Saturday, February 13, 2010


My sweet little cherub, Tate, is 18 months old! Gone are the days of babyhood.... Coming at me in FULL THROTTLE is Toddlerhood.... and I am loving it! Today to mark this momentous occasion we had a photo shoot with an amazing local photographer. I am loving every picture that was taken!

Ever since Tate's first birthday, I had wanted to have her photographed in her first birthday Tiger hat and shoes..... I am so glad I did! The enamel heart is from Norway and is a gift given to her from her Nana on the day of her blessing. This has been a family tradition with Tate being the last granddaughter to get one.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Only a SLIGHT trim to even up the fine baby flutters. I worried that this cut would make Tate's sweet little slight curls disappear. No worries, they are still there!

Thank you Tabby for your expert work rangling a wiggly 17 month old.