Saturday, February 05, 2011


28 mos_04 07 01_1322 cailou

Caillou is paralleling our lives. The two could be a sitcom.

  • last night Tate yells out “GILBERT where are you?”  For those not knowing who Gilbert is…. he is Caillou’s sometimes naughty cat.
  • lucky me, now whenever we get in the car, Tate will continuously ask “are we there yet” and will remind me that “this is what Caillou said to his mommy.”
  • Caillou’s theme sing haunts me… Tate will belt it out at random times.
  • Caillou is four years old… the just barely two and a half year old Tate thinks she is four too. 
  • a fire engine raced past us in the car the other day.  Sirens and lights.  This brought on a ten minutes conversation of remembering Caillou had am encounter with a fire engine AND a fireman at play school.
  • She is planning on marrying Caillou!!!!  I am hoping their kids look like her.


Virginia said...

She is growing so fast and is just plain adorable! Sounds like she's really talking up a storm now and she seems so smart, too.

Gin =)

Blain & Maggie said...

I am all too familar with the Cailou theme song and characters since at one time that was a big favorite of Lindsey's. I had to LOL about the part where Tate plans to marry Cailou and you hope the kids look more like Tate. I could never figure out why a four year old character would be bald.

The Brown Family said...

I'm cracking up that Tate wants to marry Caillou- and for sure the kids would need to look like her. I'm with Blain&Maggie in wondering why he is BALD! Tate's generous thick hair should shape up the gene pool for them, though.

And can I say how much I LOVE that pink kitchen? I remember when you bought it!


Circe said...

Yes, I remember the good old days before I banned that whiny, bald freak from my house. If Tate likes him, though, I like him too. :) She is a cutie!

Ani said...

Love, love, love her pigtails! Such a cutie. Caillou is a big hit arount these here parts, too.

Debbie said...

Too cute!!! She has grown up so much since the last post!!! Our babies are growing up FAST!! BTW-What kitchen set does Tate have??

Lisa and Tate said...

Debbie... Pink Kitchen is the retro from Kid Kraft. I think I ordered it from Costco....

Shannon said...

She is a riot! Oh that smile, that hair! Love her to pieces! Wish you both were closer. Hope you are doing well. Hugs.

laurel said...

I don't know if she will get to marry Caillou with out a fight. Maylin adores, loves, worships, thinks he is the cats meow too....I could go on.

Aren't they fun!

montu said...

Absolutely Truth. I have a 3 yrs old niece. Same feeling.

Tabitha said...

I HATE that stupid show!!!

Sean and Mic said...

I have not been good about blog reading in months, but I dies laughing when I finally checked in on you and your adorable girl with your thoughts on Caillou! My three and a half year old loves him, too- and has been hooked on him for about a year. He drives me crazy, with his super earnest, JOhnny do-gooder attitude! :>) But I guess our kiddos are picking up some good things from him. And what is with the baldness? His theme song gets stuck in my head for days on end, and makes me want to poke my eye out! :>)
Anyway, funny, funny post.
Also, so sorry to hear about Mesa. I am a Golden Mama, too- and we had to put out first one down just 9 months after coming home from China. It was literally the worst day I have ever had. And anyone who says you will not love your dog as much, once you bring home your baby, obviously has never owned or loved a Golden.
She was a beautiful dog, and I am sure she will be much missed by you and Tate.

Kelli said...

my god where have I been? I can't believe how big (and Gorgeous!) a girl Tate is becoming!
I promise to be better about checking in- she is just a cutie! Love that hair!
Sorry to hear the sad news about Mesa :( It's tough to lose sweet old friends- especially of the golden kind...they are extra sweet.
hugs to you all-
Kelli & Maddie & Jeremy