Sunday, November 19, 2006


This is the before but some how it just looks better in the lighting of the garage.

This Hutch belongs to the same set of furniture that my Buffet came from. Also included was a table and four chairs that I did not need and someone else is enjoying instead. Missing drawer??? Lost on the freeway during the transporation of this treasure. I'm looking for a carpenter to build me a new drawer. Take you eyes away from the Starbuck green walls. Do not let the green influence how cute the Hutch is!!! The colors and mouldings will change soon.

A few coates of high gloss white Benjamin Moore paint and it looks amazing in real life!!! I used the same flowered knobs and silver handles that I used on the chest of drawers. Also on the shelves, I will put books, and a lamp. I have just what I want in mind for the lamp, but have not gone out looking for it.....I hate shopping!!! Also on the shelf... see that lamp shade??? It was bought and carefully transported from Norway. It is all embroidered flowers and birds and such. It was bought at IKEA in Oslo. I am not sure where I will put it in this room, but somewhere!!!! LOVE IT!!! Stuffed animals from my Secret Pals and friends..... Lamp on top will not remain the same color or maybe not even end up there..... So much decorating to consider.


Kramer said...

I love the hutch! Can you find one for me (I mean Emma!!). I told Mike you are way too handy and I need you to help with Emma's room. (Do you think that will motivate him?!)

Cindy said...

WOW...all I can say is WOW!!! You amaze me everytime you post a "new" garage sale find. I wish I were half as creative. I look at stuff and don't ever see the potential...but you.....WOW!!

Donna & Joe said...

Lisa, the hutch looks AMAZING...I love it!! I can't believe you found this at a garage sale. It looks like it's from one of those pricey baby boutiques.

The crib also looks great, and yes, I am lucky to have Cabana Joe around to assemble stuff.

I can't wait to see the nursery all done and painted. I may just have to make another trip out to see it in person.

Lee-Anne said...


Stephanie said...

That hutch is so pretty!

Shannon S said...

So impressed! Tate's Kingdom is gonna be amazing! Add in all the love you've put into it...*simply breathtaking*!! Lucky Tate, Lucky Momma!