Saturday, August 29, 2009


First some pictures of my girl, then a little update on her milestones and her life.....

crawl 002

crawl 005

  • Tate is 20.6 lbs and 29.5 inches. She no longer is on formula and HATES baby food. She will gum most anything and prefers ME to feed her. In daycare she like to feed herself.
  • When I first met Tate in China she could barely sit up without toppling over. She also would not roll from front to back, etc. She was strong, but not too motivated to move around. I will say that the amount of people loving on her did not help this. We wanted to carry her and love on her. Fast forward to the month of August. Tate is now a one year old and hanging out with a 2 1/2 yr old girl and a 19 month old boy while momma is at work. Amazing what a little peer pressure will do for a girl.
  • We have a crawler!!! For the first few weeks, she would do this crawl on one knee and sit-scoot on the other knee action. Real cute but not too affective for getting around quickly. I totally missed out of getting a video of this. SUDDENLY she now has learned to do the traditional crawl AND FAST.
  • Not too sure how long this crawling gig will last. Tate is pulling up on things. At nap time I am greeted with a STANDING SMILING girl! She is trying to figure out the footing and pull coordination for pulling up on random things like chairs, coffee table and couch.
  • Mesa is also an item pulled up on. Mesa is not too sure on how she feels about this one and has started to move out of the way when Tate-the-Terror comes crawling her way.
  • Walking is a big motivator for Tate. She LOVES when she can get someone to hold her two sweet hands and let her walk. What used to be tiny close together steps are now strides with purposeful movement.
  • She has caused some frustration on her walking helpers by her choice to STOP the walking action for a little dancing in place action. Tate is still a crazy dancer. She will move to the music she hears or just stop and dances.
  • Tate's life is full of older kids... walking fun older kids and Tate wants to be part of their play. You can see the envy on her face when she see the fun. I am sure I will have a walker in no time.
  • Language and sounds are exploding around here. Tate will try the first sound of words like..... PPPPPP when I say pretty. SSSSSSSSSSS when she hears anything that starts with a S. She is practicing with the back of her throat.... Sucking in air and growling. I hear her practicing all the time from her crib and car seat. My girl likes to perfect her sounds before she showcases it to the world.
  • Not sure I like the discovery of the tongue which sticks out a lot. I know the four new top teeth coming in needs exploring and is helping this tongue involvement.
  • Teeth are popping out on top. She is getting four at one time. Even with her teething discomfort, Tate is still a HAPPY baby.
  • Since being in daycare, Tate is much more snugly with me. She will sometimes wake in the wee hours of the morning just to snuggle for a few minutes and then back to sleep. I am sure she is loving her time in daycare, but still misses me. I am so glad she is having a tearless time in daycare but wants her momma too.

crawl 001

This is the way I have baby proofed this sudden quick crawling baby. While she naps today, I will be moving stuff and making it baby friendly.


LiLi said...

Great updates! She's busy, growing and developing! How's work? Do you like teaching? I look forward to updates on that too

Abby's Mom said...

She is just so precious!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Tate is tooo cute..
Sounds like she is getting around and getting into things..
She is really doing well..
love her little outfit.. where did you get those...
Have a great weekend..
Thanks for the update..

Donna said...

Sounds like Tate is totally thriving. Isn't it fun to watch her develop?!

Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like she is doing absolutely amazing! Love the updates!

laurel said...

If she gets any cuter, waht will we do? Congrats on the crawling. THe baby proofing made me smile!

Tabitha said...

LOL! I know somone who specializes in baby proofing! (ME) Call me anytime! Smile!

Ladybugsmom said...

I wonder if this unique crawl is a Poyang thing our little one did the same thing forever and didn't walk until 15 months 2nd day of daycare...peer pressure for sure. She is so adorable.

plainjane said...

Your Tate is the most beautiful baby. I first saw her on the Poyang site, but had lost your website address until today. I had written to you once asking for pictures of Tate smiling as in the ones I had seen of her in China with Zelan? she seemed so somber.
Wow, how things have changed.
I have loved seeing all of your wonderful pictures of her and of you and her.
I laughed at your recounting the tale of someone asking you if she spoke English (at 10 mos,). You had the perfect answer. Maybe she thought as a speech and language specialist, you could just confer the language on her.
My grandaughter, Grace Ni (Bo Ni) just turned two last Monday, and she's talking up a storm. She also likes music and dancing. For her birthday she received a small grand-piano. She has taken to playing a tune for us and then standing and taking a bow.
I saw Circe mentioned that there are three babies needing homes through Half the Sky. I went to their web site but couldn't find anything about the babies. What is that about?
I want to tell you again that I love seeing how happy you and Tate are.