Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Kim Kramer was my secret pal in the March LID group. I remember how I almost did not join the March group because I KNEW my LID was wrong. On a whim I joined the group and jumped right on board with the Secret Pal fun.

Each and every month would arrive the cutest packages revealing inside fun, thoughtful and generous gifts. The first month I sent off my gift I thought, "Okay I did good", UNTIL I received my secret pal gift. I was blown away! So taking an example of this, I tried and I say tried to emulate the amazinginess of the packaging and the gifts I was receiving. People like family and friends, were amazed at such cuteness. My mom would drive 30 miles from her home to mine just to see the details in the packaging and gifts. After 12 months (or so) we revealed ourselves. I had grown to know and love Kim through her blog and comments on mine and other blogs. Of course, since she was my secret pal, I was so into everything I could gleam about her. In that fun December month was the big reveal. I let KIM KRAMER know that I was her secret pal and she, well ,SHE WAS MY secret pal!

The gift thoughtfulness did not stop there.... On my 5oth (yes, my fifty-th) birthday she once again blew me away.

Mesa was never forgotten in these packages either. Always Treats and Toys.... It almost got to a point that any package that came to the door she KNEW there was something for her.

Now that we see the sweet face of Tate, once again we were blessed with the love and generosity of Kim and Mike Kramer.

I talked about the cute packaging.... Here is a prime example to which I do speak. As you can see, these are silver matching bracelets. One for MOM and one for Tate. The bracelets came in these take out containers.... Mesa's came in her own doggie bag.

Close-up of Tate's

And mine. Matching momma and Tate bracelets.... I am wearing mine already. Sorry, cannot wait for Tate. She will be wearing hers ASAP.

Take a look at this outfit! Could you just die over the cuteness of this? I can see those sweet little soft baby shoulders and legs peeking out of this dress. I can imagine that beautiful face of my Tate under the hat. SO so so so CUTE!

Now Mesa, she is nothing but trouble with her gifts. Somehow she thinks that since she has these two cool new balls, well, she needs me to play with her and these balls NON-STOP. She has been enticing me with the shear fun-ness of these balls by dropping them right in my path, tripping me and causing some pretty naughty Utah swear words.
Oh Kim, you never seize to touch me with your sweetness and thoughtfulness! You and I are sharing Tate until you see the beautiful face of Emma.


Anonymous said...

you truely have been blessed with your secret pal, she is the most thoughtful, wonderful, person you will ever meet, and I know first hand as she is my baby sister! We have grown so found of you watching and waiting for TATE, and now that you have your referal, we visit daily to get a little glance of your Baby Girl! Hope we have the chance to meet both you and Tate! Until then we will just keep lurking on your site and enjoying watching you Become a mom!
Dee Anna

PIPO said...

Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift...perfect for you and your lovely girl!

Catherine said...

what beautiful bracelets!! You're right, Kim was a great SP and I love the fancy packaging she chose!

Cannot wait to see Tate wearing her bracelet that matches MOM's!!!

laurel said...

That is totally incredible.

LiLi said...

Love the gifts! The dress is adorable! Can't wait to hear more about travel plans. :)

Ginny said...

Love the new header - very cute.
The secret pal stuff is very nice as well. The bracelets are so beautiful how fun to have matching.
And the dress... I remember Riley in little dresses like that.
It is going to be quite a summer for you and Tate.

Anonymous said...

What a great friend! I am still so excited for you. Can't wait for your TA!!

Kramer said...

I am so glad you liked the gifts. I wanted to send something special to remember the day you first saw Tate. Your post is much too nice and not accurate as I have the best secret pal!!!!! I have so enjoyed being able to follow along your journey and see just what a wonderful Mom you are going (scratch that) that you already are. Thank you for sharing Tate with me, I sure can't get enough of her. I was also glad to see that picture of Mesa (I absolutely love her!!) and glad to see she likes her new balls! BTW, I am loving the new bright header, it is so fun! Once again, very glad you liked the gifts.

Abby's Mom said...

Wonderful Gifts! Isn't it fun to have a face to go with them :)
Love your new blog look :)

Shannon said...

Wow! Wonderful gifts! Dress so cute, lovely matching bracelets, Mesa's gifts...very, very thoughtful! Aren't polka dots the cutest?!

Kayce said...

What wonderful gifts from a wonderful secret pal! That Mesa looks pretty happy!

M3 said...

Your new blog design is gorgeous!!!

Christi and Abbey said...

Your blog looks so adorable!! And love the secret pal gifts too. So glad you were blessed.