Sunday, May 21, 2006


I think I am obsessed with Asian people…. Especially woman!!! I am much more aware of these women and will watch and study them intently. I am sure it just creeps some of them out if they notice me watching and observing them. When I talk to one, I will study their faces and look deep within their eyes. If I sense an accent, this is what will give me an “IN” to ask questions ….. I will wonder if the one child policy might have directly affected them and the possibility that they might have had no choice but to abandon a daughter. I look deep into the wrinkled faces of the elderly trying to read about the life that must have been experienced. I search these wrinkles trying to gleam some knowledge of the beauty of the Chinese people and culture. This is the knowledge that cannot be read about or taught from a book. This is knowledge that I would like to instill in my daughter as she is seeking her own identity and her place on this planet. Would I be this obsessed if my child was being adopted from Russia of Haiti??? I will never know the answer to this because I know without a doubt that my daughter will be from China.

I cannot keep my eyes off of seeing ASIAN children….. Especially the GIRLS!!!! I was watching the beginning of the DVD Big Bird in China and the little dancing ducky girls just did me in!!! For those who have seen this flick know exactly what I am talking about. I loved these little ducklings so much that I stopped the rented DVD and went right out and bought one for my very own!!!! Want pure torture??? Rent the flick and think of your future daughter as one of those dancing darling ducklings….. I can't stop thinking….



Donna & Joe said...


One of my good friends of about 15 years is Asian (she's from Korea) and she has told me some stories about what it's like to be Asian in the U.S. She spoke from the heart to try and prepare me for raising an Asian baby. Some of her experiences really bother me and sometimes I wonder if I'm really prepared for what's ahead.

The reality is that it's not all going to be rosy and wonderful and that it's very difficult being a minority (then add to that, being a minority with caucasion parents). I'm not meaning to burst your bubble or bring you down, but listening to Miyoung's stories really had an impact on me.

Stacy said...

I find myself studying faces of Asian people, too. I can't help but try and capture what each one looks like wondering if that is a feature that Tori will have.

It's good to know I'm not alone.

Kim M. said...

Tate will be the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Didn't you know that?

I do the same thing. We have several little girls in our school who are adopted from China and I can't help staring at them and wondering.........

Lisa & Jeff said...

I'm always staring at Asian children. I'm sure some of their parents get a little freaked out!=)