Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I was actually just joking when I said that I wanted to start a Wednesday post "WIDE AWAKE WEDNESDAY" what is keeping Lisa awake at night. But thought it might be fun anyway..... at least for this Wednesday.... It just might be too much of commitment to follow thru every Wednesday... Hey that commitment thing I kind of S*ck at. So if anyone wants to join me in WIDE AWAKE WEDNESDAY (or Thursday or Friday or.....) Just let me know I will link your post...

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what will be keeping ME up tonight to share tomorrow? This will be a surprise to me too.


Chrissy, said...

Funny you bring this up. I could totally do this. I wake up in the middle of the night and think about the dummest things.

Example: CC before bed asked "Mom so I read 20 minuets today right?"
"Yes, why do you ask?" Because I want a new bike and if you read 20 minuets a day you win a new bike at school!" (her eyes get all sparkley and excited)

So, I lay awake thinking how dumb the school reading program is. You ask kids to read 20 minuets a day all year and in May they have a drawing to see who wins one of the 4 bikes they will give away. Sorry this does not work for a kindergarten age child. My kids read way more that that anyway. I'm not really loving the bribes at school. She loves to read just for the joy of reading. But a new bike! Wow. I wish they would do something that reached each child.

When I wake up it all seems like no big deal why did i think so much about it. I'm sorry for your worries. Wish I could take them away for you. I understand not sleeping and worries. There is always something to worry about. I just wish I could sleep through them.

Susie said...

Your mind is really worrying about stuff...don't worry it will all work out okay. I would love to participate as my mind is somewhart hard to shut off sometimes. Let me know.

Ava's family said...

I'm sure I could of done a post the other night when I couldn't sleep. When my husband realized I was awake for hours during the night he said, "what were you thinking about?" I said, "It's more like what wasn't I thinking about." The list could go on and on and on.

Happy 31.

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