Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I considered Paris the main meal of our trip, most definitely Versailles was the dessert. On Sunday we found ourselves off on a quick train ride out of Paris emerging ourselves in French history and elegance. I am not a historical buff and would not even attempt to re-tell the tales... instead enjoy the pictures.

Gilded gold gates greeted me the humble visitor at "every King's dream palace". Sundays are not the best day to chose for a visit because the crowds were brutal. This was my attempt of taking a picture of myself by holding the camera out. I thought it was funny so I posted this......

I love me a good water god statue.... this one just spoke to me. He was speaking French. so I am not sure what this water god said to me. This is my SIL, Michelle. The momma of Awesome, Smiley, Sparkle and Twinkle Toes. We had so much fun! Lucky us, we were able to see the fountains in the breathtakingly beautiful gardens of Versailles. We read in a travel book that the fountains would be off. For two hours the fountains were turned on and ceremoniously turned off in preparation for winter. LOVED IT!!!

We walked so much everyday. My poor feet were killing me, yet still I had to walk the garden until it was too dark to see. Thankfully there was a "train" that I was able to pay a kings fortune to ride up the miles of hill back to the palace and the train ride back to Paris.