Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Time has gotten away from me, and I have things on my mind. With this in mind, here is


  • Over this weekend, I had the opportunity to stay at my friend's house for five days and watch her three t'ween girls. A 14, 13 and 11 year old. I say opportunity because truly is was a great gift I was given by her. She paid me an obscene amount of money for doing nothing but sleep over and make sure her girls were alive for her return. Her girls were delightful and sweet and EASY. For those who know me, you know there was no way I would not have fun with these girls. Videos, bowling, cooking and laughing. I let them do whatever with their friends over. What was the real "treat" besides the earned riches, was the house I stayed in. I have seen some amazing houses in my life, but never stayed in such a house with lots of land including two streams. This house should and I am sure will be in some magazine like Architecture Dig*st or Ho#se Bea#tiful someday. Really an amazement. What totally surprised myself so much about all this was ME. As I pulled up to my house my heart skipped a beat. I realized how much I love my small house. My house on a regular street.... small lots, cars parked all over, old and always in need of some repair or update. I guess home is home no matter how imperfect it is.

  • Weighing heavy on my mind this last past 9 months has been my job situation. While looking for a new job that would better accommodate being a single mom, I have come up against a few factors. One most importantly was a job that I could be able to have FMLA (family medical leave act) while I travel for Tate . I was finding that all jobs I applied for required working for the company for a least one year before they would hold my job and insurance. I also found that if I started teaching before I traveled for Tate, I would have had to work for the school districts for three years. With everything weighing in, I have made the decision to go full time at C*ntinental Airlines. Gone are the sleepless nights and anxiety during the waking hours. It just feels "right" during this unknown wait and time frame for Tate. After Tate is in my arms, I will pursue teaching either in special ed or Speech Pathologist in the school system.

  • With going full time with the airlines, I now have ZERO access to the blogs during 8 hours of my day. I have had to cut way back from my reading blogs and commenting on blogs. Thankfully Catherine hooked my up with bl*glines and I can try to give a quick read. Please know I am reading, but not commenting as much... please still feel the warmth from me.

  • I have had a great travel offer from another airline employee. She has gotten a great deal to stay in Paris at a hotel right on the Champs-Elysees. Three nights/ four days in Paris for a steal of a deal. Those who know prices in Paris for lodging know how expensive a place to stay can be. I have been wanting to head to Paris before Tate comes. Once Tate is here, I still will be traveling with her, but will not be able to go standby in first class. This is kind of my babymoon before become a mom of a child under age 8. Eight is the magic age for airline employees to travel with kids in first class. There is one real glitch to this great deal..... The five days are October 20th- 25th. Do I chance this purchase of the hotel with the possibility of getting a referral for Tate OR even hopefully traveling for my gal? I am so tired of putting on hold "things" because of the unknown.

  • Discovery of a great find. With a simple bag of this, one egg and one stick of butter and twenty minutes, my house is full of the amazing smells of sugar cookies. Besides the smells of pure vanilla-y deliciousness..... the eating is beyond YUMMMMM.

Referrals are brewing out there and I am hopeful of a huge batch this time. Pray, meditate, think positive or do whatever to give positive vibes to the CC*A for a humongous batch of sweet baby magic!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have talked about my sun room project... it is still a work in progress project. I will post before and after pictures when it finally gets done. I wanted to put a few words onto the wall. I wanted these words to remind me of something. Since I have always dreamt of being a mom, I decided that these words would be my reminder to always try to live and obtain the things I dream of... one is becoming a mom. I hope that these words will remind me to accomplish some of my other dreams.......

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here goes the bullets.

  • It was April 10.... 5 more days and my taxes were due. I had a real awakening. My tax person, aka brother, was going out of town for 10 days... which included the last five days of crucial tax filing time. To my rescues comes Tiffany. Thanks to my "genius" friend, taxes did get done. I am printing the forms as I type this.
  • I just knew I would be owing a lot of taxes. I owe every year... why not this year??? As mentioned above, my genius friend did my taxes and all I owe is a little manageable amount to the F*ds but get back happily a shocking amount from the St*te. This is the first time in YEARS I am not doing payments for my taxes.
  • Slowly but surely my sun room project is getting done. Today I have been UP and down a ladder, so many times my body is aching. My hand can hardly form a fist just from holding a paint brush. What scheduled for my evening activity is a date between me and my sewing machine. I have a cushion to make for the bench and roman shades (3 of them) for the windows and glass door.
  • I am looking at the beginning of the end of a generation. It seems that a lot of my parent's friends and acquaintances have passed on. Often when chatting with my mom, she mentions someone is either really sick or she has a funeral to attend. I kind of wonder how she and my dad feel about seeing so many friends pass on, and if this is causing a concern to them about their mortality?
  • I have an awesome Uncle Ole. This poor Swedish uncle married into a totally 100% Norwegian family. He has had such ribbing about being Swedish.... he is just playful and fun. He always has a smile and laughter. I have such great memories of holiday fun, camping and water skiing with his boat. In his younger years he was a smoker. I just got word that he has lung cancer.
  • I have wicked bad allergies.... basically year round. This year instead of continuing my daily dose of All*gra, I opted to give Zyrt*c a try. I have been soooooo sleepy. Yesterday while listening to Mesa snore, I was lulled right off into a nap. I am wondering if this new allergy med is not for me?

Sunday, April 13, 2008


What a great deal I got for this.... A friend was selling this and I got it for a steal of a deal. Oh, she even delivered!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008


At the slooooooow speed of 25 LIDs down the road.

Sunday, April 06, 2008



Decided to be part of the three word Sunday this week. I have had the PLEASURE to spend 36 hours with this sweet gal and her amazing mama, Julie......

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Don't say a word. I just might be spotted in Minneapolis St Paul area for a quick 36 hrs. I just have to have me a Tessie fix on the way to a meeting in Houston on Sunday!!!

Julie get Tessie's cheeks ready for some kissing!!!