Friday, November 21, 2008


Bringing information on via the bullets.... LOVE IT!!!

  • Last night's "Christmas" party was fun... strange to be celebration Christmas early but way fun catching up with my gourmet gals...
  • I am living in a state of chaos right now.... My life has been taken over by Frank. Frank is the handyman I have hired to get some of my "projects" done. He likes to start early, 8:30 which is early for me since I work late and get in bed at 1:00 am, and is quite the fine dust maker. Even though doors are shut off, fan is on, and things are covered up, there is a fine dust everywhere.
  • Projects happenin' is all in preparation for my sweet thing, Tate. The closet in the "laughing referred to" Master room is being opened up and customed. This old house had ONE closet in the original floor plan.. in my room. I have been using the closet in Tate's room since I added a closet at the time of finishing off this room. Why all the dust and mess??? The length of this closet is 6.5 feet. The closet opening is 2 feet. Frank is cutting a 5.5 foot opening into a weight baring wall. I will be be painting and customizing the shelves and rods.
  • SCORE!!! Saturday night I am being taken to see Twilight..... a pleasant surprise!
  • This Saturday is the BIG football rivalry between the University of Utah (UofU) and Brigham Young University (BYU). AKA the Heathens vs the Mormons. This is HUGE around here.... HUGE, I tell you. I am a graduate from the U of U. I am a heathen- and proud.
  • Reality has hit me when I realize the age of my parents. How often do you look at your parents through your youthful eyes. Do you notice how OLD they really are??? Last week my 78 (soon to be 79) dad cleaned out my rain gutters. HE INSISTED!!! Up and down the ladder he went with purpose. As he stood up at the top working, I had the chance to really look at him. HE is getting old, but what a sweetheart to get up on that ladder and help out his little girl. I am thinking he also looks at me through youthful eyes and sees his baby girl.
  • I am getting bids on refinishing my hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms. Another dust project in the making. Last October I pulled up the carpet and padding to discover this buried treasure. Yes... this is all in preparation for Tate. Not sure of my rationalizing on this one.
  • I will not be decoration for Christmas this year. Just too busy living in a mess of dust and organizing... Next year with Tate in my life, I will deck the halls.


LiLi said...

Hope all with Frank works out. Sounds like with Tiff & her neighbors expeeriences - you should ask upfront prices, etc. This has never been an issue for me but- I don't want it to be for you.

Go UTES! I am seeing Twilight tomorrow too- not because I really wanted to- but- a teenager I really love does - so- her excitement has gotten me interested.

Ava's family said...

I have my own Frank around here lately only his name is Keith. Feels good to get things crossed off the list.

My hubby and I are going to see Twilight TONIGHT! I can't wait. My daughter saw it this afternoon and said it was the BEST! She said she is in love with Edward...I guess I'll soon find out who Edward is!

amy said...

love bullet posts..hope Frank works out as well!!!

Love reading about your adventures

Catherine said...

Ah reno dust, I know it well. Not fun but well worth it when the projects are done. How nice that your closet will have a nice wide opening! So much better than having to reach in and try to get to stuff. Great idea!

Hope you share some pics of the renos when you're done. Speaking of which, off to take pics of my basement mid reno as new carpeting is being put down tomorrow.

NEXT Christmas you'll be celebrating with TATE!!! Wheeee!!!

laurel said...

I love remodeling. Really, dust and all. It is so wonderful to have something renewed. Can't wait to see the finished take pictures. Also, Enjoy Twilight! And as a grad of BYU....I guess you know who I am rooting for.

Eliza2006 said...

You are smart to get everything done now. Dust with a baby crawling around is even less fun! I need to get Frank over here for a couple more sounds like his rates go down for a full day of work (which I can certainly use)!


Kayce said...

Oh how I HATE construction dust. I've lived in it since we bought our house 5 years ago. ARGH!
Enjoy your movie tonight!

Jenn said...

Hey! Good luck with your projects. It will feel so good when they're all done. Hate to admit it but I've seen Twilight...twice. I had to preview it Friday with dh, then take my son on Saturday. It was such torture...;o)

Take care,

Your fellow Heathen
Go Utes!

Cindy and Co. said...

I love new I got lucky though..My Frank is named Jerome and he cleans up after himself. And the closet alone will so be worth the mess in the end. Anyway who could resist hardwood floors? I would rip out my carpet in a second if I wern't scared of what I would find.

Anonymous said...

Next Christmas with Tate!!

Shannon said...

Oh the decking and joy-ing going on next year for the both of us!!!
It brings tears to my eyes!
Looking forward to seeing your renovation pics. =)

Tana said...

I remember your narrow closet opening. What a great idea to open it up!

I wish I could follow your lead and not decorate for Christmas this year since our main floor will be torn up, but I think the kids would mutiny. ;o)

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