Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have been reflecting upon what I will be as a mother.... Some of the things I hope to give and teach my child and the ways that I can love her and make her feel that love. Since I have been reflecting, I remember things my mother did for me.... the simple things have been coming into my memories as if a flood gate had been opened.

The other day as I was snuggling into bed, wiggling back and forth to make sure the covers were tucked in, I remember how my mom would tuck us in bed. She would literally pull the covers under our chins and tuck the covers in each side. As I got into my teenage years she still did it. I shared a room with my younger sister who would go to bed before me. Sometimes I would be up late studying with just the desk lamp on while my sister slept.... She would come knocking softly and would tell me lights out.... Shortly after while I was faking sleep, she would wander in to check on my sister and plant a kiss on my forehead and tuck me in.... she thought I was asleep but I lay awake feeling so secure and loved.

I remember her rocking me and singing a hauntingly beautiful lullaby while she softly stroked my closed eyelids and laid soft kisses on them.... I was a horrible sleeper and I think it was her effort to get me to keep my eyes closed and drift off to sleep. I still remember those warm kisses on my eyelids and the soft strokes of a mother's fingers.


Recovering Wino said...

You will be a great mother...having such a wonderful role model!


Stephe said...

How totally sweet!! And yes...You Will Be a GREAT Mother!!

Melissa said...

The best feeling in the world is when you catch yourself doing something for your child, then remembering how your mother would do the exact same thing for you , and make you feel SO loved. What a wonderful mother Tate has already!!!!

Sandy said...

What sweet memories! You are going to be a great mom to Tate!

BTW - I just emailed you about swapping quilt squares.

Joannah said...

Those are wonderful memories!

Anonymous said...

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