Saturday, February 05, 2011


28 mos_04 07 01_1322 cailou

Caillou is paralleling our lives. The two could be a sitcom.

  • last night Tate yells out “GILBERT where are you?”  For those not knowing who Gilbert is…. he is Caillou’s sometimes naughty cat.
  • lucky me, now whenever we get in the car, Tate will continuously ask “are we there yet” and will remind me that “this is what Caillou said to his mommy.”
  • Caillou’s theme sing haunts me… Tate will belt it out at random times.
  • Caillou is four years old… the just barely two and a half year old Tate thinks she is four too. 
  • a fire engine raced past us in the car the other day.  Sirens and lights.  This brought on a ten minutes conversation of remembering Caillou had am encounter with a fire engine AND a fireman at play school.
  • She is planning on marrying Caillou!!!!  I am hoping their kids look like her.