Thursday, April 16, 2009


So much happenin'

  • Miracles really do happen....My agency is actually trying to get updates on the size of Tate. Sounds like I should be able to find this information, just "iffy" on the pictures. I can live with that.
  • I have a suspicious patch of possible skin cancer just above my eyebrow on the left side. Oh glory, can only imagine I will have a huge scab for all the gotcha/ metcha day pictures. Not worried about the skin cancer patch, I have had one once before and my mom has had several of them.
  • I am in the middle of a root canal re-do. Should get my final treatment on May 10.
  • Happily got word that possible travel will be between May 10th thru 20th. This could be in less than one month. I better reschedule that final root canal appointment.
  • Tate's paperwork is being re-interpreted. I feel guarded about falling in love with all the cute stuff she is reported to be doing.... "sucking on fingers, rolling over". Just protecting my tender heart on this one.
  • Really wondering if I am doing something wrong with the required paperwork that I should be taking to China. There seems to be a lot of chatter on what a pain it is, so far it has been just copying stuff that is easily available in files. When stuff like that happens, I start to worry I am missing something.
  • The nursery still is no done. Not sure if I will have it completed before Tate takes off to Harvard.
  • One of the favorites purchase so far was buying my first box of diapers... I am opting for size 3. Figure if she is smaller than the 16lbs, she will quickly grow into them. I know this excitement will pass when buying diapers is a common purchase around this place.
  • Have not even started the packing process. I did buy some infant Tylenol and Motrin though.

Time is running away at record speed. If time continues to run at this pace, I should be hopping a plane to China.


Julie said...

Hope you will be okay with that skin patch thing - hugs and prayers.

Time is going by quickly.

Size 3 sounds about right! Tess wore that size virtually the whole time she was in diapers.

Talk to you soon.

Christi and Abbey said...

Soooooo excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

It will all work out, it will all work out.

John & Michelle said...

Prayers for the skin patch thing and also for safe travel and easy transition with you precious daughter! Can't wait to see the two of you together!

Donna said...

It so funny how it's wait...wait...wait and then suddenly there's not enough time to get everything done!

Doreen said...

The 1st diaper purchase gave me thrills too....not so much after endless purchases!
I packed Benadryl and that was a good thing!
Won't be long now!!!! YIPPEE!

Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

Lost and Found said...

Good thoughts being sent your way. I hope your agency gets some fabulous new info and maybe some pics. Just think, you will celebrate Mother's Day in China.

laurel said...

WOw! THings are really moving along. Tate will be in your arms before you know it!

Abby's Mom said...

This period was so fun and exciting. We can't wait to see Miss Tate and her Mamma finally together at last :)

K said...

Tate's nursery doesn't have to be fancy, just comfy and safe. Do you have any friends you can call on for help?

simply t said...

Wow, you are going to China REAL soon! Better get packing, time is a ticking!

p.s. I'll feed on your joy of diaper buying....

Anonymous said...

We can't wait for you to travel to Tate! Keep posting.

Ani said...

so excited for you. hope all is well with the health worries.

Shannon said...

Wow but you're busy! That's'll be on non-stop from here-on-out in your life! =)
Size 3 agreed. Hugs from Me n LE.

LiLi said...

Oh man my heart is racing for you! You will be traveling around mother's day....this year- you can celebrate - isn't it grand!

I have lots of clothes if you come back and want to borrow any 6-9 month stuff.

OziMum said...

Its so funny isn't it!! You wait and wait (forever!) and then when your dreams do finally come true... there's just not enough time to get everything done!!!

Hope your teeth & skin cancer issue are all sorted before you travel! I couldn't think of anything worse than having a tooth ache when you're trying to enjoy the first moments of motherhood with your gorgeous daughteR!

Alyson and Ford said...

You will be ready when it comes time to travel.
If you need lists of paperwork to take, make we can sneak you our list (won't say where we got it). Just let anyone know and we all will be happy to help. Packing will be easy.... a few comfy outfits for you, two pairs of shoes and old undies to wear and throw away! We had no problems with laundry and most everyone wore nice knit/t-shirts.
Stay calm and take care of your health issues. You will be ready when "mettcha/forever family day happens.
Will you be with a travel group? If not find out when the other agencies will be traveling and ask to meet with them... it happened in our group.
We all have helpful lists on our blogs.... ours was posted from August - October 2008.
Take care!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Seven Months!

kris said...

Re-do root canal?? I think I'm looking at the same thing possibly. Are you doing it with an endodontist? My original was with one and it took less than an hour- amazing. But it was a mess- and can you believe NO cavities anywhere else, like all my teeth are perfect otherwise?! Hope the skin cancer thing is nothing too!

Don't worry about the translations, it will all be FINE- your daughter is beautiful and she is YOUR DAUGHTER - it will work out!

G's Momma said...

Tate is so beautiful! The next few weeks will fly by, you'll see.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be watching for when you travel.


Kayce said...

Reschedule that root canal thingy!! Your going to China!! Love that your girl is going to Harvard, so's mine!!! ;) Hugs!