Saturday, June 17, 2006



This is the last call for quilt squares and wishes for Tate's 100 wish quilt.... If you are planning on being a part of this quilt..... PLEASE do so soon... I hope to have the gathering done by the end of June and start working on the quilt and wish book..... I would like to have it all done and put to bed (so to speak) by the end of July. I still would love to be a part of your quilt so just e-mail me so I can send a swatch and a wish from Me, Mesa and Tate.....

This is a square and a personal wish for Tate from a friend of mine..... Heidi is one of the people I
referred to when I was talking about the journey and decision to adopt and from China. She and her husband and bio daughter had just gotten back from China in the late wintertime (2004) when I was toying with the whole adoption thingy. Just seeing the love and joy that this little family had and the beauty of Joy just sealed the deal for me.... I am so glad that Heidi is part of my support system.....

Besides the personal wish Heidi made to Tate, she quotes Mark Houlahan in saying "If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page".

Thank you so much Heidi.... I will cherish this wish, square and friendship.


Anonymous said...


I am so glad you recieved your quilt square... I was sitting at the computer reading and looking at the picture, when Joy came and sat by me. She pointed at the computer and said "That's yours mommy! thats yours!" I was so amazed, as I really didn't think she was paying too much attention when I prepared it and mailed it. Just goes to prove that kids don't miss a THING.

Love Heidi

Dawn and Dale said...

Hi Lisa!!

I just came across your blog and it's so beautiful!!

I would love to continue to follow your journey to Tate!! (Oh I absolutely LOVE that name!!!)

Would it be alright to add you to my links???


DTC March 27
LID April 5

Donna & Joe said...

Oh no, I don't want to be left out of Tate's quilt! I'm going to get my butt in gear and send you a quilt square. Lisa, I haven't done one of these yet...what size fabric square do you want? Also, is there any certain size to the card with the wish on it?

Donna :)

Anonymous said...

Wait for mine please!!! I have plans to travel to DC this weekend and was hoping to my sewing friend help me get fabric bought and cut.
I'm a little sewing challanged.


Anonymous said...

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