Monday, September 20, 2010


thanking the moon

I pre-ordered the new Grace Lin book THANKING THE MOON, sight unseen.  I KNEW that this book would be amazing… and man of man, it is!  Tate cannot stop looking at the illustrations.  I swear she has been busy looking at this since she first walked into the door 30 minutes ago.  Besides the amazing illustrations, the information was present short, sweat and understandable.  Especially to two year old Tate.  The back area gives more of an adult description of The Moon Festival.

A mesmerized Tate and a more informed mommy give this a HUGE thumbs up.


Virginia said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like something I need to get for Kerry, and quick so she can have it in time for the festival =)

Tabitha said...

I will have to get Millie a copy then!

Mama Bear said...

I almost ordered this but wasn't sure if Z would like it. Thanks for the recommendation. He LOVES colorful picture books. Sounds like a winner!

Happy Moon Festival to you and Miss Tate.

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