Monday, September 04, 2006


This is not the beginning of a children's story I am writing for Tate.... As I walked into the kitchen this afternoon a little (HUGE) brown mouse (MONSTER) ran across my path and down into the cold air return. If there is one mouse (MONSTER) there has got to be others!!! How am I going to sleep tonight knowing that just maybe a mouse will get me in the night??? I guess I will be going to Home Depot tomorrow and getting something to take care of this problem... it is getting to be colder at night, and these little (HUGE) cute (HORRIBLE) critters (MONSTERS) have to winter somewhere.... JUST NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!


Connie said...

I would be spazzing completely.

That and my cats would have their respectable feline cards immediately revoked. Knowing them they would make friends with a mouse and be hanging out on the windowsill together. Now THAT is fodder for a nightmare.

Good luck on ousting the wee beasties.

Joannah said...

Yuck! I had mice or rats in the attic a few years ago. I couldn't sleep when I could hear them scurrying around. Fortunately, I do have an exterminator service and the tech came out and set some traps. He then came back a few weeks later and removed said traps. I sleep much better now! ;-)

Catherine said...

I'm so with you! Would be camping out at a friend's place. I'm such a wimp! Hope you catch it (them?) soon!

Stacy said...

I was at Walmart once at 2am looking for mouse terminator. I saw one run across the floor and there was no way I could go back to bed.

Good Luck!