Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Mesa has such a great secret pal!!!
She is one spoiled pup!! This month she got a BAG of Chicken flavored biscuits, Chew-lotta beef bones and a giggle ball... all inside of an adorable puppy gift bag and personalized note to Mesa..... I just have to share the way Mesa reacted to her new giggle ball....
It was love at first sight.... Mesa loved this ball!!! The first time she heard the noise, she got a little scared and looked at me like....WHAT THE???? Soon she was discovering ways to make it giggle. First she would place it in her mouth and drop it, each time looking at me like "SEE"!!! Next she shuffled the ball around the room soccer style .... Now she places it in her mouth and shakes her head back and forth!!! The ball is now taking a break from Mesa and I am clearing my head of noise..... Mesa has now developed stronger neck muscles!!!

A big WOOF and LICKS from Mesa to her special Secret Pal!!

We love you to the moon and back!!!