Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family Day TWO!!!



Two years TODAY this amazing little girl was placed in my arms changing my life forever.  There has been many tears shed by me since that day… some in frustration but mostly out of the sheer joy she brings to me EVERY.SECOND.OF.THE.DAY.

Happy Family Day Tate Solfrid YuZhu…. Thank you for being my gift from God and fulfilling all my wishes here on earth.



The Brown Family said...

Happy Family Day!!

Love you!


M3 said...

Come on, it has NOT been two years, no way!! How could time go that fast?

Congratulations on family day you beautiful sweeties!

Lisa~~ said...

Can't believe that it's been two years already!!

Happy family day, congrats!

Catherine said...

Congratulations!! 2 wonderful years of love, fun and adventure! What did we do with ourselves before our precious daughters joined us?

Congrats friend!

Circe said...

You two are the perfect family. I love, love Tate's middle names. And her first name, of course! What a beautiful girl.

Virginia said...

0h I can't believed I missed this! Happy Two Years!!!!

Gin =)