Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I don't even know where to start with this trip.
I have a new camera (Cannon Rebel XTI). I have not had the time to learn all the cool things this camera can do, so I relied on auto mode. I also wanted to photo shop the pictures popping the colors even more brilliantly. Sadly, no time for this either...... so what you see is in raw form. Still Paris is so beautiful that any picture taken cannot do her justice.

Our trip to Paris was a quick one. We were suppose to land in Paris at 11 am on Friday.... unfortunately our flight was about 7 hours late putting us at our hotel on the Champs-Elysees in the evening. We did walk the "Champs" finding a place to eat, gaze at the Arc de Triomphe at night and take in the energy of all the people walking the boulevard. The original plan was to see the Louvre when we first arrived because the Louvre is open late on Friday nights.....

Day One- we walked our little Nikes off......

  • Louvre

  • Tuileries- garden where the pigeon bombing occurred
  • Orangerie Museum- where Monet's water lilies can be seen
  • Marmottan Museum- tucked in a Parisian neighborhood

  • Eiffel Tower- to the middle section.... tip-top was closed

Day Two- blisters, sore muscles.... but still loving my trip.

  • Versailles- palace that all kings envy

Day Three- a little rain.... very atmospheric with glistening streets and umbrellas.

  • Notre-Dame- famed and cool but oh the crowds
  • Sainte-Chapelle- unbelievable stain glass windows
  • walking tour around streets Notre-Dame
  • Opera Garnier- where the Phantom of the Opera was based

I have to share a little funny... after flying forever, going through customs and a train ride to the subway, my flexes were a bit slow. On my back was a backpack loaded to the brim, hanging off the back was a neck pillow. Dragging along was my rolling duffel bag. As I approached the slots to enter the subway, I placed my rolling carrier in front thinking that when the doors opened I would push it through follow behind. This was my plan, but not in accordance with the fast time allotted for the open doors. Halfway through getting my body and back pack through, the doors promptly shut on my back pack, trapping me in these doors. There I stood, the over packed American, stuck in a Paris subway. I should have been mortified, but really, how comical not being able to move when busy Parisians were making their evening commutes home. Oh how I wish I could have had the sense to have a picture snapped at this sight.

I did stick to my original plan of shopping items..... CHOCOLATE and a red Beret for Tate.