Saturday, November 04, 2006


What a difference a few months can make!!!

Last August, when the Bloggers Momma summit met in UTAH. There were six blogger mommas with no referrals for babies. The closest to getting her referral was m3, who was "next". Mary-Mia (m3) and Rod are just now getting back from China picking up Rose and Marie, their identicial twin daughters.

Second blogger momma was Tiffany. Tiffany will be leaving to go pick up Eliza this Tuesday Novemeber 7th!!! (can't seem to load a picture of Eliza.

Yesterday two more blogger mommas got their referral for their sweet babies!!!

Lisa and Eammon Shanahan got their referral for Baby S or :::drum roll::: presenting MAISIE. I love how concerned she is looking in this picture!!! Ah... what intelligent expressive eyes.

Julie received her referral for Tess (Theresa True) a Chinese version of the Gerber baby.

And now the referral math.... Six blogger mommas...

1- Mary-Mia (huggin' and lovin' her babies)
2- Tiffany (leaving on a jet plane in three daze)
3- Lisa S ( gazing upon the face of knowledge and wisdom)
4- Julie (dreaming of those kissy lips and cheeks)

Hmmmm.... 6 mommas subtract 4 already seeing the face of their babes equals two waiting mommas!!! Donna and ME!!!! Donna you are sooooo next in the momma summit to see Lauren's beautiful face!!! So much to look forward to of sharing and living vicariously through others. Such JOY!!!!


Julie said...

There is one photo of all of us at that outdoor place with the little shops. I have it in my office. I noticed the other day that we were pretty much standing in the order we have/will receive our babies.

Can't wait for Lauren and Tate!

Joannah said...

It's been a good week!

Julie said...

Hey she kind of does look like that Gerber baby! LOL. Wonder if Gerber makes Congee.

Eliza2006 said...

I can't wait till all 6 babies are home safe and sound.


Lisa~~ said...

Oh, what a sweet post and look at all those sweet faces!!! Soon Lauren and Tate will join the mix and we'll have to do another photo shoot, the Utah bloggy Mamma's and their girls!!

Cindy said...

Congrats to all and prayers to those waiting. It seems y'all are getting the cutest China has to offer. Does this mean you'll be getting Tate soon Lisa?

Connie said...

It has been some good stuff lately! Great mommas and babes abound :0)