Saturday, November 11, 2006


I would term myself as a frustrated artist. I cannot paint or draw. Heck, I can't even cut a straight line. Somehow I needed to release my creativity in some way. I am not a crafter. Glue guns scared me. Mode Podge (oh man I love the sound of that word) is just now starting to be part of my life. Repeat, MODE PODGE (said again for you Julie).

Back 23 years ago I started to find my creative outlet. I was traveling in Norway and noticed that a large number of the shopkeepers knitted while they waited for customers. This just sort of took hold and captured my interest.

My mom taught me the knit purl stitch but that is all. I kind of taught myself. My first project was a sweater. The wool was bought on that trip and the pattern was written all in Norwegian. It helped that my Mom was able to translate the instructions but was NO help with the knitting.... To the right is that sweater. It has pewter buttons also bought in Norway. Since it was my first project, I can forgive myself for the neck being a little tight. At the same time, I bought my second project also written in Norwegian. (on left) Since then I have knitted many other sweaters and given away as gifts.... some for adults and some for kids. I have always knitted patterns with colors, some as many as 6 colors at one time.

It now has been 10 years or so since I last knitted ANYTHING. I have always wanted to knit sweaters for my own children. Top corner is the project that I will do as a warm up before the first sweater I will be knitting for Tate. It is a strawberry hat. I have the pattern for the sweater I will be knitting for Tate. I have had in mind the perfect color for that sweater and will have elements that will be a challange and new to me. The sweater will be a pull over with babbles.... Today I saw that perfect color. Is it too much to spend $60.00 on yarn to knit a sweater for a two year old??? I really will have to consider just how much I love this particular color....

Oh, the most amazing brother in the world, John, just gave me a brand new scanner/printer!!! What does this mean to you??? It just means that I will be able to scan the picture of the sweater from the book and post on this blog!!! I guess you didn't realize that this is an adoption/ knitting blog!!!

Here are some of my other projects..... Both sweater are knitted in Icelandic wool and patterns, but this time the instructions were written in English. The green cartigan is still needing buttons. I will have to finish it so I can wear it on this blistery Fall day.


wzgirl said...

You are quite an artisan, Ms. Lisa!! Your work is incredible! You will certainly rip through that wee strawberry hat in no time! I made one for my cyber-shower pal, Debs. It is an easy, satisfying and very cute pattern. Defintately post pics when you're finished!! XO

Stacy said...

Absolutely Amazing!!

I enjoy knitting, but I am still doing baby blankets, scarves, and dish clothes. I have done one sock and a couple of hats almost put an end to my knitting experience. Anyone who can knit like you can is truly amazing.


Joannah said...


You are very talented! Your sweaters are beautiful. they have so much detail in the patterns. I can't believe you taught yourself.

My mom just took up knitting, my niece is knitting Jillian a blanket, and my cousin is knitting her a little hat. I would like to learn how to knit, and maybe I will, but between Grammy, cousin Rebecca, and cousin Mary, Jillian's going to be covered - know what I mean?

Lisa~~ said...

Your sweaters are beautiful and I'm totally impressed with your patterns and color. Tate is going to be one very fasionable girl.

Kramer said...

I am so impressed! I didn't know you were so talented. I have no crafty skills!

Lee-Anne said...

WOW! You're amazing! I'm a hopeless knitter. I started a scarf once, that ended up being more like a rug (I keep splittin the wool!)

Stephanie said...

Oh an adoption knitting blog - two of my favorite things!!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved your sweaters (and your bears and your wreaths and your cobalt countertops and all your other crafty things!) and I know you'll do a great job with stuff for Tate. Good for you for getting back in the saddle!

Hey, and come on over and read our announcement!


Shannon S said...

Beautiful sweaters, Lisa. So snuggly!