Sunday, November 19, 2006


One more step in Tate's Kingdom. The CRIBBEGE cometh!!! Summer 2005, I bought this Pottery Barn Kids set off of Ebay. I have been designing the color scheme around the colors found in the bedding. Also bought during the paperchase Summer was the white medal bed found at a yard sale for $15.00. I had orgininally hoped to get a new one in white wood, but really decided that I am more than happy with this one. I am hoping that Tate will be more of a toddler and that I will not need this for too long. I would rather spend my BUCKS on a darling single bed when she is older.

This picture is not the best at seeing the bed and the bedding, but the room faces South and is so sunny that I really cannot get a better shot until after the sun goes down. When the room is complete with the walls and paint like I want and the window trimmings done, I will post more professional looking pictures. I also have some sewing to do for a down comforter cover, and all the other treasures that will make the Kingdom complete.... only missing my Tate.

Mesa was so interested in the crib and bedding. She keeps sniffing it and licking the crib.... Hmmmmmmmmm, does she know what is in store for her in the future????

I put this crib together ALONE.... Just got excited in the moment and did not call friends or family for help..... the antics were just short of a Cirque du Soleil performance. For you woman with husbands... KISS THEM NOW and tell them how much you NEED and love them!!!


Kramer said...

Way to go on putting it together by yourself!

Catherine said...

Great crib! You've given me courage to try some of this stuff on my own. I think I want to tackle the dresser/change table first as clothing donations are beginning to take over the spare room (read: storage room) that will become Hannah's playroom and eventually her bedroom.

Great job and very pretty!

Joannah said...

Lisa, Tate's nursery is coming along beautifully!

Julie said...

LOL Look at Mesa checking it out.

Great job girl! Love it.

Kelli said...

I love this crib! It's so pretty! And Mesa is going to be just the perfect doggy for little Tate! Oh what a lucky little girl to have her own golden! They are the best, aren't they? (check out the link to "MY MOM's Website" on my blog...)