot fest of a cryer when I get Tate, I should go password protected... It is more of a LISA EMBARRASEMENT protected thing.... Not only will I be uncontrolable, my mom will be right there with me SOBBING ... I think I will take my ever so cool 17 year old nephew just to make sure to take pictures of this event.... I just know that Tate will be the stoic one and have this look on her most beautiful face as "WHAT THE HELL????"

Sunday, June 25, 2006


I am actually holding back some posting for the next few days.... I am a chatter box anyway!!! So much to talk about and so much fun stuff!!!! My dad refers to my chatter as "DIARRHEA MOUTH"..... So I guess this week I have "DIARRHEA BLOGGING".... What more can I say???? I can live with this title!!!! Oh and for the record, Dad, the acorn does not fall too far from the tree.... there is not a quiet moment when our family gets together!!! HEE HEE.... Got to love it!!!!


Mod Podge 101... Here is my first attempt at MOD PODGE!!!! I can live with a little bubble here or there..... It is really hard to see the actual scrapbook paper I used on each letter.... The "T's" each have white and is checked and the other is striped.... the "A" and "E" are a combo of green and pink..... "A" with flowers and the "E" with poke-a-dots .... I loved the way it turned out !!!!

You can see the detail a little better on this close-up with the paint for the walls and the bedding I will be using in Tate's Kingdom..... the plan in the room is to use wainscotting on the bottom 2/3 and a free hand unstructured stripe in the two blues..... I will be using high gloss white on the wainscotting and the moldings.... I am working on finishing a most adorable buffet and am toying with putting the floral paper in the inside of the shelving.... I love the flowers and the color combo..... Time and money will dictate just how much detail I actually will do.....

Before I even get going on the nursery, I have other steps in the house that needs to get done to move the existing room into..... But if CCAA called me tomorrow and said that I could come and pick up Tate..... I am ready no matter what shape the house and nursery is in!!!!


I am joining everything.... My DTC Jan group is doing swaps.... This is from the sock swap exchange... These are custom handmade socks!!! From Lori Hilton.... Lakeland FL !!!!


Saturday, June 24, 2006


Referrals have come in and it was a happy referral baking!!!! Enjoy......



1 cup cooked carrots (drain/mashed)
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup shortening
2 drops yellow food coloring
1 egg
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp orange extract

Cream shortening and sugar, add eggs and carrots. Mix dry ingredients together adding to wet mixture with vanilla and lemon extract. Make into 1 tsp size cookies. Bake at 400 degrees for 8-12 minutes. Frost.


1 # powdered sugar
2 tsp orange extract
1 tsp vanilla
1 cube butter, softened
1/4 tsp salt
1 egg white
1 drop yellow food coloring

Mix together. Whip in egg white. Frost cookies.
Makes about 36 cookies.



YesterdayI did a little stumble on something left on the floor and stepped funky-style bending my big toe back.....


I think that I am a total klutz....

This will be my third broken bone within 9 months!!! Last October I fell off the porch and broke BOTH elbows.... and now this!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel..... Even thought I wish the referrals were speeding up at full months.... I can get excited that more days were referred!!!!

I am trying to plug along with my head in the sand unaware of the countdown to when I will be getting my referral. I just keep saying sometime in March or so..... I wish people would actually PAY ATTENTION to what I am saying and QUIT asking me repeatedly when I will go to China to get Tate!!!! Before I even was DTC I told a close friend that in my dreams I would be going to China in the Oct/Nov..... I have talked tons to her about the slow downs and the frustration of the wait.... She actually asked me yesterday when in Oct/Nov I was traveling to China..... WHAT????? Are you not listening??? Apparently NOT!!!! Mind you, I know everything her two cats are doing ...... I just thought that when I was sharing my life she was actually listening!!!! I have taken my name down from the baby board at work.... I really got tired of people asking why February?????? I just thought it would be better damage control not to put it out there as a subject to bring up with me..... I love talking about this adoption and process, but I am so tired of EXPLAINING the length of time and being a puppet in the hands of the CCAA whims......

Referral baking should take place tonight or tomorrow..... I should post the recipe and pictures soon..... I've got a good one picked out.......

Why Am I feelin' GROOVY????? I just got done requesting time off of work with plans to do a few trips..... I will be doing NYC in August with my nephew..... and Oslo Norway in September for a quick weekend (5 daze) get away to see a good friend and family who moved there from my street here in SLC..... I have tons of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins in Norway since this is where my parents are from... but I will sneak into the country hopefully unnoticed..... I do have to see my FAVORITE Uncle Kaare and Aunt Ingeborg, but will swear them to secrecy!! It just feels good to finally have time off of the jobs and back to my playful travelin' self!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I join into this group late..... And really think that just being accountable to someone for keeping on track is helpful...

So... I will say that I really didn't start the eating part until Monday after Father's day.... I have been strickly not eating after 7:30 PM which is really a step in the right direction for me since I will eat just before bed.... I have been keeping a Nalgene bottle full of ice and water next to me at work and have been drinking this so much that I seem to never have a Diet Coke.... I used to drink about a six pack of DIET COKE/DIET PEPSI combo each day!!! This is all behaviour modification and I know is a positive step.... I will say that I did not get to have dessert on Father's Day cause I needed to go and book some airline reservations and the dessert just was not out and ready!!!! FORCED being good on desserts!!!

All in all I am happy with my week and will continue.... I did not step onto the scale so I cannot report any poundage off!!!!


What's Up???? In two words....

Just getting these letters was an adventure!!! Each letter was $5.99.... not to expensive but when you can get a coupon for 40% off it is a steal!!!! One catch.... the store only lets you use ONE coupon for ONE purchase in ONE day!!!! I needed FOUR letters!!! So I enlisted the help of a devious teenager friend of mine. I handed her two five dollar bills and two letters and instructed her to go to one cashier for one letter and then to another cashier for the other..... I had planned on doing the same!!! The master plan would have worked out GREAT if... the cashiers would have stayed in their designated spots!!! Each time we went to purchase the second letter, the other cashier would leave the register and the same cashier would offer to help. I was just waiting for the COUPON POLICE to come and stop us from our illegal coupon use!!! Really what is up with these up tight teenagers these days??? Would it have killed them to turn an innocent eye to our need for using coupons in such an illicit act???? Thankfully the Mod Podge was on for 30% off and I did not need to sneak for the discount!!!

Big plans for the Mod Podge on Friday when I will complete this nursery project and be on step closer towards Tate's Kingdom!!!! I did find out yesterday that my sales ability for booking airlines tickets was rewarded with a $100.00 bonus!!! I will be buying a mattress so I can put the crib together...... One step closer!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006



This is the last call for quilt squares and wishes for Tate's 100 wish quilt.... If you are planning on being a part of this quilt..... PLEASE do so soon... I hope to have the gathering done by the end of June and start working on the quilt and wish book..... I would like to have it all done and put to bed (so to speak) by the end of July. I still would love to be a part of your quilt so just e-mail me so I can send a swatch and a wish from Me, Mesa and Tate.....

This is a square and a personal wish for Tate from a friend of mine..... Heidi is one of the people I
referred to when I was talking about the journey and decision to adopt and from China. She and her husband and bio daughter had just gotten back from China in the late wintertime (2004) when I was toying with the whole adoption thingy. Just seeing the love and joy that this little family had and the beauty of Joy just sealed the deal for me.... I am so glad that Heidi is part of my support system.....

Besides the personal wish Heidi made to Tate, she quotes Mark Houlahan in saying "If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page".

Thank you so much Heidi.... I will cherish this wish, square and friendship.

Friday, June 16, 2006



Your Stress Level is: 67%
You are prone to stress, and you're probably even pretty stressed right now.
Life's problems seem to pile up on you, and this often makes you feel depressed and burned out.
Learn to take time to relax and enjoy life, even if things are stressful. It's the only wa you'll get through the bad times.
How Stressed Are You?


Some little girls loved to play with BARBIES and some little girls loved to play with baby dolls. Some little girls HATED dolls and would rather be active and play with trucks and cars and sticks..... I was the little girl who loved playing wiht baby dolls. I rememeber when I turned 12 and it really was not too COOL to play with dolls, I sadly gave them up.... Thankfully I had a little sister who was 7 years younger and I could use her as an excuse to keep playing with dolls.... IF she would agree to play dolls with me!!!

Now as I start to prepare for Tate, I have started to gather DOLL stuff for her. These are things that I will be less able to afford when I start to pay daycare, clothing and food for Tate. I have always believed in quality over quantity and would rather spend $100.00 on an American Girl Doll, BITTY BABY instead of a bunch of dolls. Twinkle Toes and Sparkle both have tons of Bitty Baby clothes and a doll each as well as American Girls big girl dolls. This is one of the things these two cousins will look forward to playing with Tate. The beauty of Bitty baby is that you can order an Asian doll.... Black hair with Almond eyes. I want Tate to have a doll that she could be the mommie of.

Sandy had listed on her blog that American Girl was having a sale.... I had to buy these two outfits!!! Quality is amazing and cuteness goes way beyond cute!!!! Bitty Baby has not been bought yet but it is in the plans!!!! I will keep these and give them to Tate at either a birthday or Christmas when she is closer to 2 - 2 1/2 yrs.....

Whether of not Tate likes dolls.... at least I can use this excuse again to play with baby dolls!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006



I know it is Thursday, but I had decided to join the Weigh In Wednesday group back weeks ago. Somehow Wednesdays just breeze by and I think NEXT Wednesday I will weigh in and start .... So bright and early this morning I stripped down to my birthday suit and climbed onto the scales.... I will have to say that I made sure to dust off all the dust bunnies cause I will not let anything falsify my actual weigh.....

Looked down..... What???? Put on my glasses to make sure that I am reading the scale correctly.... What??? Sigh..... Now I know where I start the count DOWN to less of LISA and a fitter Momma for Tate.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The beginning of the DOG DAYS of SUMMER.....

Here is Mesa and her two neighbor buddies hanging out in the backyard..... They will romp and play until one of these little critters hear or see me in the kitchen..... This is what I get to look at when I decide to be in the kitchen.... Puppies wanting in the house for treats and air conditioning..... What do you think I do???? TREATS and air conditioning!!!! I am a wimp!!!

NELLIE (6 months old black lab) with MESA (2.5 yrs) and TURBO (2 yrs old yellow lab)....
Turbo is very much her name.... FULL OF ENERGY and is the big sister to baby Nellie... She has a hard time sharing Mesa with Nellie but is learning to share..... except the BALL!!!! We are working on this!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Thank you for all the kind words. I get inspiration from all you bloggers both in what you write and the comments you leave on mine as well as other blogs. I am so glad that I am not alone with my DOUBTS. I need to keep my eye on the reason I am in this INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION psycho trip and know that the outcome is Tate and the great blessing she will be in my life. She has already blessed me by opening me up to my spiritual side and my trust in God.

Tomorrow's post will be more light hearted and simple.

Thanks again

Monday, June 12, 2006


This is a posting that is the beginning of the story of my journey to adopt TATE. I will post these in installments in the order which they occured last year. I have not shared this with too many out there in BLOGGER internet land. And I am some what worried that I just might expose too much of my personal side to who knows may be reading this. However, I am writing this as a way for me to figure out and remind me why I am choosing to adopt at my age and singleness.

I am starting to DOUBT my decision to adopt. I have been struggling with this thought during the past few weeks. Today in the mail I received a quilt square and wish that made me stop and remember why…. It was from Drea from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

“Your life began across the sea but fate and destiny knew what was meant to be. A wish was made for you to be loved and that voice was heard from GOD above.”

One year ago this month, I started the serious search for a single slot for my adoption from China. If you are single then you know about the struggle just getting the go ahead to start your paper chase. I am not sure if those married couples really know now lucky they are being able to decide to adopt and calling ANY agency to start the process. Singles have to contact TONS of agencies asking if they have a single slot. Most agencies do not have immediate openings for singles. The next step is to ask if they are accepting application accompanied by the UNREFUNDABLE deposit of money in the hopes that there will be openings within the next few months or year. Some agencies I contacted would not even accept applications and some said that they could help me in early 2007….. TWO THOUSAND FRICKIN’ SEVEN!!!!! Just to start the paper chase. This is the time that CCAA decided to place age restrictions on adoption and I was looking at turning 50 in MARCH of 2007….. I knew that I really did not have too much time to be waiting around.

I have always had a certain spiritualness within me…. I love and appreciate NATURE and can sense God in the world. I am touched by other’s stories of faith and blessings but somehow these blessing just eluded me…. Or so I thought. I felt that God had forgotten me in my life….the blessing of the only thing I really wanted and that was a family of my own…. Mainly CHILDREN. I had been in a long term relationship and somehow hoped that things would work out with this guy….. but LACK OF COMMITMENT . And I found myself alone and in my mid-late forties and looking at a life where I would love and share and enjoy my nieces and nephews but not have children of my own. Kind of sad and something that I really didn’t look forward to… but seemed to be my lot in life…..

Others around me were adopting children from China…. But in my mind I would think I should do this but it was a fleeting thought. Until one day I felt a baby in my life. I felt her spirit and I knew that I needed to push forward to go get this baby…. that was meant to be with me…. Prayer confirmed my need to adopt and from CHINA. So the search started…..


Life is always changing and so is the look of my blog....

Thanks to Donna and her talented design and offerings of help.... I just told her the coloring I wanted pink and brown and she designed this for me!!!! I did have one specific for her... to have the type in a DARK color .... This is for my sister, KELLY who lives in Florida and said that her eyes hurt after reading the colors.... I am sure that she was not the only one who felt that way..... Do you like the new looks?????


Friday, June 09, 2006


Finally had a FULL day off of work.... I have been working non-stop since April 3....

Had some big plans and ideas for this day off ..... like taking Mesa swimming at a local lake and laying out to get rid of this pasty white skin..... IN. THE. SUN!!!!

I am cursed....Nothing but THUNDER and LIGHTENING and RAIN!!!!

I am working 12 hours tomorrow..... It is suppose to be SUNNY!!!!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I work on a busy medicine floor in a large hospital in my city. Since we are a medicine floor, we get a lot of the homeless and mentally ill population off the streets. Frankly these people scare me. I am not sure what is a reality to them and how exactly I can communicate and interact with them. I am not a nurse.

Last night as I was heading down to my airline job, I stopped for gas on a very busy street. As I got out of the car, I saw a mentally ill homeless man talking to himself. He was wearing a tattered filthy coat even in 90 degree weather. His hair was long, grimy and matted. His clothing which was also filthy was ripped. On his feet were shoes and no socks……and he was heading right for me!!! Panic as I was filling the tank of gas…. My first thought was how much gas do I really need before I get back into my safe air conditioned car. Thankfully he veered off and crossed the street. I headed back towards the same direction on my way to work but with one stop….. for dinner at Carl’s Jr. for the dollar spicy chicken sandwich. As I was turning into the parking lot, I see this man once again but lying on the grassy knoll next to the street. Again I am in a safe comfortable cool car ready to fill my tummy up with a meal and a cold drink. Something kept nagging at me…. But I ignored my thoughts and proceeded to order my single dollar sandwich. Still something was nagging at me. As I approached the pick up window I gave in and ordered a cheese burger meal deal with extra large coke with ICE and lots of packages of catsup. Panic hit right after I ordered. How was I going to give this to this CRAZY man???? My heart was beating and my knees got weak but I forced myself to approach this man and offered this meal to him….. I am not a Pollyanna with my thoughts that this meal would save him from the brutality of the streets….I just wanted to somehow ease a hot day and surely an empty stomach. I was not prepared for this reaction…. He screamed at me in a crazy language while gesturing in the air to GET AWAY!!!! I set the cold drink and bag of food on the sidewalk in front of him. He promptly got up and threw it into the gutter. WHAT????? I just do not understand this… I am puzzled and bewildered. After four hours of work, I passed by the small grassy knoll….. It was 11:45 pm and he was lying in the same spot curled in a ball. I saw that next to him is the drink and bag. Maybe he was able to see thru his insanity and enjoy a cool drink and a warm burger and fries….

Now I cannot get him off my mind…. lying there on a grassy knoll is a man that at one time was SOMEBODY’S baby….. It just breaks my heart.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


My digital camera is back from Fiji and I can finally post pictures of the gifts from my
The subject was Child Safety.... and I think Tate will be quite safe!!!


First I must compliment my February Secret Pal on her amazing personalized tags and notes.... Every gift bag is accompanied by a handmade tag and a cute personalized note to each one of us.... Above is Tate's gifts... Some of the items I did not know even existed!!!! Both the bunny and elephant have cold pack type things that Tate can have to soothe a BOOBOO.... I do need to tell my SP that my child will be living in a bubble and will never ever fall down, get hurt or be sick.... The duckie is to protect Tate from the spout in the tub..... The amaziing thing is the secret hat compartment lifts up to dispense bubble bath!!!! Too HOT???? These spoons will change color to let me know when something is too hot for my Tate's mouth!!! Lastly bandages with puppy dogs.... something I am sure Mesa would have selected for Tate if she had to pick!!!

MAMA (that would be me)

What an amazing Mother Daughter picture frame!!!! I will be putting Tate's referral picture in this.... The saying is precious and is a letter to my daughter

My Daughter, On the first day I saw you, I fell in love again. Everything was new and fresh, as I could see the world through the eyes of my child. You have made the world new every day since then. I love you..... Hand me a box of tissue....PLEASE!!!!


Pictures say a thousand word.... Did she love it???? You be the judge.....

Ball.... TREATS!!!! What??? Am I suppose to pay attention for a picture???

in Mesa words.... "Thank you SP you are spoiling us!!!!"

Sidenote..... As I am blogging this, the automatic sprinkers just went on and MESA is RUNNING thru the sprinklers like a happy child.... It is dark or I would have tried to take a picture.....

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Where are you Utah FCC?????

I have been so envious of all the states that have an active FCC program..... Since I am using a really small agency, I feel I am floating alone out there on a raft in the huge ocean known as International Adoption.... and really I would be drowning if not for the great people I have met and the support from the internet DTC and blogs...

Last night we had our first Waiting Child China family group dinner..... Granted it was just me and Tiffany who met at a Thai resturant, but it was a start!!!! We chose the Thai Garden because it was written up in a local SLC magazine as the BEST Thai in Utah..... Since we will be eating at the famous Cow and Bridge in GZ, we thought we would go into training.....Next month???? Who knows????

I know there are other Families waiting in Utah, but in many attempts with the local FCC I have not been unable to find this group.... So if anyone is reading this (LeeAnne) and wants to join in..... or has information of an existing group I would love to be know..... Email mail me and I will give you the 411......