Tuesday, June 01, 2010

21 months of DELIGHTFULness

I love this age! Tate does have the typical terrible twos going on but between the "terrible two" days, she is a delight! Her imagination has taken off.... she pretends constantly... dolls, cooking, pretend food.... TOO adorable not to sit back and just watch with wonder.

She is talking (at least I understand most of it) up a storm. LOVES talking on the phone to her Nana and Gramps. It is so nice Nana and Gramps will indulge her in this... nightly.

She is fascinated with the process of washing her hands, water, soap and teeth brushing. The other day I gave Tate her toothbrush with kid toothpaste. She said "Thanks mommie, good job!" I guess I made the toothbrush with paste to her liking.

As always, Mesa is her constant companion. She will climb and love on her "snuggle puppy". Mesa seems to enjoy this relationship, too.

Everyday is a joy.... such a joy, I wonder if I am in a dream. If it is a dream, please do not wake me!