Saturday, November 04, 2006


Delivered by the men in blue… the USA postal service!!! I came home yesterday to find a box on my front porch with ladybug stamps ALL OVER. Opened the box to reveal these amazing treasures…. Survival stuff for the trip!!!

The scene played out like this…..
I entered the house via the garage and was unaware of the said package as mentioned above. Mesa was with me so she was not home when the man in blue came. Mesa started pacing the door like something was a miss. After 15 minutes of the “Lassie, Timmy has fallen into a hole and needs to be saved”, come hither prance back and forth. I decided to see what all this distraction was all about. Somehow she KNEW that her S.P. has left something on the porch for HER. Tate and I are just incidentals concerning Mesa’s box.

SO what was in the BOX???? TREASURES MIND YOU….a plethora of much needed things!!!!

For Mesa- (she is first because it is all bout her, you know)
Her favorite kind of balls (sorry Zeus) … a 3 pack of tennis balls!!! AND big bone treats. She had one immediately and opted (I insisted) to wait for another treat next week when I leave to go to work. Ah, such discipline my pup has.

For Tate-
The “Who Loves Baby” photo book to send to Tate.
Take and Toss perfect portion snack cups with infant spoons. Toppers to Go…. Disposable feeding kits with bib, placemat, cup and lid, a fork and spoon all in a convenient cup. Dirty diaper bag dispenser with refill bags. Head to Toe washcloths to use and toss. Traveling size Huggies baby wipes. Q-tips and a darling “I LOVE GRANDMA” bib so that there will be no questions that Tate loves her Nana. Tate even was given her own personal travel toiletry case full of overnight size lotion, shampoo, baby wash and diaper cream. And Tate’s own Doodle Pro pad to keep Tate involved on the long torturous trip home.

Adult Survival-
The most beautiful 4 piece set of chop sticks in red silk pouches. Electronic games to help my mom and me twiddle away the time on the long flight to China. First aid kit. Rolaids. Tide on the Go stick. Six pack of pocket size Purell hand sanitizer. And the final thing that opened up a whole can of worms for me…… Charmin to go toilet paper. And why did this cause such a stir in my calm little life???? Today I had my mom come and view all the great things that was sent to Tate… Sorry, I mean to Mesa. When she saw the T.P., she didn’t understand the WHY of the T.P. This opened the whole world and discussion about squatty potties. She is worried and very thankful that her bladder is HUGE and will hopefully avoid facing one of “THOSE”….

AND PEEPS…. I love me some PEEPS you know!!!

Thank you to the most amazing and generous Secret Pal that has
walked this heaven and earth!!!


Michelle said...

I spent six days in Chins when we adopted my niece, and somehow avoided the squatty potties the entire time. I don't think I'll be able to do that when we have to stay for two weeks!

Michelle said...

Of course I meant China, not "Chins". I hate typos!

Lisa~~ said...

Gotta love the peeps!! You do have a great pal and she is always so wonderful to wonder dog Mesa!!

Colleen said...

WOW!!! Now that is some care package. Great Secret Pal you have.

Eliza2006 said...

Where can I get a SP like that? What great stuff and useful stuff!


Anonymous said...

Glad you, I mean Mesa, liked her gifts. I enjoyed picking them out. Hope your month is going good. Happy early 8 month LID! Of course I had to send you some peeps!
Your Feb secret pal

Melissa said...

You have the very BESTEST SP ever!! Laughed at the Zeus comment. She got you Q-tips???!!! I think she may be my soulmate!!!!!

Donna said...

Wow, you totally hit the motherlode there...way to go, secret pal!