Thursday, August 31, 2006


This is what I have to deal with whenever my SP packages come.....

Fully inspected my MESA as she anticipates her surprises!!! Take a guess who gets to open her gifts first???

This is what the 90 lbs of SNUGGLE Loving got from HER secret pal!! She got this fun chew ball and this is massive chew treat.
I gave her the treat and she disappeared all day only to surface when the treat was justly taken care of. There was a promise made to Mesa in a note that said "hope your treat does not hurt your girlish figure... but do no worry cause Mesa's secret pal will NEVER send her low fat treats!!!!" Mesa loves you FEBRUARY SECRET PAL and sends you her "special" snuggles and licks and a big WOOF!!!

BUT WHAT WOULD THIS WHOLE ADOPTION FUN BE WITHOUT MY SWEET LITTLE TATE??? Even though Momma was the QUEEN for the Month, Tate was not forgotten.....

Tate was given this bib that says My Mommy is Special and this snuggle woobie blanket. In the past, the woobies kind of freaked me out cause there was an animal head with a blanket coming out of the neck.... Somehow my SP had help and knew this and sent me this woobie that has a teddy bear holding the blanket.... Much less disturbing and so cute!!!!

THANK YOU TATE'S and MESA'S February SECRET PAL!!! You are way beyond thoughful and so appreciated by us all in the Winger home!!!


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Boy that is one smart SP you have there... ;-)

Michelle said...

Ugh...the return of the "woobie"! LOL! My last name is Wobbe (pronounced Whoa-bee)...all through high school...during the Mr. Mom years, I had a good friend who yelled "I want my Woobie" at the top of his lungs whenever I was in sight in the hallway. Ahhhhh....sweet memories of high school!