Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas was amazing this year as it is every year. Norwegian Christmas Eve at my parents house and an American Christmas Day at my brothers..... Still a magical time with yummmmmo food, family and decoration. This year we had a shockingly wonderful surprise... the unplanned drop-in Christmas visit from my sister, Kelly and family all the way from Tampa Florida..... Oh how priceless was the look on my father's face as he opened the door AND fell against the wall. There was not a face that did not have tears streaming. We are a sentimental and emotional family.... both the males and females. Oh man, I love this about my family!

The family is all sledding in the fresh snow in the mountains right now. I am dealing with the stomach flu.

My heart is all a flutter reading on RQ that rumors for referrals will go thru Feb 28 2006. If this is true, there will be only 6 more days to get thru before they hit my LID day of March 7 2006. I am thinking March just might be my month!???!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Four more days until Christmas... I have not done a thing..... NOT A THING!!! Not avoiding it, boycotting it, or mourning it. Just have been too sidetrack with the nesting preparations for Tate and working comp time saving for the maternity leave.

  • No decorations.... well, I did slap up a red berry wreath on the front door the day after Thanksgiving. This counts, doesn't it???
  • Christmas cards not done...
  • Baking???? Oh man I love the baking but I have really scaled down this year. I will be doing only my Gussy's Goop in bags for neighbors. NO fudge, English toffee, caramels, black licorice, What??? I said not FUDGE??? I will rethink the fudge.
  • I have shopped, wrapped and mailed to Iraq, New Jersey, Minnesota and Florida. This much I have done.

So those who usually get cards, treats, gifts from Me.... I promise, there will be next year when I have another little person to consider. Christmas cards with a family picture... decorations to delight.... baking to share.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This past weekend I was hanging and partay-ing with the "spirited" Twinkle Toe, much to my joy and annoyance. You see, Twinkle Toes is the youngest of four kids AND has auditioned and MADE a performing dance group with gals at least two - four years older. She takes three classes of jazz and one class of ballet per week with these "older" girls. The mix of a nine year old body and emotions, being the youngest of four and hanging with older kids makes for an at times annoying kid but also a delightful one as well.

On our way to the (pictured above) party, we passed a Santa know a place to sit on Santa's lap and make wishes. It must have been Santa's break time and Santa was leaving this house just as Twinkle Toes and I were passing. At first sighting, TT sprung to attention, grinned from ear to ear and WAVED like there was no tomorrow. After we passed the Claus, she sat back on her seat with such a look of thoughtful satisfaction. After a few seconds, she wanted my confirmation that Santa saw her and would have noticed her grinning face and loving wave..... Yes Twinkle Toes, duly noted, Santa Claus is more than aware of you this year!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


One more month closer to my gal TATE!!!

Speaking of dust...

Projects are getting done around here!!! Just finishing up the major closet re-do in the "master suite", cough cough, I say tongue in cheek. I will be moving on to Tate's closet in the Kingdom, soon. This part will be exciting and so revealing since all the stuff collected in three years have been put in either storage boxes or hung haphazardly in the basement bedroom closet. I will post pictures of all closets... SOON!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Lucky me... Today for a few hours her princess-ness visited Tate's Kingdom**. Princess Eliza gave her royal nod of approval at my peasant's attempt to create Tate's kingdom. One that is fit for an true Asian princess.

FYI.... Did you know that princess' need to have coordination accessories like pink bowls and cups??? If you have a princess willing to use conflicting colors, you know you have an imposter princess.

**I am hoping to get Tate's Kingdom done and photographed and posted before Christmas.

Friday, November 28, 2008


SANTA just bought Tate's Christmas present!!!

I just love this whole sweet set... plus it has tons of storage space for the dishes and fake food I have been and will continue to collect...

The sweet Asian model helps envision Tate playing with this....

Friday, November 21, 2008


Bringing information on via the bullets.... LOVE IT!!!

  • Last night's "Christmas" party was fun... strange to be celebration Christmas early but way fun catching up with my gourmet gals...
  • I am living in a state of chaos right now.... My life has been taken over by Frank. Frank is the handyman I have hired to get some of my "projects" done. He likes to start early, 8:30 which is early for me since I work late and get in bed at 1:00 am, and is quite the fine dust maker. Even though doors are shut off, fan is on, and things are covered up, there is a fine dust everywhere.
  • Projects happenin' is all in preparation for my sweet thing, Tate. The closet in the "laughing referred to" Master room is being opened up and customed. This old house had ONE closet in the original floor plan.. in my room. I have been using the closet in Tate's room since I added a closet at the time of finishing off this room. Why all the dust and mess??? The length of this closet is 6.5 feet. The closet opening is 2 feet. Frank is cutting a 5.5 foot opening into a weight baring wall. I will be be painting and customizing the shelves and rods.
  • SCORE!!! Saturday night I am being taken to see Twilight..... a pleasant surprise!
  • This Saturday is the BIG football rivalry between the University of Utah (UofU) and Brigham Young University (BYU). AKA the Heathens vs the Mormons. This is HUGE around here.... HUGE, I tell you. I am a graduate from the U of U. I am a heathen- and proud.
  • Reality has hit me when I realize the age of my parents. How often do you look at your parents through your youthful eyes. Do you notice how OLD they really are??? Last week my 78 (soon to be 79) dad cleaned out my rain gutters. HE INSISTED!!! Up and down the ladder he went with purpose. As he stood up at the top working, I had the chance to really look at him. HE is getting old, but what a sweetheart to get up on that ladder and help out his little girl. I am thinking he also looks at me through youthful eyes and sees his baby girl.
  • I am getting bids on refinishing my hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms. Another dust project in the making. Last October I pulled up the carpet and padding to discover this buried treasure. Yes... this is all in preparation for Tate. Not sure of my rationalizing on this one.
  • I will not be decoration for Christmas this year. Just too busy living in a mess of dust and organizing... Next year with Tate in my life, I will deck the halls.

Monday, November 17, 2008


What is it this year with all this pre Thanksgiving Christmas stuff??? On at least three separate radio stations Christmas music is blasting..... ALL.DAY.LONG. I am driving my car in silence.

This Thursday NOVEMBER 2oth I will be attending my first Christmas party..... CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!! I would boycott this party IF I didn't love the people throwing it soooooo much. At a loss with what to wear for this party? Something yummy Autumny-Thanksgiving inspired duds or a shimmering sparkle Christmas frock???? Perhaps my old stand-by sweats.....

TOO EARLY for all this Christmas stuff!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


This might seem strange, but somehow it feels so right. Each Christmas since being LID Santa has been buying a significant Christmas gift for my gal. Santa needs to buy this. It makes Tate seem real. Two years ago Santa bought Tate An American Girl doll Bitty Baby... the one with fair skin, black hair and almond shaped eyes including the starter kit. Last year Tate was given a whole slew of Fisher Price Little People stuff.... The Farm and Sweet Sounds House. This year?? I am not so sure. Calling Santa's name is the Pottery Barn Kids play kitchen in pink. But really, should Santa be spending about $500 on this??? A wise friend advised me that when Tate will be old enough for this kitchen, some little gal will have outgrown her need for the kitchen... thus a Craig's list find. Maybe another year Santa will give that to my sweet gal, Tate.

Now for those who are thinking that Tate will be bombarded with toys, let me tell you she will receive such items at occasions which would be appropriate. Really what people should be worried about is the kissing and snuggling and carrying and adoration she will be bombarded with from her waiting momma, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and her personal snuggle puppy. It has been a long wait not only for me but for all the family and friends.

The other day my brother looked at me and said point blank...."when are we going to China to get that baby???" Really, when???

This brings me to something that I am so mad at my self for doing..... Freaking out when I had the dossier all ready to go December 1 2005.... it was like a panic thing. I knew that once the papers left my hands there was no turning back. IF I would have thrown all caution to the wind back then, I would have been LID mid Dec 2005.... Those Dec 2005 LIDers have been home for over a year with their gals..... I would be walking the walk and not talking the talk. I am so ready to start experiencing my life as I have always dreamed..... As a mother.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I don't even know where to start with this trip.
I have a new camera (Cannon Rebel XTI). I have not had the time to learn all the cool things this camera can do, so I relied on auto mode. I also wanted to photo shop the pictures popping the colors even more brilliantly. Sadly, no time for this either...... so what you see is in raw form. Still Paris is so beautiful that any picture taken cannot do her justice.

Our trip to Paris was a quick one. We were suppose to land in Paris at 11 am on Friday.... unfortunately our flight was about 7 hours late putting us at our hotel on the Champs-Elysees in the evening. We did walk the "Champs" finding a place to eat, gaze at the Arc de Triomphe at night and take in the energy of all the people walking the boulevard. The original plan was to see the Louvre when we first arrived because the Louvre is open late on Friday nights.....

Day One- we walked our little Nikes off......

  • Louvre

  • Tuileries- garden where the pigeon bombing occurred
  • Orangerie Museum- where Monet's water lilies can be seen
  • Marmottan Museum- tucked in a Parisian neighborhood

  • Eiffel Tower- to the middle section.... tip-top was closed

Day Two- blisters, sore muscles.... but still loving my trip.

  • Versailles- palace that all kings envy

Day Three- a little rain.... very atmospheric with glistening streets and umbrellas.

  • Notre-Dame- famed and cool but oh the crowds
  • Sainte-Chapelle- unbelievable stain glass windows
  • walking tour around streets Notre-Dame
  • Opera Garnier- where the Phantom of the Opera was based

I have to share a little funny... after flying forever, going through customs and a train ride to the subway, my flexes were a bit slow. On my back was a backpack loaded to the brim, hanging off the back was a neck pillow. Dragging along was my rolling duffel bag. As I approached the slots to enter the subway, I placed my rolling carrier in front thinking that when the doors opened I would push it through follow behind. This was my plan, but not in accordance with the fast time allotted for the open doors. Halfway through getting my body and back pack through, the doors promptly shut on my back pack, trapping me in these doors. There I stood, the over packed American, stuck in a Paris subway. I should have been mortified, but really, how comical not being able to move when busy Parisians were making their evening commutes home. Oh how I wish I could have had the sense to have a picture snapped at this sight.

I did stick to my original plan of shopping items..... CHOCOLATE and a red Beret for Tate.


Modern entrance of the Louvre.... If you read the book Da Vinci Code this place played significance in the story. I found this just fascinating.

Juxtaposition of modern and classic architecture

I have been in a lot of major museums in my life in both Europe as well as the USA ..... However, I had never been to the Louvre in the two precious visits to Paris. I did a quick walk through and hit the highlights..... I really wanted to be out of a stuffy crowded museum and out on the streets of Paris..... Someday I will return to the Louvre and take the time that I should.


The main lady herself Mona Lisa (1503-1506) ......

I cannot believe the 20 deep people around this tiny picture. I just held my camera over head and snapped a picture.

Venus de Milo, 100 B.C.

Winged Victory of Samothrace, 190 B.C.


This was the coronation of Napolean. I love the deep colors and the detail of this painting. Napolean's mom was not able to be at the coronation but Napolean had the painter add his mom sitting proudly in the balcony.

Reminded me of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican in Italy......

Heading towards our next museum and right before I was pooped bombed by the pigeon. In the distance you can see the Eiffel tower peeking out of the haze.


What can you say about the most recognized icon of Paris.... The Eiffel Tower. This is my second visit to the Eiffel, but my first time I actually stood in the line and rode the elevator to the middle section. I was dying to go to the tippety top, but sadly the top was closed. I guess there will have to be another visit to Paris to achieve my wish of view from the top.

Michelle and I tourist posing in front of the tower.

Carousel on the walk to E.T.

Across from the Seine River

This structure was so amazing. I took tons of pictures from all angles. I was so inspired by this structure, I have an "art project" brewing in mind for all the details I photographed.


I considered Paris the main meal of our trip, most definitely Versailles was the dessert. On Sunday we found ourselves off on a quick train ride out of Paris emerging ourselves in French history and elegance. I am not a historical buff and would not even attempt to re-tell the tales... instead enjoy the pictures.

Gilded gold gates greeted me the humble visitor at "every King's dream palace". Sundays are not the best day to chose for a visit because the crowds were brutal. This was my attempt of taking a picture of myself by holding the camera out. I thought it was funny so I posted this......

I love me a good water god statue.... this one just spoke to me. He was speaking French. so I am not sure what this water god said to me. This is my SIL, Michelle. The momma of Awesome, Smiley, Sparkle and Twinkle Toes. We had so much fun! Lucky us, we were able to see the fountains in the breathtakingly beautiful gardens of Versailles. We read in a travel book that the fountains would be off. For two hours the fountains were turned on and ceremoniously turned off in preparation for winter. LOVED IT!!!

We walked so much everyday. My poor feet were killing me, yet still I had to walk the garden until it was too dark to see. Thankfully there was a "train" that I was able to pay a kings fortune to ride up the miles of hill back to the palace and the train ride back to Paris.



You enter the church in the bottom level where the peasants would worship. If you were rich enough or aristocratic, you climbed a spiral stair to the main level. The whole chapel was panels of stain glass depicting scenes from the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.

Above is the pulpit where the rich worshipped... Stain glass surround.

Below where the peasants worshipped.... finely painted wood structures with some stain glass.
Upper Chapel below.....The blossom of stain glass.....

Notice the stars on the ceiling depicting the heavens.... compare the difference in the ceiling below where the peasants and servants would worship.....

This is the bottom of the Church and were the non-aristocrats worshipped. The ceiling had Florentines for the peasants to gaze up to during worship. Funny thing, they are right below the more aristocratic are worshipping in other words, they were gazing towards the wealthy.

Doorway on the upper Chapel......

It's all in the details......

Painted Pillars

Lock on one of the large doors


This is the Opera that inspired Phantom of the Opera......


The Grand Staircase above and one of the parlours below.

The true show was not what was provided on stage but the display from the upper crust... seeing the who's who, fashions and styles. Scandalous!

I fell in love with all the ceilings in this place..... some of the best artwork can be seen at the ceiling level on much of Paris buildings. Oh my crocked aching neck at the end of my stay at the Opera.


Congrats to all the new families who are seeing their sweet children for the first time today!!! As each month of referrals happen.... life just gets so joyful!!! Sooooooooo beyond happy and excited!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008



There is a story behind this. After spending some time in the Louvre, we started walking towards an Impressionistic museum, Orangerie. The walk was along a beautiful tree lined park. Out of nowhere I feel this splat on top of my head..... one of the bazillions of Parisian pigeons decided to christen me a true Parisian..... I was rescued from this grossness just as it was dripping towards my glasses.... gag!!!


We were strolling away from Notre Dame when it started to rain. We ducked into a souvenir shoppe to find our umbrellas and this is what I saw sitting on a shelf. I though how timely since I knew referrals were expected soon..... I am counting this as a sighting!