Friday, August 18, 2006


Update of BORING...

~~My Summer highlight WAS THE BIG SUMMIT????

~~People ask me "what's up" and I think "NOTHING REALLY".... then I rack my brain and tell them what I think is mundaine events and the say, "Lisa, you have such a life!!!" WHAT??? Maybe just crazy silly things just happen to me and I think this is NORMAL. Normal for me, but "such a life" for others????

~~I stay away from the RUMORS as best I can, except I do ask Tiffany. I guess I stay away but still kind of what to know..... I received an email from someone (you know who you are) with the projections of LID vs Referral time. With this information, I am numb.... If this chart is accurate, then I will be traveling in ONE YEAR!!!!! I mentioned this to a friend, who I thought was a support from work. REACTION????? "I guess you need to go to plan B." What is plan B????? This is not a dog that has been sold to someone else and I just go to another pet shop to replace it!!! Somehow an adoption is looked upon by this supportive person as Plan A or Plan B or even Plan C. I even shared with this friend that I FEEL that I have a daughter in China.... I HAVE NO DOUBT. She did not UNDERSTAND until I said that I have already spent XXXX amount in non-refundable money and will have to start over financially. So I guess I need to put a filter on the conversation between us as to not give too much information and thus stopping the hurt by things she says.

~~Lost my voice, so I have been whispering at my airline job.... I start the reservation call with a forced voice, and quickly ask if they minded if I whisper. The other day, I recieved a call from this man. Within seconds he referred to his "PARTNER" who is also male. Okay, so I know his life preference. The reason I am tell y'all this is because this is what makes this story so funny. This man decided to whisper back to me, and a long conversation of whispering occured between us. During the whispering, his partner enters the room. This man stops whispering to me and says to his partner... "I'm having a whispering conversation with a GIRL!!!!!" So funny because he actually sounded astonished that he was doing something that he felt was kind of NAUGHTY with a female... I just loved this man and would have gone to his house and eaten his Chicken Curry dinner he was making while talking to me.... if he lived in the same city that is.

~~I am gazing out the window at the garage door and know what projects are hidden behind this door. Somehow I think I will let another day slip by. I do have to RELAX you know!!!

~~How is your bullets of life this week????


Krista said...

1. called in sick to work cuz I was sick of work
2. got further behind at work cuz I wasn't there
3. house still not cleaned
4. thief stole hanging baskets off front porch...yes I'm serious
5. inspired by all the Ebay talk & spent too much money on clothes that probably won't fit or be the right season

hopefully things will turn around this weekend :P

Joannah said...

1. Still on vacation - no schedule to follow.
2. Spent a day w/ my mom
3. Trying to get a few odds and ends done before I have to go back to work.
4. Spending WAY too much time on the computer - see Connie's latest post. I've been nabbed.

Don't let others' comments get you down. Of course your daughter is in China - no plan B required. I admire you for staying away from RQ.

Lisa~~ said...

Hey, don't knock the summit, that WAS the highlight of my summer!!

And you have such a sexy whisper!

gracencameronsmom said...

Sigh. I hope things speed up. The Summit sounded so fun, why shouldn't it be the highlight of the summer??

Lisa and Tate said...

I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND... THE SUMMIT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SUMMMER..... What was I thinking??? It was so much fun meeting and hanging with these amazing mommas!!!


Connie said...

How's this for pathetic? The summit was one of the recent highlights for ME an I wasn't even there! I do a good job of living vicariously :0) chicken curry.

Coming highlight: me with paintbrush and roller. Now, isn't THAT all kinds o'fun?

Catherine said...

1. Spent every evening this week at home...and loved it! House is slightly tidier but wishes and blankets are well on the way.

2. Didn't get a job I applied for. $$ would have been nice but I like what I'm doing so would have missed it.

3. Should be preparing piano teaching schedule for the fall. Mmmm...maybe tomorrow?

4. Wish I had made more effort to attend SUMMIT. Next year for sure...unless I'm in CHINA!!!!!!

Your post about whispering made me laugh! In 2000 I caught a virus that paralyzed my vocal chords for 2 months. I talk...a lot...A REAL this was devastating! (Took 2+ years to get back to normal and some things will never be 'normal' again.) Anywho, a week or so into this nasty virus I had a job interview. We put it off a few times hoping my voice would come back but eventually had to do it whispering. I whispered my response then we all laughed as the next person on the interview board whispered her question to me! What is it about whispering that when one person does it everyone feels like they should whisper back?

Hope your voice comes back soon! Until then, take it easy. This is probably one of the last illnesses where you'll have time to pamper you so take full advantage of it!

Anonymous said...

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