Sunday, November 18, 2007


SLC area finally got their first Cheese Cake Factory! Here is was it takes to actually go and eat at the CCF!!!

Play by Play at the NEW Cheese Cake Factory…….

4:30 pm I start to stand in line just to get on the list for seating on a Friday evening. Now I am not sure if the choice to go on a Friday night was a poor choice, but heck, we thought it would be like a late lunch, early dinner.

4:45 pm after 15 minutes waiting in line to make the list, we are on the list and the proud bearer of an 8 inch, light-up vibrating thing. We grabbed the treasure and we're told that it was about a 2-2 ½ wait. Off we ran to do a bit of shopping and returned back after 1 ½ hrs! Only one hour left of our wait!

6:30 pm- we inquired when we would be able to be seated. The young blond who definitely graduated with HONORS*** (wink, wink) smiled and told us another 1 ½ hrs to 2 hrs!!!! CCF is adding time to their projected wait time on us! The High Honor graduate tells us that we can watch for seating in the bar and grab a table and get the same service and food. With this add knowledge, I knew without a doubt of her high honors!

6:30 pm- we spied a table and headed for it only to be intercepted by other starving waiting savages. Since they looked hungrier and meaner, we let them have the table and waited another 10 minutes.

6:40 pm- ahhh, we are seated and dreaming of the cheese cake and making our entrĂ©e selections. While we were discussing the cheese cake possibilities, there came a gorgeous man who sidled up to me with an offer to buy our cheese cake IF we let them have the table when we were finished. Although this hunk of gorgeous tried not to be “hovering”, we still felt the need to kind of hurry.

6:55 pm- we are finally breaking bread and smearing the butter. The order was in kitchen and we were prepared for the scrumptious meal.

Reminder: I still had in my purse the coveted possession of the reservation light-up, vibrate calling wand! So being the always thinking of being helpful and nice character that I am, I called my brother, John and offered it to him IF he could be at the restaurant in 30 minutes. No small feat for my sister-in-law, Michelle to get out the door quickly especially since it was just sprung on her. They live about 20+ minutes from this place.

7:05 pm- meal is served…. Me? I ordered the chicken Madeira- to die for! Polly (the other part of “we”) got the BBQ chicken salad minus the chicken… she is a vegetarian. Gorgeous man still hovering on the side wall, waiting.

7:30 pm- John arrives and takes the magic wand to check how much longer. We are done eating and give up the table to the gorgeous man and his family.

7:32 pm- John returns to me and tells me it will be another 30-45 more minutes. It was decided that he and Michelle would look for a table in the bar or wait for the magic wanted to go off…. Whichever came first. Gorgeous man spies a table ready to empty and sends his son to save the table and find John since I was so nice….. NICE REALLY PAYS OFF I AM THINKING. John and Michelle eat at the bar and still the magic wand does not make a single light or vibration. I think John just handed the wand off to two anothers waiting so they too could hold this coveted wand.

Worth the wait??? You bet it was!!! Feasted on Chicken Madeira and lemon raspberry cheese cake!

***Graduating with Honor is a way of referring to a young gal who has had bre*st enhancements. If they are overly enhanced, then she graduated with HIGH HONORS. In some high schools in our city, this is given as the graduation present to the graduate.


Julie said...

When you come visit we will go there and not have to wait too long. I like the Steak Diane and Adam's Fudge Ripple Peanut Butter cheesecake.

Or their Cobb Salad.

RoLo said...


Shannon said...

Crazy lines, amazing cheesecake. And I don't even like cheesecake! Honest! =)

Catherine said...

Now that's dedication baby! Glad you learned how to work things well and that your bro and sil got in on the action too.

We don't have CCF's here but Julie took me a couple of times and it was mahhhhvelous! When you guys go can you express post me a piece of the Fudge Ripple Peanut Butter one she mentioned? Mmmmmmm! Hey...I did Rhodes buns. Cheesecase can't be too hard can it?

Glad you had such a fun time and enjoyed the adventure. I'm with you. If I have the time I don't mind the wait. Guess that's why we're doing ok with this wait for Tate and Hannah. We're just waiting for that light up thingy to go off and we'll be on the next plane to China!

Donna & Joe said...

We've had this place for years and it's still hard to get in. If ya go on a REALLY off time, then you can actually sit without much of a wait. The best part is they have a walk-up counter for to-go pieces of cheesecake. YUM!

Donna :)

Michelle said...

Cheesecake factory it the best. I won't go there for dinner though, because of the wait. Sadly, in the place I live is known for that particular gradutaion present too. It's almost as popular as a car. What is wrong with parents these days?

kris said...

AHH! I was wondering what kind of honors she graduated with! I'll wait for as long as it takes to eat at that restaurant!

Doris & Dan said...

Never been. Heard good things. Want to go NOW!

Keep smilin!

laurel said...

We were thinking of going on Friday too....glad we didn't. I can't do the wait thing. Glad it was good and you had a great time! Are you kidding about the high honors thing? I would have never thought parents would give those as presents.

M3 said...

Unbelievable! I can't believe how long you had to wait and how funny you guys were about passing around the buzzer!

Kristen said...

So did the magic wand ever vibrate????

I love the Cheesecake Factory... we got one a couple of years ago... who knew they'd also have such great entrees!

I also had FANTASTIC Cheesecake yesterday at Carnegie Deli in NYC....Mmmmmmmmm just thinking about it makes me want some more!

Colleen said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! We just got a Cheesecake Factory here. About 3 weeks ago. (I've been twice already). I HIGHLY recommend the Thai chicken pasta. OOOOH it was sooooo good. The pumpkin cheesecake rocked my world hard!

s.j.simon said...

:) did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident, read this