Saturday, August 29, 2009


First some pictures of my girl, then a little update on her milestones and her life.....

crawl 002

crawl 005

  • Tate is 20.6 lbs and 29.5 inches. She no longer is on formula and HATES baby food. She will gum most anything and prefers ME to feed her. In daycare she like to feed herself.
  • When I first met Tate in China she could barely sit up without toppling over. She also would not roll from front to back, etc. She was strong, but not too motivated to move around. I will say that the amount of people loving on her did not help this. We wanted to carry her and love on her. Fast forward to the month of August. Tate is now a one year old and hanging out with a 2 1/2 yr old girl and a 19 month old boy while momma is at work. Amazing what a little peer pressure will do for a girl.
  • We have a crawler!!! For the first few weeks, she would do this crawl on one knee and sit-scoot on the other knee action. Real cute but not too affective for getting around quickly. I totally missed out of getting a video of this. SUDDENLY she now has learned to do the traditional crawl AND FAST.
  • Not too sure how long this crawling gig will last. Tate is pulling up on things. At nap time I am greeted with a STANDING SMILING girl! She is trying to figure out the footing and pull coordination for pulling up on random things like chairs, coffee table and couch.
  • Mesa is also an item pulled up on. Mesa is not too sure on how she feels about this one and has started to move out of the way when Tate-the-Terror comes crawling her way.
  • Walking is a big motivator for Tate. She LOVES when she can get someone to hold her two sweet hands and let her walk. What used to be tiny close together steps are now strides with purposeful movement.
  • She has caused some frustration on her walking helpers by her choice to STOP the walking action for a little dancing in place action. Tate is still a crazy dancer. She will move to the music she hears or just stop and dances.
  • Tate's life is full of older kids... walking fun older kids and Tate wants to be part of their play. You can see the envy on her face when she see the fun. I am sure I will have a walker in no time.
  • Language and sounds are exploding around here. Tate will try the first sound of words like..... PPPPPP when I say pretty. SSSSSSSSSSS when she hears anything that starts with a S. She is practicing with the back of her throat.... Sucking in air and growling. I hear her practicing all the time from her crib and car seat. My girl likes to perfect her sounds before she showcases it to the world.
  • Not sure I like the discovery of the tongue which sticks out a lot. I know the four new top teeth coming in needs exploring and is helping this tongue involvement.
  • Teeth are popping out on top. She is getting four at one time. Even with her teething discomfort, Tate is still a HAPPY baby.
  • Since being in daycare, Tate is much more snugly with me. She will sometimes wake in the wee hours of the morning just to snuggle for a few minutes and then back to sleep. I am sure she is loving her time in daycare, but still misses me. I am so glad she is having a tearless time in daycare but wants her momma too.

crawl 001

This is the way I have baby proofed this sudden quick crawling baby. While she naps today, I will be moving stuff and making it baby friendly.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Cannot get enough of some sweet momma Tate snuggles....





Somewhere along my long journey of adoption, I heard that it was a tradition for a Chinese child to wear a tiger hat on their first birthday.... I just might be way off on this tradition, but for me, I had to do it for Tate's first birthday....



Not liking to wear her FIRST birthday fancy hat.....


Thursday, August 20, 2009


First birthday cake....

Ahhhhh.... she is such a delicate picker....



Tate found the plate "bothersome" and ditched it pretty quickly....






This was such a FUN time watching Tate and her first birthday cake............

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have been shooting Tate with my purse size point and shoot since I first met her. I have noticed lately MOST of my shots have been out of focus. I am thinking it is because Tate is always in motion.... I am now shooting with my Canon Rebel... it seems to catch the action much better.

My life has been more than HECTIC the last two weeks.... Because of family members being on vacation, we postponed Tate's 1st birthday to Monday August 17 (hey, she doesn't know the difference!).... I cannot wait to see Tate attack her cake with all her Tate-exuberance. She is such a delightful personality!

I love Tate's hair like this... ahhhhh, the bedhead!!!
love this 2
This is the face that greets me when I walk into the room....


love this
The landing.

love this 3

love this 4

love this 5

It has been cold around here lately.... I have the hardest time keeping socks on Tate's feet. She seems to think that toes should be bare. Even if they are frozen toes.... I was able to sneak these piggie slippers on her feet while she was "jumping". The minute she was out of her jumper, she had those piggies OFF.


How cute are these piggie slippers on my girl???

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tonight as Tate lays her head down to sleep, on the other side of the world Tate's birth mother awakes. To me, Tate's momma, this is the night before my baby's first birthday. To Tate's China momma, it is the last day she felt the sweetness of our baby. I will never know the circumstances that surrounded Tate abandonment. With a heavy heart for China momma's loss, I feel the JOY of being blessed to be Tate's momma.

SLEEP SOUNDLY SWEET TATE... tomorrow when you awake, you will be ONE!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Tate and I both survived our first day away from each other. Tate knew something was up this morning when I got her ready and out the door way earlier than her normal. She happily went to Lindsay but turned and wanted me back. I told Lindsay I did not know what to do. Her good advice, "Hug her and leave".... So I did.

Tate did as well as expected. Cried for 10 minutes before her first nap, wanted to feed herself (she prefers me to feed her) but LOVED having the other kids to watch and learn from. I swear she seems older after eight hours!

ME??? I could not stop thinking of her. My arms craved her. Her sweet little smile just lite up when she saw me. My heart skipped a beat and then it BURST. I swear, I kissed her so many times her cheeks are now chapped.... Dang it if she is napping now .... I'm hoping this will be a quick nap!

Job??? I will be teaching special education part-time in an elementary school. Exciting and scary change, but such an amazing job when you are a single momma.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Tomorrow starts the beginning of a whole new chapter in Tate and my life together. I am starting a new job and she is starting in daycare. I will talk about the new job later in the week. Tate will be staying this Monday and Thursday for 8 hrs while I am in a workshop, with her buddy and our neighbor Lindsay and Gwennie (2.5 yrs old) Lindsay will be having a little boy in November. I just feel that this is the best situation for my sweet active girl. Tate has been hanging out with momma, Lindsay and Gwennie all summer long. Hopefully there will not be any tears on her part. Me???? Most definitely tears!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Stuff with Tate are exploding around here....

  • Tate has always been a busy girl. Always observant, always wiggling. Lately, her wiggling has met purpose. She is still not crawling, but will sit on her toosh and scoot from place to place.
  • Tomorrow I have an appointment to her Tate to be assessed by Early Childhood Intervention. I am sure they will give me some pointers on how to get my gal crawling and walking.
  • In her bed she is one wild sleeper. In the past, she would sleep on her back and her left side. Now I will find her on her tummy on the opposite side of her bed. She seems to prefer sleeping on her tummy.
  • We are big into the "OH OH" drop game. She will say "OH OH" when she is ready to drop food in her high chair. Mesa loves this kind of "OH OH" game. Me?? Not liking it to much when I am trying to drive and have a sweet baby dropping toys.
  • Tate has always been real social. In church the other day, she saw her friends Tiffany, Liza and Sollie. She flapped her arms saying hi so hard it looked like she was about to take flight.
  • Tate is into smacking lip kissing. She will give momma a kiss when requested. Sometimes the smacking happens after contact and I get an open slobber mouth, but all kisses are cherished my me.
  • We have an activity center that Tate's Fairy Godmother gave her. It is full of fun things and a musical keyboard for playing. It is also a bouncy thingy. In the past, Tate has loved the musical component on this center. Today, she could not get enough of some WILD jumping.
  • I really think it is just a matter of weeks before she is crawling all over the house.