Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tate's history.

A few highlights about my gal. These are actual quotes from the translation.
  • We named her Yuzhu (Tate's Chinese name) means a beautiful plant, hoping the baby will become a pretty girl when she grows up.
  • At the beginning when she arrived, the little baby appeared to have a very calm demeanor. She didn’t cry much nor was she grouchy. (cute to use the word grouchy).
  • She would smile and make some harmonic noises when you played with her.
  • She would act dancing-like when she was happy.
  • She would make laughter sounds when she saw people she was familiar with.
  • Little Yuzhu’s body is quite strong. She is rarely sick.
  • Let’s wish our baby a very happy and healthy growth.

Now when I gaze at the pictures of my gal, I can imagine her fun personality. She really is a great fit with our dancing-when-happy family that she will be joining. I am waiting to hear from Ann at Red Thread to get confirmation on Tate Yuzhu's care package being delivered and especially hoping that the updates will also include pictures of my girl.


Lisa~~ said...

How great to finally get more info on your little cutie.

Jboo said...

Great to receive news about your little sweetie! Best wishes for speedy travel!


Linda said...

Glad you have a dancing, happy girl... We all need happy in our lives. I'm crossing my fingers you receive updated photo's from Ann. Donna received photos and more info on Lauren from Ann.
Cannot wait to follow our journey to Tate in China..... Linda

Suzie said...

How exciting to learn more about your girl! Can't wait to see the smiles when you become familiar to her :o)

kris said...

oh what GREAT NEWS!!!! falling in love over and over is the best thing, isn't it?

Kayce said...

If she's harmonic, then she will definitely fit in with your dance when happy family!! What a wonderful bit of news for you.

PIPO said...

Glad you got new info...what fun!

Love the new look around here too.

Susie said...

Yay for updated info. I really hope this stupid pig flu doesn't affect your travel. If it does I'll be made for you, okay?

laurel said...

How wonderful!

The Brown Family said...

Yeah! We have been gone to attachment camp for a week in the mountains (who knew that there are still places that have absolutely NO cell phone coverage??) so I am frantically trying to catch up on all this great TATE news!

The Chinese character for zhu may mean bamboo (you'll have to check but I'm curious because the translation said plant). Our Pearl's nickname at the orphanage was Ahtzo, which means bamboo in Cantonese.

Our guide told us that this is a great name because there is a Chinese saying that says No matter what the weather is, the bamboo will always grow tall and strong.