Thursday, May 31, 2007


As requested......

Broccoli Bacon Salad!!!

I have learned a little secret about this salad!!! When you only need a little like one serving for those of us "single" or "not everyone likes broccoli" meal preparation. You can make a small batch!!! This knowledge has set me free as I make single servings often..... Basically for every 1/2 cup mayo (can use lite) use 1-2 TB grated onion, 2 TB sugar, and 2 TB apple cider vinegar. Best if you make ahead of time so it can get all these good flavors mixing and dancing together.

Method behind my madness.....

I will buy the broccoli florets at C*ostc* or Sam's. So I grab a handful and chop into small bite size pieces. I fry up some bacon that I have also cut up before frying into a little bit crispy. I know others who just buy the pre-cooked bacon bits (Not bacono, please). How can you have anything good without some cheese???? I get the pre-grated for a quick fix Monterrey Jack cheese. You can use cheddar but Monterrey is the best for my taste buddies. It is all about proportions and likes.... If you like bacon.... add bacon if love cheese add more cheese...remember that this is a broccoli salad so do not forget some broccoli in you quest for the perfect taste satisfying mixing. Sometime I will add halved green or red seedless grapes, or shelled sunflower seeds...... Whatever you like to add, mix everything together just before you serve and poor over the dressing at the end..... You want it to SNAP with crunch and deliciousness......


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Just a brief message in this blog to address one issue.....


You are evil, like crack to me.... When I am in your power, I am useless against your cuteness..... Oh so very weak yet so very strong as I pull out my debit card.....

This is in response to an email I just got..... SAVE ME!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

OH JOY... Part One

Earlier I had talked about OH JOY, something I could not share at the moment, but would later. This JOY comes in three parts..... All three parts are all about my brother and his amazing family. This is the first part which is about JOHN (my brother).

Those of you who have siblings that you just love to no end would understand what I am saying here.... If you do not have such siblings, just play along, I guess.

I have a brother.... an amazingly brilliant, loving and helpful brother. He can do ANYTHING!!! If he doesn't do it, he will try and figure it out. My boy toy used to feel competitive about my admiration for my brother. He is a loving strong leader in his family, charitable, honest and noble. He has always loved his work and made a good living. Shortly after 9-11, his type of work took a deep cut as consumers became more conservative with their spending. Sad, this cut affected his job. He has either been looking for work or doing jobs that did not really challenge his amazingness and was only a way to pay the bills. Lately he was been without a job and searching for something that would pay the amount of income he wanted and challenge him. My heart ached for him because I saw how unhappy he has been at these interim jobs with the stress of providing for his family. This JOY was overwhelming me when I heard the news that he once again had landed a job that would give him everything that he was looking for. It just warms my heart with such JOY to see him once again light up with the challenges and blessing that he sooooo very deserves.

Got to get going because I am expected in a few minutes at his house for a Memorial day BBQ and it is at least a 30 minute drive...... I am bringing broccoli bacon salad, cheesecake and fresh raspberries!!!

My second JOY I should be able to share June 1 or so......

Friday, May 25, 2007


Just wanted to share something I got via email..... This is one of the many reasons I love Norway!!! This picture of the Oslo Fjord, is taken off of my friend's deck on the 17th of May.... Norway's Independence Day, kind of like our 4th of July. It is the custom to wear traditional costumes, carry the Norwegian flag and parade and celebrate all day and night long. Oh man, do I miss this family.

I have known and loved these kiddos since before they were born.... I miss them tons!!!! Left to right.... Molly, Matias, and Beret.

This dress was given to me, I mean Tate. Both of the little gals above wore this dress. This history adds so much more meaning to me. Last year as our local Norwegian community celebrated the 17th of May, I had hoped that Tate would have been in the arms of her Nana, in a traditional costume and her Gramps, who would be handing out Norwegian chocolate and Norwegian polser (hot dogs) at this year's celebration. Each year there is a celebration and soon she will be there slurping Orange soda (Solo) sucking down chocolate and all dressed up like the Chinese-Norwegian-American Princess that she is.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Is it me or is anyone else BUMMED that so many blogs are closing down. It seems that once bloggers are back from China with their kiddos then they decide to quit the blogging world and leave me high and dry. It is kind of like, I was part of their roller coaster ride. I was reading these blogs during the blue times of the disappointing slowdown, the anticipation of when they receive their referrals and TA and the joyous Metcha/Gotcha time. I just loved being able to click onto your link and see the blooming of a family and the everyday joy of life with one of China's jewels. I have been there with you during all of these tough times and have experienced your JOY.... Now I feel kind of let down, out of the loop and in need of continuing to be part of your world. SO really, is it just me that misses the closed down blogs or are others feeling my loss???

Saturday, May 19, 2007

OH JOY....


Exuberant, amazing uplifting JOY!!!!

Something I can't go into right now, is happening to our family......

I will share in June....
Big smiles for my Brother!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Saturday night was filled with 14 year old FUN!!!! This is the night that I was lucky enough Smiley put aside his friends (mostly girlfriends) and spent overnight with ME!!! The first hours were filled with returning text messages to these friends, saying that "HE WAS SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH HIS AUNTIE" and in other words, I am not available and stop with the texting. Once this was done, I had his undivided attention. It was so much fun getting into the heart, mind and emotions of a 14 year old teen. Smiley is the gorgeous delightful comedian of our family. He is so much fun to talk to and spend time with.... Hence his immense popularity. Dinner was eating his new favorite food... ASIAN!!! He reminded me that he is an amazing photographer (I need one in China) and he would love to go with me to CHINA!!! Hmmmmm, a real good idea since I know that if I want decent pictures of Gotcha with Tate and spontaneous together pictures of me and Tate, I cannot rely on my sweet Mom. Well, something to consider!!! With dinner out of the way and we headed to hang at the hottest place in town on a Saturday evening..... The Gateway Plaza. Wouldn't you know that this HAPPENING place has my favorite Gymboree store location. I could not help myself and in I went with a 14 year old boy-teen in tow. I did swear Smiley to secrecy to my purchases because I do not want to hear grief about these buys. Smiley was great at the secret keeping. I am the one to blame for the blab. The next day, on Mother's day, I had to spill the beans on buying this...... How could you not buy this???? I did get it in 3. Grief I did get. But, hey.... this is the way I can keep connected to the upcoming event of adding a child to the mix. So what if Tate has way too many gorgeous clothes and toys...... There are worst fates than that!!!

(close-up detail of dress)

Mesa has to check out everything that I bring into this house.... this dress is no exception. Wouldn't you know it, she left a little wet nose spot on the dress....

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Happy Mother's Day to Mothers present and Mothers in the future.......

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I started to find myself......

I slept way too much. Thought at first I was depressed and sleeping, but soon realized that I was exhausted beyond depression....

I watch DVDs! I have not sat through watching a whole DVD forever without pausing the movie and starting on either laundry, dishes, vacuuming, or calling someone. I never realized that the great movies that people were talking about were indeed great movies! I just thought they stopped making "those kind of movies" !!!

Movies watched....
Dream Girls
Pursuit of Happiness
The Queen
Walk the Line
Happy Feet (bought it)

Projects!!!!! Yes I can say Projects and feel such relief that some of these headaches are done. I actually had a blind hung on the glass door that I have had for FOUR years!!!!! Although I was going to stay away from all that was Tate related, I just could not! Instead I tackled the kitchen and made it more kid friendly. NO, I did not put locks on the cabinets. I will be doing this just as I leave for the airport to head to China. (I will ask ever so sweetly my brother to do this when I am in China). I added a microwave about the stove. New knobs on the cabinets, hung a chalk/magnet board by the phone, moved the garbage to be under the sink, and replaced my old gross sink faucet to a brand spanking new goose-neck faucet!!! Yeah!!!! All I have got to do in the kitchen is organize with some shelf stuff and we are good to go with the kitchen. I am wrestling with myself to replace the old linoleum with hard wood floors..... I am thinking that Tate will be to precious to be crawling around on those gross floors.

Books???? A few.

Walks???? Yes.... Mesa is wondering what has happened to her sedentary lifestyle. She walks with her tail held high as if she is the luckiest dog in the world. She is the luckiest dog in the world even without the walks, but try telling her that. Spoiled.

Entertaining??? This Thursday I will be hosting my Gourmet club for an English Tea..... I have never talked about the Gourmet club, and I will at another time..... Fun times!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Noise from the tree trimmers in the backyard....... Freaking Mesa out.

The whirl of the vacuum from me cleaning in the front of the house........ Freaking Mesa out.

Where I find my protector, my brave puppy, MESA.....

Freaking out under the protection of her snuggle blankets on her bed.
I feel safe!!!



How strange is this??? When I was googling the number 14, on the first page was this. LADY BUGS!!!! I am counting this as a ladybug sighting for sure!!! My strategic de-FUNKing is working and I am feeling so much more hopeful and in tune with ME. Thanks for the lovin'.

Congrats to all the new parents who are gazing at the faces of their beautiful Chinese jewels..... And today we will get to SEE the faces of Ms Hannah and Lilly!!!