Friday, May 26, 2006

Something Special For Mom !!!!

Who could this Special Mom person be???? It is ME....

ME. ME. ME......MOM!!!

Fed Ex delivered a package today.... From my January Secret Pal.... Inside the package was this silver pendant. The characters mean "Thinking of You". My S.P. sent the sweetest note saying "I know you are thinking of Tate this year, and although you can't be with her, you are holding her close in your heart".... How true is that???? LOVE IT!!!!

And even more treasures!!!!
When I am not wearing this "Thinking of You" necklace, I can place it in this Cloisonne Dragon Jewel Box for safe keeping.... Mine is the lime green on top ....A treasure to remind me of the TREASURE I will be getting when I hold Tate against my heart next Mother's Day!!!!
Thank You January Secret Pal!!!! You are a treasure!!!
(pictures are not done by me because digital camera still in Fiji with my niece)


Joannah said...

Those are great gifts! That must make you feel good.

Stephe said...

Great gifts. I just LOVE the necklace, it's beautiful. You have a great secret pal!!!

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