Wednesday, August 17, 2011


32 mos 2

The other night Tate locked us BOTH in the bathroom.  She pulled off the door knob leaving us stranded.  After trying everything possible to open the door, I resorted to Plan B, dropping my little super hero out the window instructing her to go to a neighbor’s house.  Off she ran, pony tail swinging, wearing a t shirt and a pair of BRIGHT YELLOW Crocs.  Missing was her shorts and panties which were left behind in the living room as she ran to do “her business”.  I watched as my just turned three year old carefully checked both ways for cars and ran across the street on her quest to save the day.  My poor neighbor was greeted at her door with an earnest face announcing that “thewe’s a BIG PWOBLEM”.  Poor Lindsay did not know what to think but fast as lightening, she had that door open.  Saved by my toddler super hero.