Friday, May 26, 2006


On my mind….This is what woke me up at 3 am this morning…..

Freak out!!!
This is my reaction to the most recent and the most affecting rumor to me on the Chinese Adoption Battle. I am not so affected (at this moment) with the slow downs in referrals…. It is this WEIGHTY issue that I am totally freaking out about!!!!

Is the rumor you might ask???? I think is really is not a rumor but the truth!!! The one who was rejected by CCAA because of her WEIGHT actually posted about it on her July DTC group…… But how much weight it too much??? Is it 20lbs…50lbs….100lbs…?????? Were there other health issues of concern??? Why all of a sudden is CCAA being selective as to who gets their abandoned females???? It is almost like the selection process when Hitler selected who was going to live and who was going into the gas chambers….

I know of families who have their daughters home with MAJOR health issues… threatening HEALTH issues…. Not just some extra weight they are carrying along…..

So My Plan…
I'm heading off to Weight Watchers with my pal Tiffany. Plan on hearing from me on the BLOGS…. Weigh In Wednesday (Hi Lisa) and my DTC group Diet to China!!! Plan on less Blog postings because I am walking and hiking and biking my way to Tate!!! Plan on the 90 lbs of snuggle lovin’ fun to be less snuggle loving’ fun and become 80 lbs lean muscle….. As for my delicious Referral baking….. Plan on maybe some healthy alternatives….. CRAP!!!!

I refuse to let my weigh be the deciding factor whether I will make a good loving home to my Tate!!!!


Sheryl said...

I'm right there with you Lisa. I joined Weight Watchers yesterday and im really pleased with what I see. I actually got off the couch and went for a walk this morning, first time in 1.5 yrs! I have 100lbs to lose, and I have the right incentive.. my baby girl!

Kramer said...

Lisa, welcome to the Wednesday Weigh In! I too joined along with Lisa to lose that weight. That was before the latest news. Now I have to be even more motivated! I have lost 4lbs. but have about 25 to lose. Let's all keep each other motivated. No one is keeping us from our girls!

Joannah said...

Good for you, Lisa. I'm weighing in tomorrow!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

We've been mildly freaking out since we heard about this thing. Calculating BMIs online, figuring how much we'd have to lose to be considered "normal" all that fun stuff. Blah!!!!!!! And I LOVE to eat. It's depressing.

Lee-Anne said...

Your baby is a massive incentive hey! Good luck with the programme - stay off those brownies!!!

I'll see if I can russel up some yummy "low fat" sweeties for you!!!

I'm not going on a diet as such, but have decided to join my husband on a no coffee and no sweet biscuits deal. Gosh it's gonna be hard in the mornings without my coffee!!! I start tomorrow on my hubs birthday!


Ruby Cate said...

As a mother who successfully adopted from China weighing in at over 250 lbs, I can assure you that unless you're the size of an elephant, you'll be just fine. Rumors are just that, rumors. Don't read too much into them. Now, that said, it is nice to lose weight, before I traveled to China, I lost over 80 lbs, that's right (so do the math, I was pretty HEAVY) but I didn't lose the weight because of rumors connected with China, I did so because of hearing a neurologist say to me " You have MS..." You'd be amazed how fast one sentence can get you off the couch & out walking every day. LOL Anyhoo, losing weight is great but do it for your health & happiness, not out of fear of some silly rumor hon. And remember, fat people are harder to kidnap. ;)



Anonymous said...

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