Thursday, August 31, 2006


I have been working non-stop these last four days..... and MESA just cannot seem to get over this lack of ME around here....
This is what I see looking up at me constantly..... She will not leave my side and looks and waits for my attention. This is not a neglected puppy I tell you... I hire someone to take care of her when I do these long days..... I guess I am the leader of her dog pack. My dogs await me, it is time for me to throw the ball at the dog park with Mesa and two of her PUPPY BUDDIES. A promise I made to MESA this morning....


This is the theme for this month's FEBRUARY SECRET PAL exchange.......

OH MAN, did my SP make me feel special!!!!

This is what was given to me.... SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR TATE'S MOMMA!!!
On the outside of the envelope for the card, there was instructions to open the three gifts in order before I open the card for the reasons each gift was given......

First I needed to open the LADY BUG papered gift, then the flowered then the Chinese take out box.... This was so much fun....

In the lady bug wrapping was this...... It is a microphone for me to use next time the "Ladies" get together for the next Summit and I decide to sing like Louie Armstrong. I am not sure how to link that video clip of me singing, but if you all go to m3 she had it posted there...... The singing is not limited to the "SUMMIT" and I will sing on demand if you met me.... Unless this will scare Tate and then all singing is OFF!!!

In the flowered paper was this mug.... How appropriate because it is from my SECRET PAL...with the cutest picture...I am trying to imagine how you look based on this picture. I imagine you are a DOLL!!! The mug has sayings " the bonds we have are everlasting" and " you may wonder who sent you this, but know for sure how special you are." I will cherish this as I drink my morning O'Cup A....

In the Chinese food container was this necklace!!!! It is so beautiful and the wish that accompanied it made the necklace so special. The necklace (from China) was to remind me daily of the precious treasure waiting for me. "Just like this pearl, your Tate will be your precious and unique treasure."

Thank YOU!!!! You really made my feel like a special MOMMA, and really helped my SO SAD mood with this month's deminishing referrals!!!!

I cannot wait for you to be revealed to me.... BUT THIS SUSPENSE IS SO MUCH OF THE FUN!!!!


This is what I have to deal with whenever my SP packages come.....

Fully inspected my MESA as she anticipates her surprises!!! Take a guess who gets to open her gifts first???

This is what the 90 lbs of SNUGGLE Loving got from HER secret pal!! She got this fun chew ball and this is massive chew treat.
I gave her the treat and she disappeared all day only to surface when the treat was justly taken care of. There was a promise made to Mesa in a note that said "hope your treat does not hurt your girlish figure... but do no worry cause Mesa's secret pal will NEVER send her low fat treats!!!!" Mesa loves you FEBRUARY SECRET PAL and sends you her "special" snuggles and licks and a big WOOF!!!

BUT WHAT WOULD THIS WHOLE ADOPTION FUN BE WITHOUT MY SWEET LITTLE TATE??? Even though Momma was the QUEEN for the Month, Tate was not forgotten.....

Tate was given this bib that says My Mommy is Special and this snuggle woobie blanket. In the past, the woobies kind of freaked me out cause there was an animal head with a blanket coming out of the neck.... Somehow my SP had help and knew this and sent me this woobie that has a teddy bear holding the blanket.... Much less disturbing and so cute!!!!

THANK YOU TATE'S and MESA'S February SECRET PAL!!! You are way beyond thoughful and so appreciated by us all in the Winger home!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006





ROSE (in pink) and MARIE (in blue)


Up and down.....

Yesterday I wanted to sleep A LOT accompanied with tears of frustration. Today I am shedding tears of JOY.... BECAUSE...I just recieved my August gift from my February Secret Pal. "Something Special for MOMMA." (that would be me!) I am so touched by the personalized attention she takes to select just the perfect gift. I really needed this pick me up!!! I will post pictures and details LATER... AND right now I have got to go to m3 and Rod to see if finally they have posted the 411 on Funshine..... THEY ARE GETTING THE CALL RIGHT NOW!!!! This is another reason I have tears of JOY!!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


One single whimper from Mesa, and out of a dead sleep, my eyes POP right open and I go immediately to my pup. This was the case just now. BIG THUNDERSTORM and Mesa is asleep in her room, aka the sunporch. ONE BIG CRACK of lightening and Mesa freaks.


Mesa is laying soundly asleep on my bed and I am AWAKE at the computer.... the storm has passed.


Friday, August 25, 2006

SO SAD....

So very very sad..... I have lost all hope in the CCAA. This month was going to be a golden month. It was a month that the CCAA was going to prove themselves as the shining star in the International Adoption Universe..... New offices, more hired help. MODERN AND EFFICENT!!!! Smooth, sleek, new..... What happened????

This is the selfish side of me talking.... What about me??? There are waiting families that see the end of the tunnel.. maybe next month, maybe the following month. With a LID of March 7 2006, it seems like there is no hope, no end, and tons of the unknown. DOUBT, loneliness, sorrow.....

On Monday, I will pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again as the JOY of friends get to gaze upon the face of their children. Until then, I will wallow in my sadness, acknowledge it, embrace it and eat chocolate.... BUT WILL MOVE ON.

I am working on the Referral baking that will best express my feelings......

So sad, so very very sad.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Tate has an Auntie and Uncle and two big grown cousins (Amanda and Anthony) who live far away in Florida.....
When her Auntie Kelly was in NYC shopping, she came across this cute Chinese outfit and got it for the UN-MET niece of hers, TATE!!! It was so touching that Tate was thought of and a gift was bought for her.... With this long wait, I am thinking that I will never have my little GAL in my arms to hug and to hold..... It just helps so much that my sister can imagine her little niece and remember her in this gift!!!!

Can you just see those silky (KISS, KISS) shoulders and baby neck and back in this halter???? Love the colors too!!!

Thank You Auntie Kelly for remembering Tate and helping me feel that this wait will produce a niece for you and a daughter for me!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


January Secret Pal gave me this box of TREASURES for Tate. This box is a combination for the months of July and August......

In this box of baby treasures are things I KNEW I needed but haven't bought and things I did not even think I needed!!!

Baby travel kit with nose drops, teething gel, nose sucker outer, bottom spray, medicine dropper, teething ring,
Little blanket with animal head and teething toy
Bumble bee bath spout cover to spare Tate's head from damage
Lady bug flower bath toy holder to hold all the "TOYS" that I have been collecting
Safety furniture straps
Outlet plugs
Sunshade for the car
Fancy bottle scrubber brush
Pocket bibs
Ring a links teether and toy
Sunblock lotion especially for baby
Stain removing wipes........
AND the cutest card for the Momma to be.....


Saturday, August 19, 2006


Why is it that when waiting families get together it just seems so SOOTHING to me???? Tonight I hosted our second monthly waiting single momma group. The offer of help cleaning up was declined by me because as I put my hands in the warm suddys water and load the dishwasher, it gaves me TIME to think and reflect upon the party. By habit, after any party I host, I love to be alone to clean up and assess what worked, what didn't and what things I would do differently at the get together. This time aside from assessing that the chicken enchiladas were overcooked, I thought of each and every person who was there. Marque was the only momma who has her little gem..... Liza (5 yrs) is such eye candy and a great inspirtation to us waiting (some longer than others) mommas that this treasure will be the outcome to our long bumpy road. Each single momma has a story and dreams of life with there little one. Each momma has so much to offer her child. I am so happy that I have found these mommas to help pass the time and share the joy as we all in turn get our little gals......

We all had such great intentions to take pictures with cameras ready but we ended up too inthralled in conversation and eating that the cameras were forgotten. No pictures......SORRY!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006


Sorry for today's (Friday) posting...... Forgot it was Friday and I should be posting FAV FOTO FRIDAY and the Friday challange of a room in my house.... SO sorry, I will do that on Saturday this week!!!

Don't be HATE'N because of this screw up!!!??


Update of BORING...

~~My Summer highlight WAS THE BIG SUMMIT????

~~People ask me "what's up" and I think "NOTHING REALLY".... then I rack my brain and tell them what I think is mundaine events and the say, "Lisa, you have such a life!!!" WHAT??? Maybe just crazy silly things just happen to me and I think this is NORMAL. Normal for me, but "such a life" for others????

~~I stay away from the RUMORS as best I can, except I do ask Tiffany. I guess I stay away but still kind of what to know..... I received an email from someone (you know who you are) with the projections of LID vs Referral time. With this information, I am numb.... If this chart is accurate, then I will be traveling in ONE YEAR!!!!! I mentioned this to a friend, who I thought was a support from work. REACTION????? "I guess you need to go to plan B." What is plan B????? This is not a dog that has been sold to someone else and I just go to another pet shop to replace it!!! Somehow an adoption is looked upon by this supportive person as Plan A or Plan B or even Plan C. I even shared with this friend that I FEEL that I have a daughter in China.... I HAVE NO DOUBT. She did not UNDERSTAND until I said that I have already spent XXXX amount in non-refundable money and will have to start over financially. So I guess I need to put a filter on the conversation between us as to not give too much information and thus stopping the hurt by things she says.

~~Lost my voice, so I have been whispering at my airline job.... I start the reservation call with a forced voice, and quickly ask if they minded if I whisper. The other day, I recieved a call from this man. Within seconds he referred to his "PARTNER" who is also male. Okay, so I know his life preference. The reason I am tell y'all this is because this is what makes this story so funny. This man decided to whisper back to me, and a long conversation of whispering occured between us. During the whispering, his partner enters the room. This man stops whispering to me and says to his partner... "I'm having a whispering conversation with a GIRL!!!!!" So funny because he actually sounded astonished that he was doing something that he felt was kind of NAUGHTY with a female... I just loved this man and would have gone to his house and eaten his Chicken Curry dinner he was making while talking to me.... if he lived in the same city that is.

~~I am gazing out the window at the garage door and know what projects are hidden behind this door. Somehow I think I will let another day slip by. I do have to RELAX you know!!!

~~How is your bullets of life this week????

Monday, August 14, 2006


(note... It is only Aug 14- months away from Halloween.... does not matter cause Peeps are back!!!)

Sunday, August 13, 2006


It is done.... The Lady Bug Hunters second page swap is finished.I guess I amjust not that into the embellishments. I figure the focus of these sheet should be the pictures of our GIRLS!!! Do you think that if I tell the CCAA that we are in need of our girls so we have pictures to scrap that this would help give us our referrals??? Just a thought!!!

Here you see each page seperate. I figure that the pictures could be put on the pink and blue spots (once we get poicture, that is). Coming out of the faucet are two splashes. I thought it might look cute to add the splashes after a picture so it is kind of on top.

This is the detail of the journal part. It tucks into the semi-glued in and bracketed in bathtime dye cut. I think it is kind of funny the way the scrapbook magazines will spell out what products they used.... SO here is my list. Doodlebug paper stripers, dye cuts done by me, fancy new glue thingy, and cute ribbon. I am hoping Jennifer C will enjoy my rather simple work.

I will say that every month this challenge is mind boogeling.... but each month I try something new.... this mont the braids, and the ribbon, and the cool journaling treatment. Each month I hope to learn and grow and create.

Friday, August 11, 2006


I have lost my voice from my LOVELY SUMMER cold, so I am just whispering.... and napping. In a NYQUIL daytime induced drug state, I will post my take on the weekend of MOMMAS!!! If y'all ums (learned that from my Southerner gal, Lisa S) want actual details head on over to Lisa S, Julie, Donna, Tiffany, and for a video cap.... m3!!! And yes.... I did sing this totally sober and yes, I will do it for you when you met me if you ask!!!

LOVED IT!!!! I would not trade ONE SECOND of the time I spent with these amazing, funny, insightful, and beautiful spirited MOMMAS!!!! It was like "THEY GET IT"!!!! No explaining why the referrals are taking so long and why China has these little girls waiting for families like ours!! We each and everyone of us LIVE. EAT. DRINK. THINK. SLEEP. our daily lives with our little ones in mind!!!

Each of us brought something unique to the table of ideas, experiences, and anticipation we have for our little ones... SO MUCH TO LEARN AND SHARE!!!

We all are sooooo excited for FUNSHINE to show her/his face in a few weeks!!! Next will be Baby S (I KNOW THE NAME!!!!- It is soooo cute) and Eliza..... Then Tess..... We will be busy with Christmas and all then I will be anxiously waiting for Lauren.... Then lastly and sadly...TATE!!!!

To my bloggy momma summit gals.... I miss you and can't wait to meet up again with or without my Tate.... If I wait for Tate, it will be way too long to be seeing y'all ums.

- love ya Julie you are such a great sport!!!
Here's to the bloggey mommas summit.... Next Summer we will meet up and this time we will have our gals!!! And anyone else who would like to join in on the SUMMIT!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The house seems so empty.... SO SAD....The last two, Lisa S and Julie just left... We had such a great time and such fun stories and sharing time and and and.....
My dishwasher is running and the washing machine is churning.....I am going back to bed just to rest up... I will give details and pictures... LATER

(donna, me, julie, lisa s, tiffany, m3)

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Lisa Shanahan is one friendly chiquita...

Lisa getting up close and personal with the locals in PARK CITY, UT.... We are really having a great of time (I am being told to say this...HELP ME).... Good thing I work for an airline I am just a click away from booking them earlier flights home..... Once they leave, more incriminating photos to follow!!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006





OF FUN!!!!

Blogger mommas meet!!! Donna, Julie, Lisa S, Lisa W (me), Mary-Mia (m3) and Tiffany!!!

Tomorrow let the fun begin!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006



I had just gone back to bed after an early morining call from Amy from Ruby in Her Own Time and was just hitting the REM sleep and Mesa starts barking..... SHE IS NOT TYPICALLY BARKER!!! Somehow she KNEW that there was something on the other side of that door for HER!!! Unknow to me, the mailman had delivered "THE BOX"!!!!

Theme this month was something for the Nursery....

Blankey, puppy, books, nightlight, and memories.... All I am missing is Tate.

The book was the most adorable story with a single momma and her child. There was the most thoughtful personal greeting in the front of the book.... a real momento of my wait for Tate. Also was a collection of classical nursery rhymes.... the illustrations were so cute!!! The softest EVER blanket and puppy that will bark. Mesa really thought this was for her. Photo album to fill up will pictures of my gal and me. I have been looking at nightlights lately.... This was a ladybug one that is the perfect colors for the nursery!!! Also I have included a picture of the cute handmade card that my SP provides each and everytime.... Something that I will put in Tate's lifebook (scrap book)....

Then there is something for ME!!!

The beginner scraper that I am.... a little scrappy album kit for me to create for Mesa with puppy inspired stickers and paper!!!

Once again I am soooooo blessed by my amazing and thoughtful secret pal!!! I so want to know who you are but I also LOVE THE SURPRISE of finding out in December!!!

Mesa and I totally LOVE YOU!!!!


Mesa has such a great secret pal!!!
She is one spoiled pup!! This month she got a BAG of Chicken flavored biscuits, Chew-lotta beef bones and a giggle ball... all inside of an adorable puppy gift bag and personalized note to Mesa..... I just have to share the way Mesa reacted to her new giggle ball....
It was love at first sight.... Mesa loved this ball!!! The first time she heard the noise, she got a little scared and looked at me like....WHAT THE???? Soon she was discovering ways to make it giggle. First she would place it in her mouth and drop it, each time looking at me like "SEE"!!! Next she shuffled the ball around the room soccer style .... Now she places it in her mouth and shakes her head back and forth!!! The ball is now taking a break from Mesa and I am clearing my head of noise..... Mesa has now developed stronger neck muscles!!!

A big WOOF and LICKS from Mesa to her special Secret Pal!!

We love you to the moon and back!!!