Friday, January 07, 2011

29 months… ALMOST!!!

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(eating noodles with chopsticks on New Years Eve)

It was the best of times… and the worst of times.  Tate can be so adorable, yet can make a grown mommy cry.  Her language is exploding, so is her stubborn behavior. 

Today Tate traded roles with me… her idea… she was Mommy and I was Tatey.   She handed me her little pink play cell phone instruction me to talked to Nana.  While on the pretend conversation she prompted me to ask what Nana is doing and how Nana is feeling.  Then she says to me… “ okay sweetheart, it’s mommy’s turn” while holding out her waiting open hand, to which I obediently handed over the pink fake phone.

The role playing went on with her telling me the plan for the day.  “Mommy has to work and Tate will play at Lindsay’s (sitter) house.”  I acted excited with the prospect of playing with some of her friends who will be there.  Hey, I am trying to spin this into a positive thing, hoping to avoid the whiney Tate who would rather stay home with me.  I hear my words exiting the mouth of my 2 year old.  “ Okay,  Tate, look at your feet.  What do we need to get on?” To which I say shoes and quickly put them on.  “Good girl!  Now what do we need to put on?” to which I act like I do not know…. she says “your coat!”  So quickly Mommy and Tate were able to leave the house and walk across the street to Lindsay with Tate (me) carrying Mommy (Tate).  Tate remained in her mommy role until I left Lindsay’s stating the Mommy always comes back and for me to be a good girl for Lindsay.  I guess this is the way Tate hears me.  CUTE!!!

Fun FACTS on my 29 month old girl….

  • Not sure if she is left or right handed.  She switches hands with every task.
  • Is obsessed with “liptick” and will smear chapstick on her lips until she is nothing but a grease fest.
  • LOVES everyone and everything.  Recently she discovered two bruises on my knee.  When she was told that they were bruises, she replied “Oh I love bruises!”
  • The same accident that caused the bruises (tripping over the dog in the dark) also caused a HUGE PAINFUL sore between my two breasts.  Tate has showed (or attempted to show) everyone she sees with an added “Poor mommy” as she shows and tells what happened.  If you happen to be in our home, she will take your hand and walk you to the scene of the accident.
  • Cailou has replaced her love for Elmo.  Barney had a quick appearance but thankfully this was a quick love.  She stated the other day that her best friend was Cailou.  I am sick of the giggle of Cailou and hoping she changes her likes quickly.
  • Her number ONE favorite book  is Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. Coming in as a close second (third, fourth) is Sandra Boynton’s books Blue Hat, Green Hat, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! and Barnyard Dance.

I will be posting some pretty great things on me soon.  Somehow news about Tate is so much more fun to report than what I have to share.  My stuff is adult stuff with less hilarity and fun.

The snuggle puppy, Mesa, is not doing well.  She had a long outing with a friend right after Thanksgiving and what started as a tired limping dog has escalated into sedations, x-rays and a consult with an orthopedic veterinarian surgeon.  Not sure if she will need surgery but I hate seeing her so sad.  Poor girl can hardly walk and when she does she is on three legs.  Tate has been so gentle with her snuggle puppy.


Circe said...

I love Tate's take on how mommy acts. It sounds like you are the perfect mom, from what Tate picks up on! Love it! She is darling. Hope your bruises get better!

Ginny said...

I hated Calliou. Something about his voice. He didn't last long around our place. It is pretty funny when they repeat back what we say sometimes. Do you have room for us at your place overnight one night? I'm bringing Amanda with me so it would be 2 Adults and 2 extra kids.

Tracy said...

Can't wait to hear the mommy news! Love all the updates on Tate.

M3 said...

Love the update! Can't wait to hear more about you. And I too detest Cailou -- that voice drove me crazy. So did/does Elmo's voice.

Lisa~~ said...

Poor Mesa, hope that all works out well. Cute Tate story & piccies. Can't wait to hear what's going on with you.

Julie said...

Great things you say? Awesome!

Polar Bear said...

What a cute little role play! How sweet. I have no idea who Caillou is, after reading your comments I think I am glad. :o)
Z is just starting to like characters from books. Momo (Elmo) seems to be a favorite.

Ouch to the bruises. I hope Mesa starts feeling better soon. Poor girl.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Great updates! Tate is such a little lady now. Hope Mesa feels better. Hopefully you have Sandra Boynton's snuggle puppy's one of our favorite's

Virginia said...

Oh she is Cute and is growing up so fast! I loved this Tate update. She sounds like one very smart little cookie, too. Isn't it cute when they start "pretend" play?!