Thursday, April 30, 2009


What a difference a day makes!!! This is what greeting me on my email today. Ann from Red Threads is truly a heaven sent.....

bo yu zhu3edit

bo yu zhu3edit1

bo yu zhu1

bo yu zhu2

bo yu zhu2edit

Do ya just love the stylin' hair do???

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


the hardest part of this wait for Tate is right now.

If you would have asked me one month ago what was the hardest thing I have done during this adoption, I would say without a doubt not knowing who she was. Where she was living, age, face.

Now I have a face to put on this wait. I examine the four pictures that are my treasure ... pictures of TATE'S FACE that shows me her sweet lips, the indention just under the nose. I see that little bud on the middle of her top lip. The sweet little bud that is so prevalent in newborns. I see the ever so slight droop on the top of her ears. The ears that I am dying to see. A mess of coal black hair.

I want to breathe in my baby, to nibble, snuggle, and adore.

Still so many questions.... All my information is from four months ago. How much has she grown and changed? Does she still have that brightness in her smiling eyes or has life in an orphanage changed that? Is she getting enough to eat? Tender loving care?

Word on the mean streets of IA (International Adoption) is that this Swine Flu scare will most likely put a 20-30 day or so stop to the TA (Travel Approval) for Tate. I had hoped to be traveling mid May. Not sure when I will be traveling.

Prayers to the heavens will be going out from many homes worldwide.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tate's history.

A few highlights about my gal. These are actual quotes from the translation.
  • We named her Yuzhu (Tate's Chinese name) means a beautiful plant, hoping the baby will become a pretty girl when she grows up.
  • At the beginning when she arrived, the little baby appeared to have a very calm demeanor. She didn’t cry much nor was she grouchy. (cute to use the word grouchy).
  • She would smile and make some harmonic noises when you played with her.
  • She would act dancing-like when she was happy.
  • She would make laughter sounds when she saw people she was familiar with.
  • Little Yuzhu’s body is quite strong. She is rarely sick.
  • Let’s wish our baby a very happy and healthy growth.

Now when I gaze at the pictures of my gal, I can imagine her fun personality. She really is a great fit with our dancing-when-happy family that she will be joining. I am waiting to hear from Ann at Red Thread to get confirmation on Tate Yuzhu's care package being delivered and especially hoping that the updates will also include pictures of my girl.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Where Tate will lay her wee sweet head at night and play her days away... this room and in the rest of the Manor in Tateland.

This chair is the inspiration that started the decorating direction of the Kingdom. I wanted something comfy and bright.

09 04 22_0640

Crib is from a yard sale. I did buy a new mattress. The crib has a drawer under mattress. It will turn into a toddler bed. I am not planning on using the toddler bed option. When Tate is old enough for her big girl bed, I want a size I can climb in and read and snuggle with her. The bedding from Pottery Barn Kids (off of Ebay). I plan on buying some peasant prints in China or put up her name... something I made at the beginning of this wait for Tate.

This is what is in Tate's bed right now. I am sure most of the animals will be replaced with a real live sweet baby Tate. The sock monkey is something that my mom gave to me a long time ago. I think I was in middle school.


Another yard sale find.... Several coats of white paint and new handles and knobs, I have a changing table. I did spend more money on the three blue flowered knobs than I did on the cost of the dresser. After putting things in the drawers, I have decided to buy a regular dresser. Not planning on using this for changing.

Close-up of basket with basket line made by me.....

Saying on the wall...


This is the nine foot valance. I made this. Originally I planned to do a white wooden one with scallops. Instead decided to do something a little easier.... COUGH COUGH, the valance was a NIGHTMARE. Mostly because it is NINE FEET LONG. I did learn a lot of what to do if in a fit of insanity, decide to make another one at another time. Probably when H*ll freezes over.

Close up of the art hanger for the masterpieces made by Tate. As y'all know, I thought for sure Tate would be a toddler 18-24 months old. With this in mind, I put this up to hang all the artwork from pre-school.

An old china hutch that I restored for Tate's room. The buffet from this dining room set is painted black with pewter knobs and is hanging out in the dining room.

The side of the cabinet and what you see from the door way entering the kingdom. This is a growth chart that I bought from the Land of Nod. I love the whimsical feel of stuff from the Land of Nod.
Close up of the chart. The chart has butterfly, bug and flower stickers with birthdays on them. I always loved the idea of a growth chart for a child. Amazing how quickly kids grown and change.

At Christmas time I bought a kitchen set for Tate. After seeing it in person, I took it back. In my mind I have an exact thing I wanted for her. So glad I can buy this when Tate will be older and appreciate it so much more. Instead, I bought the rocking horse. This horse kind of freaks Mesa out... especially when it makes sounds and moves.


Closet in the Kingdom. This is the one in the room. Downstairs there is a room with another closet and bins full of larger sizes. Did I mention I thought Tate would be older, thus larger sizes. I have received gifts of adorable smaller sizes. Tate will not be naked. She does have more clothes but not hung.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Kim Kramer was my secret pal in the March LID group. I remember how I almost did not join the March group because I KNEW my LID was wrong. On a whim I joined the group and jumped right on board with the Secret Pal fun.

Each and every month would arrive the cutest packages revealing inside fun, thoughtful and generous gifts. The first month I sent off my gift I thought, "Okay I did good", UNTIL I received my secret pal gift. I was blown away! So taking an example of this, I tried and I say tried to emulate the amazinginess of the packaging and the gifts I was receiving. People like family and friends, were amazed at such cuteness. My mom would drive 30 miles from her home to mine just to see the details in the packaging and gifts. After 12 months (or so) we revealed ourselves. I had grown to know and love Kim through her blog and comments on mine and other blogs. Of course, since she was my secret pal, I was so into everything I could gleam about her. In that fun December month was the big reveal. I let KIM KRAMER know that I was her secret pal and she, well ,SHE WAS MY secret pal!

The gift thoughtfulness did not stop there.... On my 5oth (yes, my fifty-th) birthday she once again blew me away.

Mesa was never forgotten in these packages either. Always Treats and Toys.... It almost got to a point that any package that came to the door she KNEW there was something for her.

Now that we see the sweet face of Tate, once again we were blessed with the love and generosity of Kim and Mike Kramer.

I talked about the cute packaging.... Here is a prime example to which I do speak. As you can see, these are silver matching bracelets. One for MOM and one for Tate. The bracelets came in these take out containers.... Mesa's came in her own doggie bag.

Close-up of Tate's

And mine. Matching momma and Tate bracelets.... I am wearing mine already. Sorry, cannot wait for Tate. She will be wearing hers ASAP.

Take a look at this outfit! Could you just die over the cuteness of this? I can see those sweet little soft baby shoulders and legs peeking out of this dress. I can imagine that beautiful face of my Tate under the hat. SO so so so CUTE!

Now Mesa, she is nothing but trouble with her gifts. Somehow she thinks that since she has these two cool new balls, well, she needs me to play with her and these balls NON-STOP. She has been enticing me with the shear fun-ness of these balls by dropping them right in my path, tripping me and causing some pretty naughty Utah swear words.
Oh Kim, you never seize to touch me with your sweetness and thoughtfulness! You and I are sharing Tate until you see the beautiful face of Emma.


(picture from referral package--about 4 mos old)

Just a little something about my girl....

On Decemeber 26 2008.... and in the referral.....

  • weighed on 6.5 kg or 14.3 lbs and height 60 cm or 23 3/4 inches

  • deep sleeper

  • she is active and restless

  • likes music

  • like playing games and with toys

  • has a ready smile (evident in above picture)

  • reported to have "sensitive skin".... cries when feather or hair touches it

  • will cry at strangers. (I think this means that she has had someone she has bonded to and has stranger anxiety)

  • is closest to caregiver


  • 7.5 kg or 16.5 lbs and height 71 cm or 28 inches

  • now she can sit up by herself

  • starting to talk!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today I ordered Tate's care package through Red Thread China. I have heard such amazing things about Ann from Red Thread and the services that are given.

After reading and hearing from the Poyang SWI group, I decided NOT to send something personal from me. I wanted Tate to get her stuff as soon as possible. I also wanted this package to be delivered right into the hands of the SWI staff. Selfishly, I loved the possibility that I just might get pictures and the assurance of update information. I did order the PJ package and added additional treats and tea. I requested in my letter that the SWI keep all stuff for the other children except for the camera. That camera will be priceless to me.

This feeling of actually actively do something for my gal is empowering.

I have so much catch-up to do with this blog.... all about Tate, nursery, referral day activities, and the gifts from the most amazing SECRET PAL ever!!! Kim, I just LOVED your gift!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I have been stretched on my couch with the laptop balanced, oh so wobbly, for hours and hours. EACH.AND.EVERY.NIGHT.I am searching for any information that would fill this huge void I feel because of the lack of information for my Tate. Somewhere I am hoping there is a family who traveled to PoYang (August 08-recent) and might have some pictures of Tate... AKA Bo YuZhu.

If I could tear myself away from this laptop, I just might head to the store for some ice cream. Funny thing is, I am not that big a fan of ice cream. Instead I am on the Internet searching so much that my hand is tingly and numb.

I did have a not so slight meltdown this afternoon. I am a bundle of emotions. So tired and overwhelmed.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So much happenin'

  • Miracles really do happen....My agency is actually trying to get updates on the size of Tate. Sounds like I should be able to find this information, just "iffy" on the pictures. I can live with that.
  • I have a suspicious patch of possible skin cancer just above my eyebrow on the left side. Oh glory, can only imagine I will have a huge scab for all the gotcha/ metcha day pictures. Not worried about the skin cancer patch, I have had one once before and my mom has had several of them.
  • I am in the middle of a root canal re-do. Should get my final treatment on May 10.
  • Happily got word that possible travel will be between May 10th thru 20th. This could be in less than one month. I better reschedule that final root canal appointment.
  • Tate's paperwork is being re-interpreted. I feel guarded about falling in love with all the cute stuff she is reported to be doing.... "sucking on fingers, rolling over". Just protecting my tender heart on this one.
  • Really wondering if I am doing something wrong with the required paperwork that I should be taking to China. There seems to be a lot of chatter on what a pain it is, so far it has been just copying stuff that is easily available in files. When stuff like that happens, I start to worry I am missing something.
  • The nursery still is no done. Not sure if I will have it completed before Tate takes off to Harvard.
  • One of the favorites purchase so far was buying my first box of diapers... I am opting for size 3. Figure if she is smaller than the 16lbs, she will quickly grow into them. I know this excitement will pass when buying diapers is a common purchase around this place.
  • Have not even started the packing process. I did buy some infant Tylenol and Motrin though.

Time is running away at record speed. If time continues to run at this pace, I should be hopping a plane to China.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


At least that is how I am starting to feel. While all other bloggers are sending care packages, getting updates on their new daughters, I am still waiting for my referral documents to be translated. Yes.... after many calls to my agency, I finally did get emailed the documents. No FedEx moment for the life book. Funny (actually not so funny) thing is, in the initial information Tate's birthday is August 13. In the translated stuff, it gives her birthday as August 1. Another discrepancy is the name. In her initial information her name is Bo Yuzhu.. in the translated documents there is another name. I am assuming there was a mix up among the ten documents that was translated at the same time. I can handle this, but when I ask the agency about this, I get Nada. I asked about sending a care package and was told I cannot send a package. When I asked if we can request updates on size and weight and hopefully pictures, another NO. So do I send a care package with both names on the stuff??? Once I establish her name she is know by in the SWI, do I pay a service for update information?

What this all means to me is.. total frustration. This is the time I should be blissfully working on getting things together for this monumental life changing time of my life.

I am blissfully happy with gazing at my gal, though.


Of Alyzabeth An's half birthday favorite things give away. From the beginning I have followed the journey to and the last 6 months of Alyzabeth An being home with her forever family. What a beautiful and delightful gal.....

How fun to have a family tradition of giving away something on her half birthday. I am always looking to add to our family traditions, so this just might make the new family tradition list.

These are the things that I received for Tate from Alyzabeth An. Fun thing, the day after I gazed on Tate's face, I received this package in the mail..... I could not believe that I had a face that I could imagine using all these cute Toddler stuff.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


She is a YOUNG ONE.

I am just trying to come down to earth on this whole momma gig. Both mentally and around the Kingdom, I have been preparing for at least an 18 month toddler. The last few months I just KNEW that Tate was a three year old. Yes, oh YES, this age thing has totally rocked my world. I now have a whole new set of things to think about. Formula, bottles. rear facing car seat, toys, clothes, schedules, day care..... I am lovin' the idea that I will be there for so many of her FIRSTS. Including her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Oh yeah, I am sure my gal loves a party as much as I do.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


In all her Tate-r-licious-ness....



She's grinning with anticipation of joining in on all the fun of her new FAMILY!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Just a quick note....


Bo Yu ZHU (sp???)

To be know as Tate Solfrid (Chinese name) (Our last name)

She is living in the PoYang SWI in the Jiangxi Provence.

She was born on August 13 2008.... Almost 8 months old!

Can hardly breathe.

I will have the actual pictures tomorrow but have a fax copy of 4 grinning lots of hair photos!!!

More details to follow.....

Friday, April 03, 2009


I got up early to check if there was any news on RQ... NADA, so I went back to bed. What a difference a few more hours make in this wild ride of IA. People are getting calls!!!

Thankfully my agency directors should be back in town today. Unfortunately, they will not get the package for a few more days.....

  • DHL does not deliver to their area.

  • DHL will deliver to Las Vegas.

  • Someone in LV will put the referrals into a certified package and MAIL vis US Postal.

  • Once it is delivered, THEN I WILL GET THE CALL!!!

I am not expecting the call until MONDAY. I will try to relax and enjoy all the cute babies of others.

So my next post will be TATE!!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


ENOUGH already..... Bring on the referrals, please?