Monday, June 18, 2007

OH JOY PART 2 and 3

Honesty where has the time gone??? My life has been a whirlwind of working tons, a little sleeping, traveling, working tons, a little sleeping and now traveling..... to CABO MEXICO!!!! Oh June where art thou???? Before I start chatting about my OH JOYS, I will say that on June 7th I left Mesa at a friend's to be watched. I will not see that sweet snuggle pup until June 27th.... or so. I crave my gal, snugly, sweet pup that she is. I do know that she is much better where she is right now. Whenever I leave her, she kind of goes thru a mourning period for a few days with hunger strikes and mopping around. When I pick her up, she will not leave me alone and follows me around EVERYWHERE demanding scratches and kisses. Well, maybe not the kisses, that would be ME who demands that. Instead of subjecting her to a few days with me, I decided to leave her for the full 20 day vacation time.

The OH JOY part 2 is the fact that I will be spending time doing the things I love the best. Spending quality time with my family, and vacationing to an exotic place. Cabo exotic??? To me I have not done too much traveling to Mexico and this in itself is exotic. But wait, the Joy does not stop there. Welcome in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. My brother is friends with a Las Vegas mega rich developer who is lending us their huge 6,000 square feet Villa, with private housekeeper, and a large pool directly on a private beach. Why all the secretsy???? John wanted to surprise his kiddos in a fun way with a scavenger hunt with clues leading up to the a video of where we will be vacationing. The kids are beside them self with JOY. So, leaving on a Jet plane on Wednesday, both sets of grandparents, me and brother's family of 6 head off for a week long festivity to Cabo...... Snorkeling, deep sea fishing, para sailing, scuba, relaxing and making memories.

This brings me to my JOY 3

In the middle of these two proud grandparent stands Awesome. Amazing young man that he is..... Just take a look at the goods hanging from his neck!! Let me remind you that I am the AUNT..... This just gives me bragging rights. If parents gushed on like I do, this would be considered tacky but an AUNT, forgivable!!!

The JOY of this sweet nephew is not the fact that he excels academically.... it is his humble pure heart and the solid fact that he loves ME. I really will spend another post on him and his accomplishments. But the JOY part 3 is this..... Some of you have seen those young men in dark suits and white shirts knocking on doors. Ah, the MORMON missionaries. Run for the hills or welcome them in....Whatever. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) it is a choice for the guys of 19 yrs and the gals of 21 yrs to dedicate two years to missionary work away from family, friends, and life as they know it. How unique for someone to choose this path, putting their life on hold and dedicating two years to serving others. Awesome has been excepted to PENN in the Wharton School of Business with a $40,000,00 per year scholarship. He will putting this on hold for two years. The Cabo trip is the final hoopla to life as we know it. Soon Awesome will be serving his mission and once done with his two years, heading to PENN and Wharton and making his own life. How quickly things have change from when I held him in my arms as a tiny newborn. Life marches on. Soon my life will be changing, Tate will be one more cousin.... sadly having to wait to meet the Amazing Awesome Austin!!!

On Wednesday evening while we are having dinner in Cabo, Austin will find out here he will be spending his next two years and how quickly we will be saying goodbye..... I type this with huge tears in my eyes.

I will post where when we find out!!!


Doris & Dan said...

What wonderful joys!

Have an amazing trip.

Keep smilin!

Michelle said...

Wow! So much Joy! Have a wonderful time in Cabo and Kudos to your nephew for his accomplishments and his choices. In the world we live in today, it cannot be easy to make a life choice like that. I applaud him!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sound like you have been busy and you are going to paradise.. Have fun.. And Congrats to your nephew for his hard work

amy said...

Have fun!!!! Love the pup picture!

Jewels of My Heart said...

No wonder you were so elated! I am so happy for you. Sounds FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful time...

C.J. said...

Awesome news all around.

I am having trouble getting beyond the pic of Mesa without cracking up ;0)

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Wow that is a lot og joy! Enjoy your vacation it sounds amazing :O

M3 said...

Wow, happy happy joy joy for sure!!! :-) Very, very cool. Enjoy the heck out of your Cabo trip - sounds like a blast. Can't wait to see piccies. And congratulations to your nephew. How cool. Sounds like an amazing guy.

Joannah said...

That's a lot to be joyful about!!!

Enjoy your fabulous vacation in Cabo! :-)