Tuesday, October 13, 2009


14 months 001

She is growing and changing everyday...

bye bye
night night
nana (her grandmother)
baba (bottle)
vooo-vooo-voooa for dog.

Knows where her tongue, eyes, feet, toes, nose and hair is.

She knows what she wants and will shaking her head to say yes and no. She will put thought in answering questions correctly.

Everyday is a joy and an adventure with my Tate.
She will copy sounds combos like eeek eeek eeek booooo.

Yesterday I blew a raspberry on her neck, she turned to me and blew a raspberry on my cheek.... she was thrilled and giggled so adorably. I was touched to tears with joy.

Crawls super fast. Pulls herself up on everything including the dog Mesa.
Walks around things holding on to stuff.
reaches between things like couch and coffee table.

Favorite food is broccoli.

Each day is a joy and an adventure with my Tate.


Deb said...

I just adore that little face!!! :):) BTW Lisa, what size is Tate wearing now? We will probably be getting Kate when she is about 14 months old....just trying to start thinking about what I need to buy and plan for! :):)

Hope you both have a great week!

Eliza2006 said...

Very cute girl and an adorable outfit!

M3 said...

Favorite food is broccoli! Oh my thighs would be so, so much happier if that was my fave food too. ;-)

Single Women Adopting Children said...

I have been waiting for an update on that sweet girl! She is adorable and growing so fast! What a fun age - looking forward to seeing you at the next SWAC.

And hey- post more pictues of that cute girl would you?

We haven't tried broccoli yet!

PS - I bought Mila a simlar present for Christmas. It's a thing you can walk behind and also ride.

Kim said...

Absolutely adorable!

Luna said...

Tate is just adorable!

Ginny said...

Love a little one in the Hanna's. She is to cute. I hope to meet her soon.

Kayce said...

I love that her favorite food is broccoli!! She's a cutie!

Shannon said...

Oh you two are super cute together! What a perfect pair! LOVING her language. =)

Suzie said...

She is just as cute as ever! Can't believe she is 14 months!

Debbie said...

Precious!!! They grow up way too fast!!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful little girl. Love the update!

Catherine said...

Oh how very, very sweet! How fun to hear how well your little cutie is doing and all that she has accomplished!

Pat and Alli said...

What a happy girl :)