Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Tate has been under the weather for the past 10 days. A few day with fevers hitting 104 degrees and the rest of the days 100.4 degrees. Even though she has been miserable, she still has been an amazingly pleasant baby!

Sad baby Tate had strep throat for 1st Christmas
I decided to take Tate to the doctor today... Poor baby, Tate has strep throat!

16 mos 1st candy cane blog

Tate does not get too many sweets so when she does, I let her totally get into it.... She loved her first peppermint candy cane so much she offered Mesa a taste and lost the whole piece of peppermint to one ill mannered dog!

16 mos feet blog

I really think Tate will be a little dancer. She loves music and will sing and dance constantly. She is also quite flexible.

ravioli 16 months blog

At sixteen months Tate has started to feed herself. It seems that she wears more of the food than she will eat.

reading 16 mos blog

Tatie loves her room and her books..... She will disappear only to be found sitting in her comfy chair with a few books.
santa 16 months blog
The love affair continues with E.L.M.O.... I find myself humming the Elmo's World song ALL THE TIME!
ANNOUNCING TATE IS NOW A WALKER!!! She would prefer to be carried but will walk if she needs to.


Single Women Adopting Children said...

So cute! Sorry she's under the weather! Ugh- Mila has had a cold/runny nose/bad cough for 10 plus days now. When will it end?

I sing the Elmo song with Mila's name in it: "This is the song, lalala, Mila's song, Lalala Mila's song - she wrote the music- she wrote the words - that's Mila's song."

Polar Bear said...

Poor Girl! I hope she is feeling better in NO time!

I can't believe she is walking? They sure do grow up fast!!!

Happy New Year!

Circe said...

Oh, Tate is so cute. I hope she feels better soon! She's so precious.

Stephe said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new little WALKER!! Watch out!!! giggle.

Julie said...

Way to go Tatey on the walking!

Feel better!

M3 said...

Walking?!!! Whoohoooo. Go Tate. Fond memories of when our little duo started walking -- things changed fast around our house. Happy holidays to you both.

Suzie said...

Sorry to hear that Tate has been sick :o( Love the pictures!

Alyson & Ford said...

Elmo's World song runs through our head constantly too!
She's doing so well! Much happiness to you both!

Alyzabeth's mommy

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